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I was debating whether I should do a round-up all of my favorite outfit pairings of the year of 2017 for this blog post or a life reflecting kind of post this time knowing it would be my very last post of this year. It would be NYE’s day when this post goes live, so ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!.’ I hope whether you choose to stay in or go out, enjoy the night and have fun! I don’t have a set plan yet, so we will see. You can check my Insta-stories to see where I am up to, as always! I won’t be attending any parties or fancy dinners, so I definitely won’t dress up. No sparkles! I might do a red lip, wear something warm and comfortable for sure! I bought a green faux-suede A-line skirt at Zara last Friday thinking it might be cute paired with a simple white or black turtleneck or long-sleeve sweater. And you know what will top off the whole outfit? The over-the-knee boots. In case you missed my other blog post, you can see how I styled the new boots here. I feel like any mini skirts or shorter dresses will look bomb with the high boots.

So as always, stay in the know for what I am up to on my insta-stories!

To me, sexiness is not about how much skin one shows, but it is about the confidence! Wearing things that I absolutely love and know that they are well-made and fit my body well is a way of me expressing my inner confidence. And of course, the hair and make-up are extra things you can to change how you look, externally, together with the outfit. I truly believe that that way you look has a lot to do with the way you feel, and vice versa. So put on your best fit, smile, and walk with your head held high! There are, however, 4 parts of a woman that I think once shown tastefully can be very sexy. They are the shoulder (showing the collarbone) when wearing an off-the-shoulder top or tube top, the back when wearing a backless top or dress, the mid-riff when wearing a crop-top and high-waisted bottoms (not showing the belly-button), and the mid-thighs when wearing thigh-high or over-the-knee boots with short bottoms. There is a very fine line between things being too short or too long, so again, the fit and the tailoring are very important here.

Wearing sheer things with the right under-garments is my other favorite way to show off some skin without being over-exposed! I have styled this sheer bodysuit you in this post before, styled differently, of course, so click here. In that post, I layered it underneath a thin strap and backless mini dress. I did not wear a bra since the dress was pretty revealing. If you plan to utilize the same pairing trick, I’d definitely recommend you getting some nippie tapes or a bralette like how I wore here. I love the sheer bodysuit a lot since it is made from a very high-quality sheer fabric that makes me feel good every time I put it on. It is currently on sale, so get yours asap, links below, before it’s sold out. Everything else you see in this outfit, you have probably seen me style them in different pairings before,


the sheer bodysuit: Aritzia (it’s currently on sale, here) and love this Free People one, here

the bralette: Urban Outfitters here

the jeans: Everlane here (I have a blog post review these jeans, here!)

the coat: Soia & Kyo (old, bought on sale 3 years ago at Nordstrom Rack)

the sock boots: Zara (bought on sale last year)

the belt: Banana Republic (old, similar one here)


Thank you so much for an amazing year!



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  1. Yana says:

    I totally agree with you regarding being sexy. Being confident is definitely one of the main things that makes a person feel sexy. Love this sheer top. You look amazing! 🙂

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