My 2018 Style In Review

Happy New Year! Happy 2019!

Continued from last year’s Style In Review, I’m going to answer the same 5 questions and share with you some of my favorite looks and memorable moments in 2018. I think it is a good practice to reset and take on the new year, so whether or not you own a blog, you should do the same! Print out photos from your phone and save them in a photo book with written commentary or simply answer the 5 questions with me below.

// 5 Questions to Reflect & Plan for the New Year

1. What were my highlights of 2018?  (Highlights can mean your accomplishments, special memories, significant changes in life, or any moments of joy that you want to remember.)

The year of 2018 has been the most trans-formative year ever in both of my personal and blogging life. I was able to work with so many amazing brands and collaborated on countless projects, especially in the second half of 2018. My boyfriend and I, we traveled places together. We cooked. We shot so many outfits together. We hiked all over Washington, Oregon, and spent many sleepless nights on the road together. We did a trip exploring Arizona and Utah together, and witnessed out friends got engaged. We also made a big step in our lives early December. I also made the hardest decision to leave my current job end of 2018. So 2019 will be a very interesting year to be!

2. What about 2018 am I most grateful for? (List out anything that comes in your mind and reflect on the past year)

I am grateful for this platform and be able to share my life with you guys. I love every DMs, suggestions, advice, and comments you have ever sent your way. 2018 was filled with so many outdoors activities and endless hours spent on the road. It was quite tiring but rewarding at the same time. I ate a lot of good food. See my best list of 2018 including lots of good restaurant recommendation here. I am grateful for my boyfriend and all of my friends and loved ones’ support. I am grateful for this opportunity to live the life that I want with freedom and hope. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I have finally chosen the path to live out my dream.

3. What is my theme for 2019? (It can be a word or a phrase that you want to accomplish in a year.)

I’d like to continue the same theme from last year. here.

4. How do I want to evolve & grow in 2019? (Put on your dreamer hat, what difference you want to make in your life?)

For the blog, I’d want to continue living and making more conscious decisions towards food I eat and clothes I purchase. Buy less and buy quality. I also want to re-launch my Youtube channel, do more lifestyle like home decor and food content. Of course, I want to reach out to hotels and traveling agencies and start targeting audience in Asia, especially in Vietnam (my home country). I also want to take my IG closer to the 10k mark this year. Buy myself a sewing machine and start making stuff towards my future brand. Am I dreaming too big?

5. What areas do I want to focus on? (And ask yourself what are your goals in those areas? We cannot multitask and accomplish all things at once, but listing out specific goals, deadlines, and try to quantify your goals by breaking them out into actionable steps. And the put in the work and check off the list as you go!)

redoing my blog’s theme, SEO, Pinterest, IRL networking with more local creatives, start making and learning stuff (learn how to shoot manual, shoot products and learn more about lighting, Photoshop and coding, etc.), join the gym, try yoga, camp overnight, learn to cook and bake more things, learn and practice more makeup and hair techniques to change out my look, practice posing and smile more, purge old clothes and continue to invest in quality stuff that last.

January |

Looking back, my style really has not changed much. I am still wearing a lot of the pieces I wore early in the year. I can name all of the brands and how I got them if you’d ever ask me, so that is a good thing right? My hair was long and dark, and for some reasons, I always looked so sad in photos. I’m aware of it, and that is something I need to work on more in the new year. In January, I started picking up brand projects. I got sent a gold vermeil signet ring from Mejuri (it’s the start of an exciting brand collab, and I’m still working with them up until now!). I did a giveaway with Jord and gave Glossier products a try and wrote about them here.

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] I looked different in long hair. Kinda missed it![/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]wearing Jord’s watch. also my first attempt to style beret.[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]shot this photo for Mejuri, wearing their star signet ring[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]at a construction site that somehow matched my outfit, Seattle Center[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]wearing the structured ribbed turtleneck sweater from Everlane that really restricted my neck movement.[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]styling a gingham dress that I got in the summer.[/one_half_last]

February |

February was a another gloomy and gray month. It felt like forever! February was my birthday month, so that at least made it a little better. My boyfriend got me a Kozha Numbers bag for my birthday, and I could stop wearing it. I found out that Kozha Numbers was based here in Portland, so that was the start of me realizing that I really didn’t need to spend a fortune on a bag. I rarely bought myself a bag since bags were investment pieces that I had to save up for. This year, however, I was glad to see more affordable designer pieces and brands starting to make unique looking pieces at affordable prices.

