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Hi guys and welcome to a new week!
I’m writing this blog post at midnight after dropping off my 4 cousins at the airport. They were here for the first time this past weekend. I had a lot of fun taking them around exploring the city. We drove everywhere! Last Saturday, we drove more than an hour and tried to hike Lake Serene (the emerald blue lake), but it was closed for some reasons. We kept on heading east and ended up in Leavenworth for icecream. That was my second time there in July. On Sunday, we made it to downtown Portland and Cannon Beach on Sunday! It was the hottest weekend ever since summer, and all of us were squeezed in the tiny car, hah! Thank God that my boyfriend could be able to take them around on Monday and Tuesday while I was at work. Getting back to work was the toughest thing with little sleep. I just felt so tired, and everything bothered me.
Do you ever experience that? The feeling that you are just worthless, not talented, always make mistakes, and that no one believes in you. You’re incompetent and incapable at everything. I do. I feel that all the time. Often it reaches the threshold and literally, everything can trigger and add up. It’s not pleasant. Then I started thinking about my childhood and whatever I didn’t do in the past like why I didn’t try harder or why I just wasn’t cool enough. Through time, I’ve learned to just let it go and be kinder to others and to myself. I find inspirational quotes, read and see things that inspire me, or go soak in that sunshine to refresh and restart. And sleep more. It works every time.
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I’ve been wanting to share with you guys my thoughts about Reformation as a brand and how much I love their stuff and whatever they’re doing. For the longest time, I kept adding stuff to the cart and never clicked that ‘submit order’ button. I finally did and was so impressed as to how well-made their pieces are. I’ve learnt to just invest in good quality pieces and would rather spend a bit more and buy less these days. You’ve probably see other Reformation pieces that I tagged on my Instagram, but I might do a throughout Brand Focus post to talk more in depth about Reformation. So stay tuned for that because I’m waiting for my second order to arrive.

The star of this outfit has got to be the Lily top. Reformation does such a great job at the fit and fabric. I ordered two tops (this one and the yellow squared neck one) and a pair of jeans. The jeans fit kind big on me, so I sent them back already. This green top is the least expensive one out of everything I’ve ordered, but I love it the most. According to the product information, it is made from 53% viscose and 47% rayon which explain the lightweight and drapey crepe fabric with a dry hand feel. Reformation fabrics often time are made from natural materials, linen, rayon, viscose which are biodegradable. The cool thing about Reformation is that they would tell you the carbon dioxide savings, the water savings, and waste savings per product.

I will be headed to the lavender festival this weekend, and we might camp out one night. So we will see! I hope you’re out enjoying the sun. It’s so hot out, but I’ll take it over any gloomy days here in Seattle. Let me know in the comment section how your week has been.
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