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Leather as in faux leather. I wish, one day, to own a good pair of genuine leather pants and a leather jacket. I feel like leather pants are so underrated. They’re either super expensive or the more affordable ones don’t last for fit very well. Of course due to the nature of leather, it’s not going to last if we don’t take care of it. Most people wear leather pants for special events, for a few hours, and then they take them off. I’ve seen H&M sometimes has $200 leather pants, probably an online returned item, but they’re either ripped or misfit. And a leather jacket with good cut and style is so expensive. All Saint and Acne are known for leather jackets if you ask me. The only real leather pieces you see here are my most worn-to-death Proenza Schouler bag and the suede nude sock boots. But regardless, I think leather pieces are not trendy but rather classic ones that everyone should invest in and have one or a few in their closet. 

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Seattle has gotten a lot colder, and it rains almost every day now. It constantly rains and stops, so having an umbrella in the car always helps. Luckily, last weekend, we managed to shoot a few outfits in between the rains. I shot this outfit in the Capitol Hill area, near the Starbucks Reserve. If you ever have a chance to visit the city, forget the tiny original Starbucks in Pike Place, make time to go the Reserve instead. It’s busy here though! I mean the whole area of Capitol Hill is busy, especially on the weekends. The Reserve attracts lots of tourists, but it’s well worth your visit since they sell food along with coffee! Plus, it’s within walking distance to the shopping mall (Nordstrom and Barney’s NY, etc) and tons of restaurants.

Everything I wear in this post is bought seasons ago, except the white Tshirt. I will do a review on this white crewneck Tshirt soon, so stay tuned!

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Here I’ve layered my much loved faux-fur vest that I got from H&M for an added layer of warmth since the fabric of the sequin jacket is very thin. I find myself reaching for it every time the weather is chilly out and if I want to wear certain jackets and need a layer for warmth. You can see more of how I’ve styled it, here and here. The military green sequin jacket is probably the star of this almost-all-leather outfit since it’s so decked out colorful. Well, at least it seems like it in person, but it looks so amazing in photos. I bought the jacket at Zara this past spring season for less than $30. And the $20 sock boots were the last ones in store last winter season, also from Zara. They’re genuine leather, and I was jumping for happiness when I saw them sitting in a corner of the store. After the outfit shoots this past weekend, I finally felt motivated to put together ‘more of me.’ I get inspired styling different looks usually after a purchase, however, it’s not always the case. We have also managed to put up a tiny photo studio corner in our apartment. I am still learning how to pose and put more of the ‘energy’ out in each shot. It is not easy I’m telling you. Since it gets dark quickly and often so rainy outside, having a studio is a blessing! You can see our first photo attempt, here. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with any announcements or any fun creative things I do here on the blog.


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Again, I’ve tried to find what’s available out there for you to shop but no guarantee since most of my stuff is bought on sale, past seasons. I will link some similar pieces with different price points, so you can shop below. Thank you so much for reading. I’ll see you in my next one!


sequin jacket: Zara (old, but similar: here or here)

bag: Proenza Schouler, mini Elliot, here

white Tshirt: Uniqlo, Supima U crewneck, here

leather leggings/pants: H&M (old, but similar: here and here)

suede sock boots: Zara (similar: here and here)

fur vest: H&M (old, but similar: here and here)


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