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As much as I would love to keep my feed tonal, black, white, and gray, I just could not let the spring colors go by without acknowledging it. I am someone who draws lots of inspiration from nature. I enjoy hikes, go on long walks, breath in the fresh air, melt in with the sunset, and would love to feed my soul any days in salt water and the sun. Spring in Seattle is the most exciting that has ever happened to me for a while. So for that, sorry that my Instagram feed shall look like a rainbow. Blame spring!

It has also been a little over 6 months living in Seattle, oh how my! Time flies! I don’t think I have done a proper apartment tour but have really wanted to photograph and share a few to you guys! I think the only reason is that our place does not have lot of direct sunlight in the morning, and we don’t have a couch/sofa jus yet. I want a big one, and that also comes with a higher price tag and a risk of it not matching or go with our future apartment space if we ever decide to move again.

The first two months of moving in, whenever I was not on the computer job hunting, I would find myself spending hours and hours online shopping for furniture and things in the apartment. My laptop screen would be filled with so many tabs from West Elm, Crate & Barrel, CB2, Wayfair, Amazon, Houzz, and Target, just to name a few! I did not even bother going out shopping for clothes. We wanted our place to have some mid century pieces yet still modern and mixed with industrial pieces. I want to collect and find cool art pieces to decorate the apartment, but that will also take time! As said, we still need to get a couch/sofa for our place, but that empty space has been our little photo-studio setup ever since. Photos you see here are shot in the guest living space on the top floor of our apartment complex. Our room, however, does not get direct sunlight most days, so we only shoot products or flat-lay using studio lighting. But I love every single thing that we bought! There is high ceiling which is great for photography and cement flooring. We got a huge 6 feet tall book shell that leans against one of the living room’s wall which we repainted it from green to dark navy. We hung the huge Stendig calendar that we picked up from Crate & Barrel in Portland for a free-of-tax price. We also got a huge wool shag rug placed right underneath with geometric woven detailing. We placed the 6 feet tall mirror on the other side of the living space that we got from CB2, and that was quite a challenge to pick it up and carry it in the apartment.

Well, I can sit here and type for days telling you stories behind each piece of furniture we have got, but let just leave it for the future apartment tour! For now, enjoy the photos we shot on a random day when it was so nice and bright outside. Also, feel free to leave a comment telling me where you live and what makes you stay wherever you are, I’d love to know! I live north of Seattle, just right at the border of Seattle and Shoreline! Commuting to work to downtown is not too bad, and I love that we have a car and can be able to street park for free! We eventually will move downtown, but for now I think we are good up here!

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Last month, Suzanne, the CEO of Boma Jewelry (@Bomalife on Instagram) reached out to me for another collaboration. And this time, I had an early peek at their new collection which launched in March. They extended from 925 sterling silver to gold vermeil pieces with so many unique minimal designs. I picked out a few of my favorites. And Suzanne surprised me with these matching pieces which I was so pleased about with a hand-written note that I thought was so kind of her. I am wearing the DOT CRAWLER in sterling silver, here. The matching DOT RING is available, here. *Note that these pieces were gifted to me in an exchange of photos tagging Boma on Instagram. This blog post was not a part of the collab., but since I styled this outfit around the jewelry and thought it would be nice to give them a shoutout!

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It was funny that I had to actually go into a jewelry store to get my ring sizes figured out, with my boyfriend. He had been asking me to to so since last year. So conveniently, we both got our ring sizes down. I have also learnt that our fingers swell up very often and significantly which can affect how rings fit, so make sure to go for half of a size up from it fitting perfectly. In other words, make sure there is some space between the ring and your finger! The silver dot ring that I am wearing in this post is size 6. It slides in and out my finger very comfortably, but thanks to my big knuckle bones, rings stay very well, especially in my middle finger. You can literally wear it at any fingers you would like, but I like mine in the left middle finger. Somehow with tattoos and accessories such as jewelries and anklets, I’d prefer everything to be all on my left. Do you have that weird habit/way of wearing things?


This weekend, two of my cousins from Minnesota came to visit. I am just beyond excited to take them around and show them all of the cool things that Seattle has. We are going down to Pike Place today and expect to spend a few good hours there. I have Fridays off work now, so that is exciting. But oh man, working 10 hours Monday to Thursday is quite exhausting! But hopefully, I will soon adapt to the random dinner hours and plan my sleep accordingly. I hope you are having a fantastic Friday, and thanks for reading!


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ring | Boma

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