Belted Shirt-dress & Sculptural Black Boots

Hello and welcome back to a new week. It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit pairing where I walk you through my outfit details, so it is here! Don’t worry the next post will be another ‘Best of 2018’ since I have a few pretty cool things to sum up and share with you before the year ends. Let me know if you’ve enjoyed my first Best of 2018 post and all of the beauty content I’ve been trying to incorporate per many of your request. Again, feedback and suggestion are always welcome, so let me know in the comment section below what you’d like to see me do more of! Let’s start with today’s post by admiring the gorgeous midi shirt-dress that I’m so obsessed with from Weekday.

WEEKDAY camel shirt dress

I bought this camel denim shirt-dress from ASOS, and the brand is Weekday. I love how the denim fabric is thick but soft, hence the incredible flow in some of the photos captured below. It feels great and looks great in person and photos. I love the foldings in the back and the belt which can be worn tightly (how I wear it!) or loosely like the model on the ASOS website. Again, another very classic midi number that I see myself wearing for years to come! H&M owns Weekday, COS, and & Other Stories. It’s funny that I used to dream of having everything from & Other Stories. When I got to be in the store in both NY & LA touching and feeling things last month, I thought it’s not really worth it buying the original price! And the same thing happens to Weekday as I’ve been wanting to be able to shop at least online on the Weekday store. Their stuff is only available in the UK, unfortunately. But thanks to ASOS, we, who live in the US, can be able to have a glimpse and shop some of their stuff and have them shipped here relatively fast.

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[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″](*) items are gifted by the brand in exchange for a post on IG.


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AU | RATE Tribar Ear Jacket earrings *

I’ve done a short introduction about AU | RATE on my Insta-stories, but hopefully, I’ll get to do a full review of the brand on the blog soon. I picked out the Tribar minimal earrings, and they came in a gorgeous peachy pink box with quite fancy accessories. Unboxing it was such an experience as pretty and well-designed things have a very special place in my heart. I can tell how much thoughts behind everything that AU | RATE does, from the box to the website, especially their jewelry design and quality. I love their clean, elegant with an edge, very NYC-aesthetic (if you know, you know!). These earrings can be worn two ways: with the unsymmetrical vertical bars behind the earlobes or without them. They stay really secure and look incredible on. [/one_half_last]

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ROSEFIELD the Boxy watch *

Rosefield is the 4th watch brand that I’ve got to work with this year, and it surprisingly is one of my favorites. I’ve picked out the Boxy in white and gold strap, and it is so light yet looks and feels high quality. I love especially love the unique square dial and its locking mechanism with the hidden strap. The inner clasp is quite stiff and can be annoying when I try to undo to adjust the length of the strap sometimes. But once it’s on, it stays securely and looks incredible on my tiny wrist.

If you’re interested, Rosefield has offered me a code for you guys to use at check out.

Use code ‘antrieu‘ for a free pink silk scarf added to your order. I don’t make any commission here![/one_half]

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Other jewelry worn here are all gifted by Mejuri – Here, I’m wearing the Emerald necklace (their newst addition), the stacking ring, and the star signet. I’m currently wearing the necklace in replace of my other Starburst necklace. The stacking ring has never left my middle finger ever since. I love and swear by the quality as well as the brand.

I’m a Mejuri brand ambassador aka Mejuri Fine Crew member, so feel free to shop using my link to get 10% off your first order and free shipping if you shop with me:

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COS sculptural leather boots

I kinda get the similar Scandi-vibe in COS and Weekday design. I’ve been into a few COS stores in both NY and LA, and COS definitely beats & Other Stories in terms of design and quality of the fabric. COS fit is slim but not tight, and the cut is very angular or sculptural. They do a lot solid colors which I think absolutely will stand through the test of time. The sculptural heels are definitely the selling point for me, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on the heels everytime I wear them. My first impression when I tried them on was that they did not feel heavy. To me, boots need to have some sort of weight in order to be high-quality and something that will last me for a while. I’m quite hard on my feet, and shoes typically fall apart every time when the season ends. These feel comfortable, however, I wish there would be more foot support in them. are they worth the $220 price tag? Yes!!! I’ve worn them way too much, and they’ve already gotten a small rip at the toe.

PS mini Elliot bag

I don’t think I need to mention anymore about this bag as I’m sure you’ve seen me talking about them all the time! I’ve attached the used version below for you to check out since the Elliot was discontinued a few years ago I believe.



Brown lipstick shade is Unveil from Fenty Beauty.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this detailed outfit post!! Stay tuned for another ‘Best of 2018 – the best 5 fashion investment pieces worth the splurge’, going live tomorrow on Wednesday per usual. Have a lovely and productive day!style and senses signature stay inspired

Photos by Toan Chu Photography


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