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It gets dark quite quickly now that November is here. Hiking this time of the year can be quite tough, but it is still do-able! Just make sure to layer up and wear good shoes. This, again, reminds me to retire my Nike sneakers and get a pair of legit hiking boots. I still have not found the one. Any suggestions on not-so-ugly and functional hiking boots out there? Drop them in the comment section, thank you very much!

I’m uploading some photos from my most recent hike to Lake Serene two weekends ago in mid-November. The trail splits up into two, one to Lake Serene and one to Bridal Veil Falls, competing for attention. Combined, they make a great day on the trail. However, we did the Lake Serene one which was longer and more challenging. It was about 3.8 mi and 2000 ft. gain in elevation. There were lots of stairs, about 25 as said on the sign right when we entered the trail head, and lots of switchbacks. Trail was in really good condition, some roots and rocks throughout the trails. My favorite part was towards the beginning which the entire trail was filled with lots of lush green trees, moss, and ferns. The top was quite slippery and scary as it had just snowed up there couple days ago. Some people slipped and fell including me. I did fall and bruised both of my knees on the way back. So make sure you watch out for black ice! The sun was out by the time we got to the lake (around 3 pm), so it could have helped if we hiked earlier. Lake was pretty green, and the bridge and lots of logs underneath made a gorgeous background for photos. The towering mountains which framed the lake were also my favorites. I’d definitely try to make my way back up here next year in the spring/summer. OUTFIT DETAILS:




socks | SMARTWOOL via REI

sneakers | NIKE

green sweater (layered underneath) | UNIQLO

I clearly am loving this outfit combo as you can obviously tell. Outdoor Voices has really been outdone themselves in releasing so many pieces that instantly become my favorites in my wardrobe. The MegaFleece pullover, worn here, is by far my most favorite piece from them. I saw it at their store in NY and knew that I had to get it. I bought it online so that there was no tax since there was no OV store here in Seattle. It is currently sold out in this color though. I believe they have just brought in the navy color! It is super cute and cozy, but it is still quite ventilating since it’s woven from recycled wool. Be warned that there is a high chance that it will get some pilling, and mine appears around the sleeve areas. I’d layer a long sleeve T shirt underneath for added warmth, and I’m good to conquer the world (both in the city and on the trail.) I 1000% recommend!!!

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Photos by Toan Chu

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8 responses to “Lake Serene – Hike Washington”

  1. Gabby says:

    Such a beautiful hike! I did it once, years ago, in hiking shoes that were a half-size too small. I think next time I do it, it’ll be more enjoyable!

  2. Kate says:

    I love Lake Serene and your sweater!

  3. Farah says:

    Such a cute outfit! I love the leggings!

  4. sara nena says:

    I loooove nature, and maybe even more in the winter, it is incredible

    • antrieu says:

      I’m not a fan of the snow and its aftermath and the scary road driving condition. But sure, winter has its own beauty too!!!

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