Free People Best Picks Winter 2019

If you ever ask me what to buy at Free People (FP) in the winter, I’d say go for or invest in their sweaters, no doubt! I have a few sweaters that I bought past seasons from FP years ago, and I still find myself reaching for them every winter season. They vary from materials, fits, and cuts.

FP sweaters might seem and sound expensive at first, but my tip to you is that you don’t have to buy them now or pay full prices. I usually like to browse Macy’s or Nordstrom Rack for anything FP, and they typically have their own FP racks or have them mixed in with the junior’s clothing section. Most of the time, I only aim for FP sweaters and dresses since they have decent quality and some of the most unique designs out there. Their stuff is for sure girly and bohemian. They are obviously not for everyone, but I’m sure with proper hunt time, you will find one for yourself! I love FP sweaters since they are made from the coziest lived-in materials that hold up really well through time. More tips are to opt for classic and simple design, stay away from flashy sequins or ruffles, and read the care instruction labels to look after your garments.

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jeans: TOPSHOP JONI | hat: LACK OF COLOR | bag: KOZHA NUMBERS | earrings: MEJURI

I could not be able to find the orange hoodie worn above on the FP website, perhaps it’s sold out?! I’ve included some other favorite picks of mine at the end of this post, so be sure to check them out!

The Ryder Hoodie

The gorgeous mustard crop hoodie sweater worn below is available. It is called the Ryder Hoodie, and the color is sand glare. I picked both of these hoodie sweaters at the Free People store in University Village (Seattle) for 50% off as they had some end-of-season/winter sale last weekend. The crop sweater below also comes in a green/blue-ish gray color called stormy sky and the nomadic brown color. I love its faded color, its cropped length with a drawstring, the unsymmetrical buttons in the front, and the reverse fabric panels at the sleeves and bottom half of the sweater.

I also saw that FP had some really cute hair barrette selection, so I picked up a pair of acrylic clips and wore them right away. Hair barrettes or hair clips are the next best things to accessorize the hair with after hats, and don’t you agree that two is better than one?

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jeans: TOPSHOP JONI | bag: KOZHA NUMBERS | boots: COS | watch: ROSEFIELD | nails: DURI 


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this duo outfit post, and don’t forget to check out Free People store or website since they have so much good stuff in at the moment! Don’t forget that Macy’s and Nordstrom Rack carry Free People at very discounted prices, so check out their sales next time that you’re there! Happy the second to last Sunday before January officially ends! I have something exciting to announce at the end of this month, so stay tuned! February is my birthday month, and I just cannot wait! Again, thank you so much for reading, and as always, thank you so much for being here and following along my blogging journey! Talk soon!

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