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] took my Aritzia scarf out for a spin for the first time. loved this photo since I looked so tall.[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]discovered this parking garage in downtown Seattle. unsure the name but loved it up here![/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]playing with light and shadow at the Gate & Melinda Foundation building, Seattle[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]at another parking garage in downtown, what’s new?[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]putting my hair up in a high bun for once[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]how do I look in bun?[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]University of Washington campus[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]love this Mango dress[/one_half_last]

March |

It started raining a lot here in Seattle, and to my surprise, the city had transformed drastically in a matter of a few days. Flowers started blooming everywhere, all shades and all colors. I could easily find a photogenic tree filled with flowers or bushes of them at every corner I turned.

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] someone tells me what this tree and flowers are called?![/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]photo shot for Mejuri in the community room at our apartment complex[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]downtown Seattle[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]photo shot for Boma[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]found another parking garage, downtown Seattle[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]street in Capitol Hill[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]King County station[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]University of Washington wearing another beret[/one_half_last]


April was the month of even more flowers, could you tell? I highly suggest you guys going here in the spring. It’s gorgeous! Also, be on the look out for cherry blossoms at University of Washington. There is live countdown on their website as you will most likely see my post on Instagram about it. So stay tuned! Also don’t forget to keep an eye on the daffodils and tulip festival in Mt. Vernon.

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] the Quad where the cherry blossoms are. a must-visit place in spring[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]found this apartment with cool tiles in Queen Anne area[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] daffodils in Mt. Vernon[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]picked up these flowers on the ground. cool shot though![/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]more flowers[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]came back to UW for like 3 times this year[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]beautiful tulips[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]more tulips[/one_half_last]

May |

May flower theme continued from last month. I went to Arizona and Utah at the end of this month. I got to ride a horse for the first time, and it was such a dream-come-true moment for me! So enjoy extra ‘throwback’ photos below!

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] Seattle waterfront[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]loved this photo![/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]I wore white Tshirt a lot this year![/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]got myself a pair of clear glasses from Warby Parker. I’ve worn them only twice this year, hah![/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]cool cat eye sunglasses from Le Spec[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Seattle Center[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]jumping shot that was favorited by a lot of you guys, wearing Outdoor Voices set and Allbirds[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Seattle Center[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Freeway Park, downtown Seattle[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”] Volunteer Park COnservatory[/one_half_last]

Arizona & Utah trip, read more here




June |

Seattle truly has gems hidden everywhere, especially when it comes to cool outfit locations. I’m talking about Instagram worthy and photogenic locations. In fact, it really doesn’t matter where you shoot your outfit. My tip to you is just try to find a simple background that has similar colors or colors that compliment your outfit. Aim for flattering angles and good lighting (soft light, not direct light of course!), and you’re golden! My boyfriend and I drove down to explore the east side of Portland, and we discovered so many amazing nature spots added to our travel diary book this year.

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] cool bridge that has a shape of DNA in Elliot Bay area[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]cool shop near Pike Place[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]look at that incredible mountain view in the background. This resembled the famous Forrest Gump Point. [/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]amazing view from the Rowena Crest viewpoint[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]strawberry picking[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]I-90 bridge in a summer sunny day[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Painted Hills, Oregon[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Lan Su Chinese Garden, downtown Portland[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Painted Hills, Oregon[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]red wood at the Grotto, Portland[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Elliot Bay, Seattle[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]more parking garage[/one_half_last]

July |

We went to the lavender festival in Sequim and were able to get some amazing content there. The lavender field photos were some of the most liked and favorited on my Instagram this year. We had to drive back to Sequim later in the day since noon lighting sucked. Luckily, we found this tiny privately owned field with the bushes planted so closely to each other. It was indeed so worth the long drive!

