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For today’s post, I want to share with you the long-awaited sneaker review of not just 1 but 5 pairs of my top favorite fashion sneakers. It has taken me a bit more time than initially expected since I need to wear them a bit longer in order to give you my best opinions. I will include details such as retail price, where I get them, the material and design, sizing, the comfort level, and my thoughts on each pair.

Keep in mind that I am 7 – 7.5 US in shoes. I have flat feet and are slightly on a more wider side. I commute (bus and walking) to work and work in the lab that does not only require close-toe-shoes but also comfortable ones to stand in all day. So you know you are in for a treat because these are really comfortable.

1. Nike Air Pesto

New styles of Nike shoes were too expensive for a college student (aka me) years back, so my affordable options were to buy them on sale at Nordstrom Rack or Opitz Outlet. If you happen to be around the Minneapolis MN area, definitely check out the Opitz, especially on Wednesday when they often have $25 sneaker deals. I bought two pairs of Nike there and wore them to the gym. They weren’t the newest or had the coolest designs, but they served me well at the time.

The idea of splurging on a pair of new Nike shoes (these Nike Air Pesto!) came to my mind when I visited Seattle for the first time, in January of 2017, so you know that I am very late to the game. I needed a pair of comfortable shoes to go hiking in, and I ended up buying these at the Nike store downtown. These made their first debut in my hiking trip to Rattlesnake blog post, here.

Retail price: $120

Material & Design: Presto was first introduced by Nike in 2000 with the design inspired by the simplicity and comfort of a classic T-shirt. The fit and comfort were evolved from the Nike Air Gauntlet and Bike Air Zoom Drive with the stripped-down design and non-lacing cages which quickly became Nike’s signature style. These have a stretch mesh upper, midfoot cage, foam sole with Nike Air cushioning (sound technical already!), and flexible outsole with flex grooves.

Sizing & Comfort:  I got these in size 7, and they fit me comfortably.  After wearing these so much, they still have great shapes and have only stretched out just a bit. I really need to invest in a pair of legit hiking shoes or boots since these are not really meant to be worn on hikes if you have noticed in many of my photos. They feel like socks (exactly as claimed), have thick-enough soles that give me much-needed height, and are stretchy and easy to slip in and out. I love that there is no lacing involved even though there are laces on them! Besides wearing these out hiking (I don’t suggest ruining your Nike this way), I have worn and styled these multiple ways, to work, to go out running errands, to hike, to run, etc. One more thing I have got to mention that these Nike Air Pesto make the best airport and traveling shoes for reasons I have mentioned above! Get these, I 1000% recommend!!!

Comfort rating: 5/5



2. REEBOK Club C Vintage Sneakers

Retail price: $75

Material & Design: These were designed exclusively for UO with low profile lace-up silhouette, slim-profile, and are made from leather and rubber out-sole. I think these are faux-leather, but I could be wrong. I have worn these multiple times, and they add such a timeless classic look to any of my outfits. They are such a big throwback to those 90s, old-school, vintage sneakers that were so classic to the Reebok brand itself. I usually don’t like wearing clothes, shoes, and bags with big and visible logos on them, but I’m okay with these. Instead, I love how they are green, and the placements were not distracting. In addition, they are more like a light yellowish off-white color, again, a vintage element that I absolutely appreciate. It was the moment when one of my older co-workers recognized these Reebok shoes and said to me that it was cool seeing these coming back in style.

Sizing & ComfortThese came in half sizes on the Urban Outfitters website, so I went with 7.5. With the slim-profile, these look flattering on, and I love that! I have flat feet, and these feel very snug with just a thin layer of socks. Luckily, my feet don’t sweat nor smell at all, so I can get away with wearing these with no socks! I wouldn’t recommend thick sock, however. One thing that I have to point out is that these make my feet look slightly longer than they are. I grew up and was told that big feet on women were ugly figures, and ugly things had to be covered. I quickly grew out of that a long time ago after realizing that I had to start wearing things right. I used to buy shoes size 6 and tried to squeeze them in my poor feet, hence I ended up losing both of my big toe nails. That was painful took way too long to grow them back. I had learnt my lesson, and definitely paying more attention to how my feet feel on shoes than how big or small the shoes make my feet look. As said before, these have a slim profile, and they do hurt both of my pinky toes, especially at the end of a long work day. I feel like these are not made from the best supportive padding material, and that is all. i wear these a lot on the weekends, going out shopping or wherever I know I wouldn’t be in these for more than 4 hours. I usually have a few different pairs of shoes in the car to change it up anyways.

