Floral Dress & Leather Jacket Pairing

I am so excited for sunshine and warmer days ahead. Trees are filled with so many floral buds waiting for enough warmer and rainy days to start blossoming. Even on the streets where fashion weeks are happening, I can endlessly scroll through my Instagram feed and see so many colorful spring-inspired outfit pairings. I’d say to start building up your spring/summer wardrobe now by starting to pick up things here and there. I’d usually pick up sweaters, jackets, and boots with classy style and silhouette for the next season for a much cheaper price this time of the year.

A time of transformation, spring is fashion’s new beginning.

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I have finally found the AllSaints leather jacket of my dream!

and hope I’m not too late to jump on the AllSaints leather jacket band-wagon though.

There is a huge AllSaints store located right in the busiest shopping streets of 5th street, downtown Seattle. I have browsed the shop a few times in hope to find a leather jacket or a blazer on sale. I don’t think I shop there often enough to catch them at the earliest sale season, hence their outerwears are always sold out my size for some reasons. I found this Balfern jacket, however, at the Nordstrom HQ store, just a block away from AllSaints last weekend. I initially wanted to find a pair of pointy heels with a V-cut design either in white or other color but black, but I found this jacket instead. I was the happiest girl in the world, and to be honest, I had been on a hunt for a leather jacket for a long time now! I knew that AllSaints leather jackets like the one here would never go on sale, or if they ever would, they would be sold out quickly that I wouldn’t be aware fast enough to catch the sale. Often time, I’d much prefer shopping for designer pieces at Nordstrom and bigger retailers since they have better customer service and returns. It was at its original price but using a few Nordstrom notes (cashback credits) helped to bring it down quite a bit. It was a well-worth investment piece that I would totally see myself wearing for years and years to come. I mean, it is real leather, and real leather ages really well. It will look even better through time.

Sizing and fit: On the website, it says this jacket fits true to size, and it is actually not! I tried on all sizes at the store and ended up going for a size 6. I was wearing my Everlane chunky sweater and size 6 fit me pretty snug. And I am glad that I have gone for a 6. I love how it is cropped but not too cropped, oversized but not too baggy. And the leather is buttery soft! I love it so much!!! Be warned that you will be seeing me wearing and styling it a million different ways in the future, and that is the reason why I don’t mind spending and splurging on a real leather every once in a while knowing that it will not only last me for years to come but always look good and timeless.

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And I saw this sunflower wall and couldn’t help! 🙂

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I love pairing designer pieces with casual affordable ones that I often find in the sales, such as this mini floral wrap-around dress from Urban Outfitters that I wear here. It was buried in the messy sale rack with a $9.99 red label on, an obviously I bought it without any hesitation. By now I do have quite a good selection of floral and patterned dresses that I have collected throughout the years and bought mainly on sale. And I had finally found a way to use the skinny polka-dot silk scarf that I bought at Banana Republic last year for no more than $9. I tied it around the ring handle of my Kozha Numbers bag and loved how it added a minimal feminine touch to the whole outfit. I am all about mixing and matching feminine pieces with more structured masculine ones and having fun with it!


leather jacket | AllSaints 

wrap dress | Urban Outfitters (similar here and here)

sneakers | Superga 

bag | Kozha Numbers 

silk tie on bag | Banana Republic (similar here and here)

necklace | Bomalife


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this post and definitely let me know in the comment section below. Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Cat Chiang says:

    Love the shots on the stairs, so creative! That is such a classic jacket that you’ll have for a long time!

  2. Kathy says:

    Great jacket. I love the way you styled it!

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