Denim & Gingham Pairing

Happy Monday! I hope you have had a great start to your Monday! I have finally had this outfit pairing up with details linked at the end of this post! I thought it was cool that this outfit choice coincidentally matched the colors of the city skyline and the gray rainy weather. Feel free to add any warm layers on top to suit the weather and climate you are in. Seattle winter is temperate, so a light jacket I have found works just fine in keeping me warm!

 Enjoy the photos and read on for my thoughts on designer consignment, another effort of mine this New Year to step closer to a more sustainable and conscious fashion approach.

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Let’s chat a bit about the topic of consigning, shall we?

It is difficult for me to let go of things, especially fashion-related items as I see it more of a sentimental thing. Many people to cook, the buy and collect kitchen tools and gadgets. Some love coins, and they collect. I love fashion and shopping, so I collect clothes, especially designers and would never let them go. Back in the days when I frequented the malls and designer outlets for a much more affordable price tags, I often ended up purchasing miss-fit and not-so-practical pieces. I had to purge out a lot before my move to Seattle already, but I could still find many in my current wardrobe that I don not reach for! I have thought of consigning them for quite some time, and I have finally decided to go for The Real Real consignment program. The Real Real is very well-known for offering a large collection of vintage and designer pieces for women, men, and kids’ wear, and even home furniture. You can shop and consign, how convenient! I sometimes just go on their site to learn about designer brand names and what they have done in their previous collections and their past aesthetics.

They said one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so I’m sure some of my designer pieces would be going to good homes!

Thanks for reading and have a productive week, y’all!



the sweater: Urban Outfitters here

the gingham pants: Urban Outfitters here

the denim jacket: Levis’ bought at Free People here

the shoes: Converse hi-top here

the bag: Gucci (sold out style, but similar here)

the red lipstick: Too Faced in Lady Balls here

the belt: thrifted (very similar here)


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2 responses to “Denim & Gingham Pairing”

  1. Eunice says:

    Great post, darling. I had to declutter before my move too and there’s nothing more annoying than realising that the organising doesn’t come to an end! I’ve learnt my lesson and have decided to be selective of items that I purchase.

    • antrieu says:

      That is definitely my goal this year! I have found so many items in my closet that I don’t reach for often. Unfortunately, not everything can be consigned with a value that is nearly as worthy. Thanks for reading! You’re always so sweet!

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