Linen Dress & Spring Must-have Accessories

Happy hump day, everyone!

Have you noticed anything different? I’ve had a haircut recently, and I feel healthier and better than ever before. My last haircut was about 8 months ago, and I really need to chop off the dead ends of my hair since they got so damaged and uneven. I went for a little pass my collar bones and thought it suit my big head quite well. I need to really learn how to style it differently than just curling it now, please send help! Let me know if you like my new hair look! I might go even shorter or add some light pieces once summer is here, so we will see!

Per popular requests, I am posting this linen dress outfit details and sharing a little bit more about each piece that I am wearing. Hope your day has been amazing so far! I’ve had a late start of work today since I work 10 hour shift Monday to Thursday. It is tiring, but I’d gladly take that Friday off to sleep in and catch up with things that I don’t get to do during the weekdays, such as: laundry, cleaning the apartment, shopping, and planning for outfits to shoot on the weekend. As announced on my Insta-stories, I will have to push the sneaker review post a bit later than expected, but I will try to have it up very soon for you guys. Meanwhile, have fun shopping as I will leave a lot of shopping links at the end of this post to shop my outfit.

The linen dress: I bought this dress at Zara last weekend without trying it on. I knew it would be a bit loose on me right off when it’s on the hanger, but that was what I was hoping the fit to be anyways. I love the exposed dark brown button across the front. Anything with buttons are very trendy this season, and linen pieces are also very in! I love that this dress is made from 100% linen which means it is made from natural fibers (flax plant), the most ideal type of fabric for the warm/hot weather. It just screams vacation and the beach to me. I love how it is cinched in around the waist, not too big nor too loose, hits me above the kneecaps, and has slightly puffed sleeves. And the best part is, it is only $49.  If you live in Seattle, definitely check out the West Lake one, they still have a few sizes left in the back of the shop, first floor!

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The accessories:

The Lock necklace: I love that this necklace from Mejuri is long, and its length is adjustable. The bigger chain definitely is what I have not seen a lot in the market, and the Lock detailing absolutely adds a unique touch to this piece. I love wearing it long and let it peeking out occasionally from the collar. In case you don’t know, I have just posted a super detailed Brand Focus post, reviewing the brand Mejuri and featured this Lock necklace, so definitely go read it here if you haven’t already!

The earrings: These ones are loud. They dangle as I walk. But I love them! I love that the colors are neutral, white, silver, and gold. They add an instant modern and cool touch to my entire look. It’s all about the details, you know! I have also linked a bunch of other alternatives below, so check them out! These earrings are only $13! ASOS has so many cute options at the moment, so definitely check the out as I’ve linked some of my favorites below.

The silk scarf: I bought this one about two years ago at Banana Republic for less than $9 I remembered. I always love the idea of wearing it as a headscarf or neck-scarf but can never find a good outfit to rock it with. Perhaps, jeans and a T-shirt will do the trick. Instead, I ended up tying it at the ring handle of the beloved Kozha Numbers bag, inspired by Madewell. It was funny that I instantly wanted to do the same thing when walking in Madewell and seeing their leather bags with scarves tied at the handles.

The bag: I’ve been wearing this bag out non-stop, especially on the weekends. It is so versatile, cute, feminine, yet structured and easy to carry around. I just put a bunch of lipsticks, keys, a powder compact, my wallet, and hair ties in a another small pouch that zips (bought at Daiso) and transfer that pouch from my work backpack to my weekender bag. It’s all about the efficiency and convenience these days.

The straw platform sandals: I immediately reached for these oldie but goodie straw low-platform sandals. I bought these at a local outlet when I used to live in Minnesota for like $10. I remembered they were at the 90% sale section with a red tag on top. Straw and linen are a pair of match-made-in-heaven this season.

The round sunglasses: I have worn these way too often ever since I’ve got them. I’d say it’s been good solid 3 years now. These are classic and durable pair of sunglasses that I reach for almost every time. They are so light and go with everything!




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I would totally switch out my Kozha Numbers bag for a straw bag at any moment. Good news! I’ve just placed an order for two straw bags, so I’m excited to style and wear them out this spring and summer season. I feel like black leather bags can feel a bit heavy and dark when styling spring and summer outfits. Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll catch up with you very soon!


DRESS: ZARA (waitlist online, but they are available in-store, so check your local Zara. If you are in Seattle, the Westlake location still has a few of them in the first floor.)

BAG: KOZHA NUMBERS (the mini safe with shoulder strap)

SILK SCARF (tied on bag): BANANA REPUBLIC (old, similar HERE. I’ve linked other cute options below)





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