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SADE? What does SADE mean? Or who is SADE? I did ask this question before purchasing the T-shirt to make sure that it didn’t have any offensive meaning. The sale associate at Urban Outfitters wasn’t sure either, but then she told me SADE could have been the name of a black single hence the graphic in the back. I tried to Googgle SADE for more information and was convinced that she was right about it. So I bought it with the intention of pairing it with these white H&M jeans.

Typically, when it comes to logo, graphic, or band Tees, I’m very hesitated. First of all, it’s because it’s the thing that high school and college kids are into. Even when I was in school, it was something I never reached to. Secondly, I was never into any boy or girl bands, so band Tees were out for me. There was this Joy Division T-shirt I was at Pacsun from Brandy Melville that I really liked, but again it’s another band Tee. Would you wear it even if you don’t listen to their music? Comment below! But anyways in general. I don’t like clothing that has visible logo or slogan or saying of any sorts. However, this spring/summer season, logo T-shirts are everywhere, so here is my take on this trend… Hopefully, someone won’t scream at me for wearing something that promotes negativity or something that I’m not a fan of. Needless to say, this outfit is by far the coolest outfit
(a bit off my comfort classy zone) that I’ve ever put together.

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OUTFIT DETAILS: SADE T-shirt: Urban Outfitters | jeans: H&M | slip-ons: ASOS | bag: French Connection | sunglasses: Ray-ban Round Metal

I am so happy that 4/5 items on me are available this time at direct links below, except for the bag. But don’t you worry. The ring bag trend is super trendy at the moment, so there are tons of great options out there. I’ve linked a few of my favorite ring bags as well. But besides that, everything linked is the exact same item I have on. So let’s break up this outfit into each item, shall we?

THE SADE TEE: As mentioned in the opening of this post, I bought this Tee because I loved the back graphic so much, not because I’m the fan of the singer whatsoever. Plus logo Tees with a simple word in cool fonts are hunt after in the high street this season as well. Vintage Tees, especially, are making a very strong comeback. Urban Outfitters, no surprise, are selling these Tees for some ridiculous amount of money, yet teenagers and hipster kids like me are willing to spend on them. Just to get the vibe!

THE STRAIGHT LEGGED WHITE JEANS: The amazing white H&M jeans with stepped hems, straight legs, are many bloggers’ favorites this summer. The fabric is thick and doesn’t feel cheap. I’m really happy with the purchase. Remember to size up your jeans at H&M though. My normal waist size is 25 in jeans, and XS or 0 in dress pants depending on the cut and fit. For H&M, I’m a size 4, second ato the smallest size they have which is 2. I haven’t washed these jeans yet, so I couldn’t tell whether or not they would shrink. But again, you should never wash your jeans. The more they’re worn in, the softer and cooler they’ll get. But well, these are white, so I’ve gotta throw them in the wash by the end of the summer for sure.

THE MULES: These mules are incredible. They’re called “the HUGO velvet block heeled mules,’ super mouthful, hah! I love that the chunky heeled parts are in rose-gold color. In addition, the heels are not too high, so they feel very comfortable standing and walking in. I bought them for my trip out to LA two weeks ago. They did give me some small blisters around my big toes. The opening of the mules was quite big, so there was room for them to wiggle around. I ended wearing them everywhere. They were less than $30, such an amazing deal! Ah, I love ASOS!!!

RAY-BAN ROUND METAL SUNGLASSES: I bought these years and years ago at a Sunglass Hut store located at desinger outlet mall that is almsot an hour away from my house. I remember there was a promotion going on, so I’m pretty sure I paid around $100 for these. They were literally the only pair in store at the time. Fast forward to a year or even two years after, these round metal lens have become so popular, and everyone owns one of these nowadays.

THE BAG: If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, you’ve probably remember my obsession with the Hermes H bag that I’ve mentioned in my Spring Wish List, here. It’s a far-reached purchase for me, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, doesn’t it. This French Connection bag could be shortened to that length, however, the strap was too thick that I couldn’t wear it in the crisscrossing way. I meant it still looked kinda cool.

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White on white has always been a no-no in my book. But, never say never! I hope you like this outfit pairing as much as I love styling it. Have some fun shopping!

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