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] at another iconic bridge in Seattle that I forgot the name of[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Lavender festival, Sequim[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Talapus and Ollalie lake[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Leavenworth in the summer, so much fun![/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]got so close to the waterfall, Franklin Falls[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]in front of a cool Greek church on Seattle. [/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]rose garden[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]sunset at Discover Park wearing Reformation and Converse[/one_half_last]

August |

We started hiking a lot more often now that the weather got warmer. Days were longer, so we never stayed home on the weekends anymore.

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] at a random building I don’t even remember where[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Kubota garden[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Bellevue[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Daejeon Park, Seattle[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Bellevue [/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Frye Art museum[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]somewhere near the hopital area in First Hill. Seattle [/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]at a park in downtown Portland[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]UW Husky station[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]this green-blue lake though![/one_half_last]

September |

I wore animal print, hiked every weekend, and shot a fun campaign with Rothy’s.

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] wearing the only animal print thing I have in my closet[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Lake Colchuck[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]shot this photo in front of Pike Place for Rothy’s[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]waering Rothy’s the sneakers[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Realisation Par silk top with sunflower print, my favorite! [/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]love trench coats for fall[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]MOPOP wearing Rothy’s the Point[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Diablo lake[/one_half_last]

October |

Fall colors in Washington were at peak the first two weeks in October. My boyfriend and I took a hike up North exploring Mt. Baker area for the second time. It rained so hard that we couldn’t even see anything the first time, so it was a failed attempt. The drive was about 2 hours from Seattle, but the views were well worth it every time. I also went to New York for the second time with my best friends from Minnesota. Photos will be shared in the November segment. Also, don’t miss my New York travel diary here.

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] Mt. Baker fall hike[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Chain Lake loop[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]wearing a gifted dress from a Korean designer[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]shot this outfit wearing Revere shoes[/one_half_last]

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] this cool bridge thing was in Seattle[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]ah, this incredible unreal view at the entrance in Mt. Baker! [/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]somewhere in Ballard area[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]loved this outfit pairing![/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Olympic Sculpture park[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Crate Lake, central Oregon


November |

I went to stay with Headlands Coastal lodge and spa for 2 nights the first weekend of November and had an incredible time. Read more about it, here. I’m also sharing a few photos from New York from my trip end of October here. Enjoy!

[one_half][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn, New York[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”] Outfit shot in Seattle for Wool&, a Portland based clothing company. My dress was gifted, called the Rowena swing dress. Shop it here.

[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]photo from Lake Serene hike, late November.

[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]hiked to the Paranoma Point at Paradise, Mt. Rainier National Park, one day before the park closed for the season. It was one of the toughest hikes. Not much green and colors to see, but the snow covered Mt. Rainier view was stunning!

[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]the Oculus, New York[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]photo shot in front of the Haystack rock in Cape Kiwanda, steps away from the Headlands lodge we stayed at. Amazing view![/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]living my best life at Headlands[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]best life continued! and yes, biking at the beach was possible! dragging the bike was not an easy task, however![/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]photo taken at the Pod 39 hotel’s rooftop in New York[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, New York[/one_half_last]

December |

December was also a success since I got to get myself a real and (real expensive) Christmas tree. It smelled amazing in the car, but I couldn’t quite smell it at home. However, we had a lot of fun decorating it and making our place super festive. We drove to La Push to shoot something very special and personal to us. December 8th was marked in our memory. I also let my boss know that I would be quitting my job at the end of January. So that was weird but was by far the best decision I had ever made in life.

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] got our tree for $120, hah!, at the Buttonwood Farm[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]photo shot in downtown Bellevue[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]matching my outfit with the city skyline, Bellevue WA[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]photo shot in a parking garage in downtown Seatlle[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]in front of a wall near Seattle Center. loved this new editing![/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]Macy’s and its festive Christmas star light, Seattle[/one_half_last]

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]somewhere in First Hill, Seattle, next to the Polyclinic[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]the MoPOP on a rare sunny day with blue sky[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Second beach, La Push[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]at the iconic bridge that I don’t know the name of[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]Queen Anne area[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 5px”]matched my outfit with the festive installation at the Bravern in Bellevue[/one_half_last]

Read my 2017 Style in Review here

Thanks for 2018! All photos by my amazing bf. Check out his work and book him for any of your special life events in 2019: Toan Chu Photography

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