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Happy October!

I’m back!!!

I know! I know it has been awhile. A long while and I’ve missed blogging so much.

I know I can handle both life stuff and stay engaged and active on social media, however, sometimes it’s healthier and more realistic if I do take a step back. As I shared with you in my previous blog post (here) as well as my Insta-stories (you can follow me there @antrieu), I had to take some time off social media, blogging and Instagramming, just to focus on my job hunting (real life stuff!), applying and getting things for the apartment. And I’m telling you, having no cars and to start everything all over again aren’t easy. It is stressful and daunting at times, but I have learned to be patient and enjoy each day to its fullest! I also enjoy these time alone as I really get to sit back and ‘contemplate’ life, jk. But really it is a unique time that I want to document and remember. I hope you’re doing well, though! Thank you for coming back and reading my blog. Once I get my job sorted out, I will get back to shoot more cold-weather outfit pairings (my favorite time of the year to layer!) and create more content, promise!

Meanwhile, enjoy this casual outfit pairing!

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It’s been so nice and not-so-cold out here in Seattle, and not much of colors is out yet. Can you believe that? I hear that in the Midwest, it’s been raining, cold, and leave colors have changed already. I do miss Minnesota, my family and all of my friends there. But anyways, what you see here is pretty much as fancy as I would get these days. I have been living in sweats, from this ‘New York’ crop sweater from Brandy Melville that I bought a while ago, and comfy pieces such as this high-waisted corduroy skirt with a cropped hem as well. A subtle outfit coordination right here! And per usual, I went for a pair of comfy of Zara burgundy shoes that matched the color of the skit and my needed-to-retire Proenza Schouler bag.

I had a chance to shoot two outfits before the colder weather hit hence the short skirt length. And you know what? What you see here is pretty much as fancy as I would get these days. I have been living in sweats, sweaters, and sweatpants all day every day. This raw-cut hem ‘New York’ crop sweater is from Brandy Melville, and so is the high-waisted corduroy skirt, also with a raw-cut hem. And per usual, I’ve opted for a pair of comfy creeper-style Burgundy shoes to match with the skirt and of course, my needed-to-retire Proenza Schouler bag. You can shop my look for similar items listed below. I’ll see you soon. Take care!

Photos were shot at Freeway Park, downtown Seattle.


crop sweater and skirt: Brandy Melville (bought at Pacsun) | shoes: Zara | bag: Proenza Schouler

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