A 90s Outfit Pairing

For day 7 of BEDS, I’m sharing an outfit with a throwback style, styled around my recent find, the white midi skirt from Guess.

I’m sure you’re aware of the Athleisure trends that have been making a storm over this spring/summer. I feel like thanks to Instagram and those photo editing apps, they enable users to edit the photographs certain ways that exude feelings or vibes. I’d like to call it ‘aesthetic.’ I’m sure that word is originated from Tumblr. Overall, social media apps and users are all huge in contributing the big comeback of older athletic fashion brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Champion, Reebok, etc. Gucci is at the forefront. Go have a peek at their pretty impressive Instagram.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m pretty picky in terms of taking or adopting trends. As mentioned above, even though Athleisure wears are everywhere, I barely make a purchase of sweats or sneakers. One reason is mainly that it’s a trend. Trendy things tend to be flashy and won’t last. Secondly, this trend involves wearing a big logo T-shirt, pants with 3 big stripes or a big ‘swoosh’ sign. And I tend to stay away from clothing items that speak up brands ‘that loud.’ Hope you know what I mean! I love brands, but I feel like unless they’re from Gucci then I’m okay with it. Because once the season is over, those will become irrelevant. They’re not designer pieces that will stand their values forever. Third, they’re expensive. If you step into Pacsun or Urban Outfitters where you’ll easily find any athleisure pieces that your heart desires, then be prepared to pay a $50 Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt. Ouch! Not to mention the ridiculous price of a sweater or a pair of sweatpants that you can only wear them to school, out and about, and NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK!

Since I’m no longer in school, this trend is having its hard time to win my heart. Plus I feel like I need a gym body in order to rock that trend. And it’s a work-in-process for me. Eek!

ABOUT THIS OUTFIT: Inspired by the 90s, not so much the athleisure trend for reasons above, the 70s to 90s fashion brands like Juicy Couture and Guess are coming back with those Tommy Hilfiger and Champion in waves. Just to name a few! The huge vintage waves! Primary colors are back. Stained colorful sunglasses are back. the oversized boxy fit in blazers and outerwears are back. Anything that used to be considered as old school is cool, again!

I’m wearing a Guess skirt with a subtle Guess triangle logo on the back pocket. It’s a small subtle detail that I don’t mind wearing considering it’s a trend piece. I got it on a 70% sale at a local outlet, unsure how recent this skirt was. I was guessing it must have been released quite awhile ago based on the fit and the fabric. This skirt fits me like a glove. I’m planning to cut off a few inches to turn it into a mini skirt because it hits me right at the knee bones currently. Quite unflattering! I’m planning to cut a few inches off, however, I’m terrified that it might rise up my ass and reveal my big hip, even worst. I love how the skirt has a slit right in the middle with the button closure instead of the normal boring zip closure. Here I opted for a navy blue belt that I thrifted a long time ago. Since the skirt is pretty high-waisted, I paired it with a striped crop top matching the blue and white. I wish I had a pair of cool stained sunglasses instead of my Ray-ban prescription glasses to finish off the look. But I like how my prescription glasses added a touch of a nerdy old school vibe, pretty back-to-school appropriate, huh?!

Thanks for reading, and see you tomorrow!

stay inspired | as always

An Trieu.

OUTFIT DETAILS: crop top: Zara | skirt: Guess | belt: thrifted | glasses: Ray-ban Clubmaster frame with prescription lens, done at Lens Crafters | sandals: Topshop Boutique


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