Low-shopping June & 5 Practical Tips to Shop Less

Happy June! I am back today with a post sharing a current favorite outfit (outfit details at the end of the post) along with a few updates this June.

As some of you might know (if you follow me on Instagram), I am doing a low shopping month this June. That means I will not be buying any clothes and personal products including makeup and skincare. To be honest with you, I have been living off my saving for the past few months. The money I make from blogging is the passive amount that really does not pay me rent or food.

That anxiety has been kicking my butt a lot lately, so I really need this month to focus on job hunting. In addition, I need to get started on rebranding, redesigning my blog, filing my blog as a business as well as focus on creating Youtube content at least a few weeks ahead.

So if you feel related to this in some ways, you are welcomed to send me your thoughts in the DMs or share in the comments below.

I will also create and share more about ‘activities’ and less about ‘what’s new’ or ‘hauls’ in hope to get you inspired to do the same. Don’t worry, there will be fashion content per usual but I will incorporate things a little differently. Also, please feel free to post your outfit photos and include the #RewearRepeat and tag me @antrieu, I’d love to share your outfit posts on my IG-stories. Don’t forget to share why you love the outfit as well! This will help us stay on track and hold each other accountable!

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Tip 1. Unsubscribe and Unfollow

This is a practice I do pretty frequently on a monthly basis.

I’ve already gone ahead and unsubscribed to most of the newsletters in my ‘shopping’ Yahoo email. I do have two separate professional Gmails, one that has my name dedicated for jobs and personal purposes and one for my blog (an.styleandsenses@gmail.com). Retailers often offer a great one-time discount for first purchases in exchange for an email sign-up. Giveaways or sweepstakes also created with the purpose of getting more people on the brands’ email marketing list. Emails are personal and are the ultimate way for any brands to make sales and build their customer relationships!

Another good practice that has been helping me staying off stress is to go through my social lists and start removing inactive accounts: Facebook friend list, Youtube subscription list, and Instagram follower and following list. I don’t follow a lot of people on the social sphere just because seeing too much content from too many people is stressful to me. Unfollowing accounts that promote sale and ‘haul’ content, at least for the moment that you’re trying to reduce the shopping urge, is not a bad idea either.

I spend lots of my time now researching, learning, and creating instead of consuming (time spent watching and scrolling through social media apps).

Tip 2. Declutter

I’m sure you all know about Marie Kondo’s show, books, and method of decluttering by now.

Inspired by the decluttering trend that has been going around the social media sphere, since the beginning of this year, I have been going through my closet and remove all clothes off from the hangers and out of the storage bags and boxes. I have put a few things on Poshmark and consigned some designer pieces with TheRealReal. There is some progress on the sale, and I am thinking to donate the rest of the stuff. Anyone is interested in a closet-swap or buying my clothes? Let me know!

For makeup, I have been reorganizing my most used products and separate them from products I that don’t reach for as often. I also have set aside a box full of tiny sample products collected over the years, and having them all out helps to remind me to use them all up. One tip I’ve learned after frequently shopping at Sephora is to save up the points since Sephora does offer full-size products with 500 points or more. I only use the 100 point perk for little travel-sized products that I know I will use and not so much on products that I want to use.

Know that you can always come in store and ask for a sample of anything you want to test out!

Tip 3. Watch this!

Ever since I know of Youheum’s Youtube channel suggested by Youtube as the Artist on The Rise on the Trending section last month, my life has never been the same.

Not to take it to the extreme sides of things because it is not me! However, Youheum’s videos on her channel Heal Your Living have really made me rethink about my lifestyle choices and the constant needs to buy things. She used to go to art school and worked in fashion in New York, but now she practices extreme minimalism and is living in Texas. To to be ashamed but I admit that I’m a spender. Most of the time, it’s good because I know what I want, and I work hard to earn it in life. However, money does not stay with me for so long for that reason.

So these types of videos have really opened my eyes and make me feel okay to downsize. And I think YOU and I could do better!

Tip 4. Shop without Buying

And this is what I’m really good at!

I love browsing the shops locally, and even when I travel, I’ll try to hit up as many store visits as I can. In addition, everyone seems to really enjoy my IG-stories when I post about all of the shop recommendations, so that makes it a good excuse for me to get out there ‘shopping without buying.’

Most of the time, I just go shopping alone, and I really enjoy it. It’s when I could be with my own thoughts, and there is just something about seeing, touching, and trying cool stuff in-store that I also really enjoy. Having a budget also really helps if you’re struggling on what to spend on.

Retail therapy is a real thing. I remember when I used to live in Minnesota and would choose malls as my final destinations after work almost every day. Shopping was my way to be on my own thoughts and to release stress. I accumulated a lot of clothes on sale at the time that I do have until now, and the majority of my designer pieces were bought at a designer outlet store, Opitz Outlet in Minneapolis years ago.

Now, I don’t have time to browse the shops for sale stuff as often as I used to. I shop a lot online and as equally in-store. I don’t buy things just because they are on sale but rather invest in quality classics and basics.

My advice is to not shop when you are tired, alone, upset, sad, or bored.

Tip 5. Step Outside

There are beautiful alternatives than material accumulation.

Summer is here, and June is a perfect time to get started on reconnecting with nature and the great outdoors. And I cannot wait!

I used to think about owning lots of plants is a way to invite nature into my home, however, I only bought one plant this year so far. It’s the one big gorgeous Philodendron Lickety Split plant that I share all the time on my IG-stories. Knowing that I don’t have a South-facing window and certain types of plants would or would not survive my apartment low light condition, I’ve made a rule to only get one plant a year.

Ever since I moved to Seattle, the Pacific Northwest did really change the perspective I have on my lifestyle. There is such easy access to many hiking trails and parks, and nature out here is incredible almost year-round. Even in the winter, I could get snow and go skiing in just about an hour drive east. Flowers are blooming everywhere, and the entire city is so lush! Summer is the wildflower season, my personal favorite when it comes to outdoor hiking. Days are longer, and people just seem so much happier! I love the sun on my skin!

You can browse my Hike Washington blog post series for inspiration: here.

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My outfit details:

one-shoulder crop top: BRANDY MELVILLE | pants: UNIQLO U (last season, sold out) | heels: VINCE (very old, similar here) | bag: SAINT LAURENT | sunglasses: Old Celine (bought at Opitz Outlet) | watch: ROSEFIELD | all jewelry: MEJURI

Like the Project 5 series I have here on my blog, I really hope this post has also inspired you to start your own journey to Shop Less and Shop Smarter. It is okay to not have the same exact thing that your favorite blogger wear in her post. It is okay because, at the end of the day, it is their job to sell you something. Find alternatives in your closet, shop sales, thrift, rent, or even borrow from friends or family.

Whatever you do, just be mindful with the choices you are making. Be kinder to yourself and to others. Surround yourself with uplifting people who inspire and motivate you to be the better version of you. Take some time during the busy day and week to be outside with nature.

Thanks for reading!

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