Good morning and happy Friday! I took a chance to wear our my denim jacket while it was raining the day we shot this outfit. It got quite cold, but as you could see in some photos below. An added layer for warmth using my fur vest trick always did the trick.

Seattle has been raining so much the past two weeks. I guess I should not complain anymore since it’s way much better than the snow. And as you can see my attempt at putting on extensions was a failure.

I looked ’17,’ my boyfriend said once he saw me stepping out of the bathroom after a century-long spent in there trying to put on these extensions and curl my entire head of hair. Well, at least it looked pretty nice at first. As you may or may not know, I cut and dye my hair pretty frequently. It’s my way of seeking and actually obtaining change. Hair grows back, so I never take it seriously in terms of having just 1 hairstyle aka signature look. However, after dying my hair couple times this past summer, it gave up on me. I dyed it black just to hide the fact that it’s so damaged and lots of breakages mid-strands. I’m sure the stress from job hunting is also another factor that makes my hair fall so much. Or is it the season change? Who knows!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed me tagging lots of locations here in Seattle. The area where we shot this outfit quickly became my favorite. The streets were filled with fallen colorful leaves with added raindrops, very autumnal and moody right in the center of downtown. the area is called Occidental Square. It was a Sunday, so lots of shops were closed. I wanna take a class at Drygoods Design art studio one day. I peeked at their website and saw they had offered sewing classes or pattern drafting classes. It sounds like a fun but costly a-few-hour thing to do. But I might as well try, to network, maybe. I’m planning to save some money and buy a sewing machine once I have a job. Again, once I have a job.

Also a few updates, I had a 4th interview with a local Biotech start-up company yesterday (Thursday 16, exactly 2 months since I moved here to Seattle from Minnesota), and it went really well. And guess what? I’ll be coming in for an in-person interview with them today. so wish me luck! I’m pretty excited yet nervous since I don’t know what to expect and I tend to internally get worried too much and blah blah. And another bigger and more prestige company, also based in Seattle, called and scheduled me a phone interview with their recruiter next Monday. So that’s even more exciting! I will be in Nebraska, however, for this entire coming week for the Thanksgiving holidays. So hopefully, things go well and I get a job after coming back to Seattle or before November hits its end.
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Well, let’s talk about my outfit quickly, shall we? As mentioned before, the rain didn’t do much of help in terms of blending my real hair and the extensions. My hair just went its own short way, hah! Anyways, I paired a simple black and white look with some blue from the denim jacket and some brown nudy tones from my boots and bag. For some reasons, I love pairing my Gucci canvas bag with denim. I bought it almost instantly after trying it on with my outfit at the time of the purchase. And I was wearing jeans. The sock boots are one of my favorite shoes finds at Zara last year.


jacket: Levis’s Ex Bf Trucker, bought at the Free People store at Mall of America, link here

white Tshirt: the GAP, it’s only $10, here

my most worn and loved black jeans: Topshop’s Leigh jeans, here

sock boots: Zara, similar here and here

layered necklace: ASOS, here or here

hair extension: bought used from my cousin’s cousin. I dyed it from blonde to black. Unknown brand, so sorry!



I hope you’re having an amazing weekend ahead. It’s Friday, so go out and have some fun! Don’t forget to layer up or bring a scarf or an extra layer for added warmth. And you know what I will bring, winkwink*! I’ve gotta pack later tonight since we’re flying out to Nebraska early Saturday morning. But first, we’ve got a dinner date tonight! Pray for my interview, too, guys and thanks for reading!


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