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Hidden Lake Lookout – Hike Washington

Hidden Lake Lookout hike is by far my most favorite hike I have ever hiked in Washington in 2018.

Located in in the North Cascade area, East of Washington, an 8 mi. roundtrip with lots of switchbacks and elevation gain is a lot more challenging than I’ve anticipated. We did this hike the last weekend of October but were blessed with such nice weather. It was not too cold, and the sun was beaming the whole way there. We could have started a bit earlier if we knew this hike would be so challenging. I was in awe pretty much all throughout the hike up and back down, and some parts made me feel like I was on a different planet. No kidding! Sprawling meadows bursting with wildflowers. Granite slabs. Mount Baker hovering in the Western sky. And the impressive Ranier to Baker and every peak, valley, and ridge between in 360-degree view at the lookout.

Hidden Lake summit, but we have another 1/4 of a mile to go to get to the lookout.

This part near the Hidden Lake felt like I was in Iceland. Out of this world!

Finally get to the lake! We still have about a mile hike straight up to the lookout and decided to pull it off. Exhausting but the view is even more incredible up there!

View at the lookout! Imagine a picture of mountain range, 360 degree. I never knew the lookout house was so photogenic.

Incredible views on our way back!

And we got to witness this incredible sunset on our way back! This entire valley was lit up in orange, yellow, and red. The colors of the wildflowers. The colors of sky. Everything was just so magical!

HIDDEN LAKE LOOKOUT – Hiked October 21, 2018

Read current trail conditions and updates, here.

I hope that these photos, again, have inspired you to explore more of the great outdoors. I loved the different layers of this hike with dense forest, bursting meadows hidden in the slopes, and a challenging scramble to reach the final destination which was not the Hidden Lake but the Lookout itself. I fell on my butt once, but it was all worth it. Breathtaking is not even enough to describe this hike. I highly recommend!








Photos by Toan Chu Photography

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