Oriental Shawl | 5 Shopping Tips

The tasseled shawl with oriental weaved-in fabric is from Topshop Boutique. It is sadly very itchy! But I don’t mind it since it adds luxe and coverage to any casual summer pairings. The bralette is Free People’s. The black sandals are Saint & Libertine. I bought all three items for a really affordable price about a year or two ago from Norstrom Rack. And the high-waisted short shorts are from the no-longer-exist brand, American Apparel.

This outfit is a full-proof of what I’d like to call my style. It’s daring, classy, and timeless. I’m sure for some of you, rocking a bralette by itself is a bit too much skin-revealing or a bit too sexy. I wouldn’t wear the bralette on its own unless I have some super high-waisted bottoms on, such as a skirt or a pair of flare-bottomed pants. Imagine that combo with a pair of high heels! It is such a killer look, especially for fancy night time events in downtown. As I’ve worn here, I’ve paired the bralette with the super high-waisted shorts to balance the cropped length of the top and added the shawl. I can easily use more of the shawl to cover the body as much and whenever I want to. But again, I’ve worn this outfit multiple times out and felt super feminine yet cool in it. Not to mention I’ve gotten a lot of compliments as well.

Wanna learn more ways to achieve or shop my style? Keep on reading…

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I follow fashion trends, but I don’t shop trends.
Here are my 5 tips:

  1. Trendy new things are expensive. Unless you’re a daytime lawyer – night time dreamer, or you don’t need to pay rents nor food, then you can follow trends.
  2. Don’t shop for visible labels or brands. For example, Gucci everything is so trendy right now, from T-shirts, sneakers, and bags. Those range from at least $500 up to a few thousand per piece. I’m slightly glad that people start wearing designers or bigger name brands with better quality. Expensive pieces mean people will buy less which could potentially slow down the cheap fast fashion side of the industry. But again, eventually, people will start getting sick of seeing everyone looking the same, wearing the same Gucci things since their logos and designs are pretty visual.
  3. Follow trends and find alternatives (if you have time, like me!). I read for trends on magazines and new season’s runway and can be able to catch them prematurely from whatever source. Then I keep those trends in mind for my next shopping trips. Indeed, I enjoy every shopping trip that I can make it out to. I don’t mind spending hours and hours, going through each and every single hanger in the sale section, to just be able to find one good thing. A good thing means a super discounted designer item with a few hundred dollars price tags with a marked down price from at least 90% discounted. It must be in a good condition. Damages such as tears at the seams, holes, things that I can fix, I’ll buy it. If it’s slightly too big, I’ll still buy it. Since I know how to sew and fix clothes, I take all chances that I can get for affordable designer pieces.
  4. Look at price tags and labels. That’s how I learn about new brands and how much they’re worth. It’s true though! A ‘The Row’ sweater, I’ve seen, is worth as much as a Gucci bag. Items that are on sale that still look good on hangers, after people and people trying on and hand touching, are so worth the purchase. Trust me. These are the things that will become vintage items, and people would scout after and pay a lot more for that!
  5. Everyone looks the same. Unless you do want to blend in, then follow trends!

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Every day I dress how I feel like when I wake up. Having trendy expensive pieces but feeling uninspired doesn’t solve the trick. Again, my style doesn’t form in a day or two. It’s formed throughout years of dressing myself, shopping by myself and feeling myself. Of course, visual inspiration is everwhere on social media now. So I do draw inspiration from that as well. Most of it is from a new piece of clothing that I’ve bought plus the emotion that I feel that day.

Thank you so much for reading. Do expect my LA Travel Diary up next, possibly tomorrow!

stay inspired | as always

An Trieu.

OUTFIT DETAILS: shawl: Topshop Boutique | bralette: Free People | shorts: American Apparel | sandals: Saint & Libertine | sunglasses: Ray-ban


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  1. Michaela says:

    Great tips and beautiful photography!!

  2. Amber says:

    Love this! I feel like we have similar styles and attitudes towards fashion trends. I probably would never wear just a bralette, but I love the idea of wearing one with a shawl.

  3. Malisa says:

    Very cute! Good tips for style as well!

  4. Faith jassam says:

    Girl I love your style and your blog! And absolutely adore that Free people bralette💕

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