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A couple weeks ago, Ngan, my best friend from Minnesota made a visit, after a month of me- moving to Seattle. Not that she missed me so much, but just cause sometimes airplane tickets got super cheap. So she bought it and made it out here to hang out with me for a few days! Ngan was the one that told me about the Wing It deals that Sun Country airline offers every Tuesday for those than can travel last minutes and have flexible schedule. I bought 2 one-way ticket from Minnesota (MSP) to Washington (SEATAC) and back in spring for $79 each. I asked for work off, and as soon as my supervisor said yes. I flew out the weekend after. That’s a thing with these cheap flight deals! Can’t choose so much! Ngan, however, bought hers for less than $100 for the two-way flight. Insane! So she flew out to see me from Sunday to Tuesday, just couple of weeks ago. I took her to omakase at Shiro, made her try GoPoke for the first time, and we did a ton of touristy things exploring Seattle. And of course, hiking!

Distance: 6.7 miles | Elevation Gain: 1758 feet | Routine Type: Loop (more info: here) | Characteristic: wet & rocky!

Lake 22 is an absolutely beautiful alpine lake, nestled on the northern shoulder of Mount Pilchuck. It is easily accessible off the Mountain Loop Highway in the North Cascades area of Washington state. It’s about an hour and 10 minute drive from where I live to the trailhead. Even though I’m pretty new to the area, I try to pin point locations and save that visual image of places I’ve been to in my head. And so far so good, I’ve learned pretty much all of the big areas, fun and cool places to takes friends around!

It was a pretty nice day I’d say considering it had been raining for a few days straight before my friend, Ngan, arrived. It did rain a little bit during the hike, hence, the wetness you see on trees and on the ground in the photos. My boyfriend took the Monday off of work and drove us there. Also, he’s the one behind the camera, as always, and that’s why you don’t see him. But anyway, the hike was manageable besides lots of rocky areas. I knew it beforehand since I did some research prior to the hike. All I need to do is to invest in good hiking boots because my Nike shoes aren’t great in hiking. The trail track, for the most part, is very well maintained and quipped with bridges and stairs built from large tree stems, lots of them. It was a total of 4 hours hiking, not counting the drive to the trailhead and back home. So be warned for it will get crowded on the weekends. We hiked on a Monday, so there wasn’t a lot of people.

After about an hour hiking, we got a very nice surprise. We approached this open area, very bright and filled with yellow leaves from the maple trees. And the sun was shining through. We took a lunch break here. It was so beautiful! And not so far ahead, there was another beautiful spot where we couldn’t resist from making a longer stop for snapchat and photos of the entire view from above. And of the course, the lake view was absolutely breathtaking. As advised, we did not go around the lake. We spent a solid half an hour resting and enjoying the view, took lots of photos, and attempted to walk on the wood log, expanded into the water. There was some snow on the other side of the lake, lingered on the mountain in the background as you could see below:

I packed along a sweater and wore it along the way when it got cold. However, for the most part, invest in a good pair of leggings, a good-material jacket made for hiking, and a pair of hiking boots are all you really need to keep yourself warm and dry. Thank you so much for reading! Photos can never do justice to these kinds of things, but I hope you’ve enjoyed them regardless. I also hope that this inspires you to get out there and reconnect with nature. And make sure to remember, it will always be worth it at the end!

Last weekend, some of my close friends from Minnesota visited, and we hiked Goat Lake. So stay tuned for another hiking adventure with lots of awesome photos coming your way! Meanwhile, read my older blog post when I hiked Rattlesnake if you’re interested, here! Have a great weekend!

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