Comfort level: 3/5


3. VANS Old Skool Sneakers In Yellow

Retail price: $63

Material & Design: These are VANS’ classic Old Skool, also known as Vans #36, launched with the now famous Vans Sidestripe. The Old Skool is Vans’ first skate shoe that incorporated leather panels for increased durability. This started as a random doodle by Paul Van Doren was originally referred to as the “jazz stripe” and has become the unmistakable hallmark of the Vans brand. I bought mine on the ASOS website, and these were probably one of the brightest sneakers I own besides the red pair of Converse which I don’t reach for as often. These are not as bright, thankfully, and I actually love this shade of yellow. Again, they possess a vintage and old school feel to them. One thing that I don’t quite like is that these make my feet so wide, a complete opposite design feature of the Reebok mentioned above. They feel absolutely secure once being laced on and the openings hug onto the feet so tight. This is a feature which I completely understand since these were designed for skaters, so shoes falling off is definitely a safety hazard. In fact, these have padded collars for support and flexibility and re-enforced toecaps to withstand repeated wear.

Sizing & Comfort: These run true to size and are super comfortable. I find they fit better with socks since my feet are so flat. I can wear these all day and find no discomfort. The only thing is that you’ll spot at least 1 out of 10 people on the street wearing VANS, and that’s no doubt. I love pairing these with shorts or mini skirts with a casual and easy-going type of look. I love how they add such a subtle yellow color yet street element to my look. A simple white T-shirt and a pair of black or blue jeans are my favorite way to rock these without looking like a high-schooler.

Comfort level: 4.5/5


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Retail price: Low top $50, hi top $55

Material & Design: Converses are so classic and iconic as I am sure you all know about. I have three pairs, these two and the red low top ones as said earlier that I don’t wear as often as these. These are unisex and are at such great price points. Go with these All Star Chuck Taylor of any colors your heart desires as I absolutely think they are well-worth it! It’s funny how Converse ends its description with such a statement, ‘This is the go-with-everything go-to that you won’t get sick of going to. Stock up.” These feature all-star emblem, the durable canvas material that we all know and love, the outsole pattern for fraction to make sure we don’t fall and eat it (directly quoted from Converse as well!).

Sizing & Comfort: I went with both size 7.5 in these, and these have never failed me a day. I love the low tops and reach for them more often since they are a lot easier to put on and take off. They go well with many of my jeans, skinny, straight, or kick flares. The hi tops, however, as much as I love how they look (mostly when I see them on other people!), they don’t look as great on my legs. I’m only 5ft5 and have slightly chunky legs, and these make them look a bit shorter to be honest. My tip to you when buying sneakers and when you couldn’t pick between the two styles, go with both. Hah, just kidding! My tip is to look at yourself in the mirror, of course with the shoes on, and see how they feel and look. I love all of my Converses, but there is always that one feature that I’d opt out or choose to go for depending on my mood and the look I feel that day. The shoes are the absolutely must-match-and-go with my whole outfit.

Comfort level: 4-4.5/5



Retail price: $65

Material & Design: I love that i have finally found a pair of shoes that have an arch to the inner soles or footbeds. These are made from sturdy cotton unlined canvas upper with the easily adjustable lacing and fit. The natural rubber and crepe-textured outsole provide traction and durability. And I love that the soles are in fact slightly heavy and they feel more protected once being on.

Sizing & Comfortability: I have a slightly arch feet, so I appreciate the fact that these have the archy footbeds. The only thing that I sometimes find annoying is that the opening of the shoes are so lose that they do nothing to help holding my socks up. I have to wear no-show socks since it’s weird showing socks when wearing these Superga I think. I end up just wearing them without socks, and they work just fine. Trust me, I wear these almost every other day, and these get so dirty and gross. I’m sure I’ve spilled lots of coffee on them. I love that the openings of the shoes fit around and just below my ankles. I have noticed that this feature really flatter pants with longer hemline on me (those that hit below the ankles) and dresses of any length. They don’t make my legs look so short compared to those hi-top ones from Converse. Did I say that these Superga look absolutely daring with dresses. I think it’s because they have a softer feature for them on the upper top, not as structured and rigid compared to the other above options.

Comfort level: 4.5/5


Let me know which sneakers are your favorites and definitely leave your favorite sneaker suggestions below. Would love to add more to my collection. Take care and have a productive day!

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