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Roozengaarde Tulips in Full Bloom

Roozengaarde is a display flower garden and gift shop, established in 1985 by the Roozen family and Washing Bulb Company, Inc. Located in Mount Vernon, Skagit Valley in Washington, just about an hour and a half driving North from Seattle, Roozengaarde has about 25 acres of tulips and 22 acres of daffodils. You can be able to purchase fresh cut flowers and flowers in bulbs.

Opening hours: 9 AM- 7 PM.

Admission fee: $7, readmission is possible with hand stamp. Kids under 5: free.

Best time to visit: anytime in April, bright and early at opening hours (to avoid the crowd) or an hour before close (to get the beautiful sunset lighting.) I went there at around 11:30 am last Saturday (April 21), and the crowd was crazy plus the lighting was too harsh. We ended up driving north to Diablo lake and drove back around 6, perfect to get that sunset lighting. There were still a lot of tulips that had not bloomed, so no worry if you have not made a trip out there yet! Only they yellow daffodils were out. You can also get daily update of the field and the weather condition from their Facebook page.

What to wear: bring a light jacket as tulips love cool temperature and rain. Rubber boots are no longer recommended according to their Facebook page, but I recommend checking the weather as it will get muddy if it rains. I just wore normal clothes with sneakers.

There were signs warning people to stay on the main road only to the prevent the potential damage to the tulip bulbs, so be carefuL. I only walked between rows a few steps and quickly ran out. Tips to take these photos were to tell your photographer to shoot with a longer lens and standing a bit further from you. Take it from a lower angle and see the direction of the sun! Kids have perfect height for these tulip photos, so kneel down or put your face near the flowers. They smelled really good, too! Yellow tulips were my favorite! They were so plump and full-looking, also they looked super bright and happy in the sun. Red tulips were also very big, but the color was way too bright that it hurt the eyes, hah. Regardless, it was well worth the drive, and of course, I had a great time at the field. Enjoy the photos!

Just off the main area of the tulips where it got the most crowd, we saw the yellow and white daffodils that were at their later stages and no one was nearby. The sun was setting directly at where the white daffodils were, and of course, we had to take advantage of it. They looked a lot fuller than the tulips and just stunning in their own way!

Spring in Seattle is definitely my favorite with so many flowers blooming everywhere! I hope that these would urge you to make a trip out to a flower field nearby in celebration of spring. Earth day was yesterday, but I also hope that Earth day should be every day. I know in some other places, snow is still on the ground. If there is no flower fields nearby, you can definitely use that as an excuse to visit other states, like Washington, and keep this time of the year in mind and visit cherry blossoms or tulips. I feel blessed to have made this move out from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest. Thank you so much for reading and visiting the blog! Stay productive and hope you’re having a fantastic day so far!

Did you catch cherry blossoms from the Quad featured on my blog a couple of weeks ago? I have a blog post here.

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Photos by: Toan Chu Photography

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8 responses to “Roozengaarde Tulips in Full Bloom”

  1. sara nena says:

    tulips are one of my fav flowers…sooooo cool, and all these colours…woooow

  2. Anung says:

    Now I need to add this to my list of places to visit.

  3. Emma says:

    These photos of you are gorgeous! And the tulip fields are my favorite spring event!

    xo, emma

    • antrieu says:

      I saw the tulips on you Instagram and freaked out last month! So glad that they will still be good until end of this month!

  4. Giulia says:

    Gorgeous pics! Visiting the tulip festival is such a great spring activity!

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