Happy throwback Thursday!

Here is another architecture inspired outfit/photography combo. Make a visit to the Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA if you ever have a chance. It’s an amazing architecture building that is worth a visit, designed by Frank Gehry who also designed that well-known quirky Pop Culture museum un Seattle. I shot an outfit there this spring, here. Disney Concert hall’s exterior was designed in stainless steel, with silver mirror-like panels. Funny fact that because of that, it has caused problems like over-heating in a few rooms inside of the theatre or the increased risk of traffic caused by sun reflection off the building. Gehry and his team had to lightly sand the panels to remove unwanted glare. Regardless, with some light touches of Lightroom, this architecture piece of art still looks pretty futuristic and stunning. A must in DTLA.

And can we just stop and stare and appreciate the amazing flow of the skirt? Outfit details are tagged and linked at the end. Enjoy!


If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, I did announce about my move to the West Coast. And it’s down to a couple more days left here in Minnesota. It’s bitter-sweet and quite emotion. I know this move has been one of my dreams for a long time now. I’m emotionally ready, but I’m not ready to let go of the fact that I won’t be able to be next to my family and amazing friends. I won’t be able to just randomly call them out, go eat, or do adventure things together. Anyways, I’ll be sharing with you more about where and what I will be doing, my plans for the blog, and possibly I’ll try to have a Youtube channel in a very near future. And that’s very exciting. But, the biggest thing is that I have to find myself a job, as soon as possible. Since West coast living is costly as many of you already know. So keep me in your thoughts as I take this leap of faith.

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An Trieu.

OUTFIT DETAILS: skirt: ASOS | shirt: Brandy Melville | mules: ASOS