Camel Chunky Scarf & Red Block Heels

This is my first winter in Seattle. I have noticed that we get some random days with a few short hours of sunlight, and majority of the time it feels like the entire city is under a never-ending gloom. At least ice does not pile up, and snow quickly turns into mush. I have also learnt quickly to appropriately layer and appreciate such mild winter temperature. Regardless of the weather conditions, weekends are my scheduled outfit shooting time.

Many people tend to shoot indoors and keep it that way for the entire winter time to maintain that tonal feed and consistent lighting. We choose natural light and find it way more fun to get outside and shoot. That way we can go eat and try out new restaurants, hang out, and stop by cute shops we find along the way. It is way more fun than just going to coffee shops and/or sitting on a perfectly set-up white bed. Since I work a 9-to-5 job like everyone else does, I try to do all of the online shop browsing and put in an order or two twice a week depending on what shops have to offer at the time. Sometimes I spend hours and days looking for something that inspires certain mood or look that I want to go for and end up never purchasing it. I occasionally stop by stores after work and scout for sale items. For me, finding a good piece of clothing is a long process. Then weekends come putting outfits together and hoping for them to look good in my head, in person, and in photos. Other factors such as locations, lighting, poses, editing can also affect how the photos turn out. Sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don’t. Maybe I need to plan things more ahead of time to minimize those factors that might affect the outfits and how the photos turn out. Then I think to myself, ‘I can only plan so much,’ so everything will be okay at the end! Just keep on going!

Now let’s put all that winter gloomy thoughts away as I will be sharing with you some of my current spring favorites. So read on!

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In case you don’t know this about me that I have always wanted to be behind the shoot doing the styling and creative directing. With that comes with the costs of having good clothes to shoot with, talented makeup and hairstylists that can turn ideas and execute it well. I mean that will be a team effort for sure. Hopefully one day I will get to make it happen. Finding the right people is the matter of time. Lately, I’ve been very inspired by colors. Maybe I am just finding escape from within in hope that spring will come soon as I am quite tired of this Seattle winter’s never-ending gloom.

Colorful & bold lip looks for spring from IntoTheGloss.

Lucy, from FashionMeNow,’s newest outfit post about colorful dressing like a rainbow as she literally called it so. Lucy is my favorite blogger at the moment!

H&M newest Studio collection with colorful block prints, structural knits and cuts.

NY Times Fashion & Style Instagram page for all of the latest fashion week outfit inspiration

Makeup Artist Thomas de Kluyver’s work and his Instagram

Films that I have recently watched that are very colors inspired: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Call Me By Your Name

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Scarf | Aritzia, currently on sale for $55 here

Boyfriend jacket | ASOS here

red block heels | Mango, sold out, similar from Topshop here

jeans | Topshop JONI here

tshirt | Uniqlo U here


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found the above color/spring inspo I suggested helpful! Thanks for reading! 


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style and senses signature stay inspired

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