A Rocker Chic Look

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in me.

are tired.

After the holidays with slow work days and prolonged hours of Netflix binging, my body really has suffered. This whole week, it had been super difficult for me to get out of the house and get motivated at work. Traffic to downtown did not do me any favors, however, thankfully I did not have to drive as I got dropped off by my boyfriend in the morning. After work, I could just easily catch the bus, tune in my favorite podcast episodes, and zone out for an hour until home. Yesterday, I was so tired, regardless of the super long nap after dinner, I felt horrible somehow (blame it to the hormone change or the aging process of a human being?!?!) and kept on telling myself that I was not good enough. As you might or might not know, I found my inner voice and decided to pursue blogging happened in 2017. It might have seen or sounded like I had been doing this blogging thing for forever. But no, I was always unsure and thought that I was not talented enough nor could ever be able to make or create beautiful contents and photographs that I would be proud of. I was not tall enough. I was never a tech-savvy person. I was not or never a model or wanted to become one. I did make a lot of money nor had much saved. I could not afford all of these amazing designer pieces that I had always dreamt of. I would never afford traveling anywhere. I was never even my own boss. I was this nor that…

Trust me, these thoughts run through my mind constantly, like almost every single day.

And the lack of sleep has taken the toll of my body and mind and making it even worst.

I could not stand and had to really take an early sleep yesterday night and woke up late this morning, and I was completely recharged and energized. After work, I took a quick browse at the Totokaelo store located in the Capitol Hill area. Totokaelo is at another next-level home and clothing shop that I could never afford buying anything from. I was actually so close to buying these made-in-Japan coffee mugs, here. It was mostly for my flatlays or home decor shots. The store’s aesthetic is what is very trending on Instagram at the moment. In the summer, the Italian countryside with sun-filled beaches, tan lines, and peaches was seen everywhere on the Gram, and the movie ‘Call Me By Your Name’ which was set in Italy pretty much summed up the summer of 2017. And Totokaelo is the ‘it’ aesthetic for this winter!

After feeding the expensive meter, I decided to walk towards the corner, just a few stores away from Totokaelo and saw the Le Labo Perfumes store right at that corner. I got a chance to talk to the manager, and she passionately walked me around the store and introduced to me all of the most-popular scents per my curiosity. I sprayed some ‘The Noir 29’ and completely mesmerized by the deep ‘black tea’ scent that lingered on my skin until I showered off that night. I learned how expensive their bottles were. Everything is made in their lab/store, takes them about 10 minutes, and the bottle’s label is customizable. I am a fan of their Instagram’s modern and dark aesthetic. Their perfume bottles, shampoo, and conditioners, as well as hand creams, are featured, also on the gram, countless of time. I am saving my money towards a bottle in the near future, possibly and positively the Noir 29. Oh, and they do 20% for a refill if you bring back the empty bottle. One of my New Year resolutions is to stop buying small things and save for bigger things. It has been incredibly difficult but I have my boyfriend who knows me really well and has been keeping me on track. He literally stops me from many attempts to buy things from any shops that I have ever been to. But you know, a blogger gotta do what a blogger gotta do!

After a good night sleep and a quick browse at some shops, I felt so inspired and recharged!

What about you? What do you do to get yourself inspired and motivated again?


the ruffled shirt: Zara (similar ones linked below)

green skirt: Zara here

the bag: Gucci (no longer available, similar ones linked below)

the jacket: H&M (old, similar ones linked below)

the boots: Dr. Marten here

the sunglasses: Ray-ban (round metal frame here)


Photos were shot at the Chelsie apartment in Queen Anne, Seattle, by Toan Chu.

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4 responses to “A Rocker Chic Look”

  1. Eunice says:

    Great post darling! Loving your images. This week has been a weird one for me too. I reckon I’m suffering from the post holiday season blues lol! Excited for a new week as I feel I’ll be fully energised again.


  2. Cutie pie from MN says:

    Love you 😍! Your blog is so good! I’m so glad you started it so the world can see your talent! My new year resolution is to read every blog you post so Im less of a horrible friend! 😘. I’m glad you got through the slump. You’re always the one who can do anything you set your mind on. 😘

    • antrieu says:

      I’m guilty of never having a set plan really! Thanks for your encouraging words! You’re my LFL, as always!

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