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Happy Sunday!

Today’s outfit pairing (yes, finally!) includes a few current and old favorites of mine. As always, I always reach for solid and clean cut pieces, basic, classic, and will not go out of style in a few years once i look back (well, at least I hope so!). I wore this outfit out last weekend, just walking the streets in downtown, shooting, and enjoying such nice sunny weather. Spring is here, full force, and I have been feeling super recharged and refresh. All thanks to the sun!

I have always been obsessed with styling dressy pieces and dressing them down and vice versa. I don’t have a strict goal in dressing or styling anything as fashion is fun. Wear whatever you feel good and comfortable in, wear it with attitude, and walk out with confidence. I think that is the best advice. This Everlane short-sleeve shirt with a notch collar detailing is a strong example, in this case.

Huh? What is a notch collar?

Notch collar is a style of collar that typically is a folded lapel, attached to each side of the collar portion. And of course, it fits around the neck, hence, collar! A notch often is referred to as the V-shaped cut out section that accents each of the lapel (see you clearly see the V-shaped cut out in some of the photos below).

Why notch collar?

I am unsure of the origin of this specific collar style, but it is well-known and most often seen on formal wears such as sport jackets, suits, and coats. I used to work at my aunt’s tailoring shops and that was how I knew of this type of collar and how it’s supposed to look like. We often don’t alter or mess with the collar too much unless someone is willing to pay a big chunk of money to get this type of collar fixed.

Notch collar, when destructed or opened inside out, has fusible interfacing synthetic material that bonds to the inside of the collar when ironed in. I hope this doesn’t sound too technical or boring, but the basic is that the collar has to look and feel stiff enough so that the edges of the lapel/collar will not curl under. Hence, denser types of fabric or more expensive fabric are often more preferred when constructing pieces that have notch collars. And if you have not noticed by now, laboratory coats (my daily lab wear/uniform) and Doctor’s white coats also feature that classic notch collar detail. Well, some hotel housekeeping uniforms also opt for this type of collared shirt, made out of cheaper material of course, but it aims for the similar purpose: to add a formal touch to an outfit.How to style a notch collar piece, or specifically, how I style this Everlane notch collared shirt?

I love notch collar everything. Everlane just happens to release a range of notch collar shirts, short sleeves, slightly cropped length and loser fit, in linen (which I am wearing in this post) and silk in both stripes and solid colors which are perfect for the spring and summer time. Here I have worn it with my cut out white mini skirt and a pair of white V-cut heels. For some reasons, white colored pieces pair super well with linen pieces. I think there is a reason why it is seen so often on the streets in the spring and summer reason is because it screams ‘vacation vibe’ or ‘beach mode.’ Well, at least with fashion we can wear it out and imagine that we are somewhere near the beach, I am sure we all have been there and done that!Needless to say, anything linen is super on-trend this season, oh and lots of buttons too! It is funny that my boyfriend calls this shirt ‘a hotel housekeeping’ shirt. I mean he is not wrong. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, a notch collar detailing is often used to add a touch of formality to any outfits, just a touch. There is a lot to do with the fabric type too!


You have probably noticed that I am wearing my beloved mini Elliot black bag from Proenza Schouler again. The skirt from Guess is not new either. I bought it at the Opitz outlet on sale for $10 back when I lived in Minnesota, and it used to be a midi-length. I love that it has exposed embellished white button in front which you don’t see here since the shirt covers it already, its high waist, and how it’s so stretchy!

Last month, I ended up chopping off a good 5 or 6 inches off its bottom and turned it into a longer mini-skirt leaving the hem un-hemmed/raw. I used to work at my aunts tailoring shop, so I knew that people often halved their clothes with a pair of scissors leaving the hem unfinished, walked or ripped them further, and then would bring them to us asking for them to be fixed and hemmed professionally. It is funny that it is okay to do it now! To just use a pair of scissors and half off out clothes. The best example is the raw hemmed on denim. Don’t do that with your dress-pants or dresses, please! And my last old favorite, worn in this post, is my V-cut white heels from Vagabond. I wear them way too often since they fit so good, look cool, and are comfortable. In case you are wondering, I am 7-7.5 in shoes and wearing size 7.

And what else new? Have you noticed? They are my new Gigi x Vogue Eyewear cat eye sunglasses. What do you think about them? I have been thinking about returning them since they are too small for my face. I don’t know who or how people can rock those skinny sunglasses trend and make them look so cool on, perhaps they only look good in photos (honestly!), especially if sat in the middle of the eye level and the tip of the nose. I love that they feel super light and comfortable on, so we will see! I have also put in an order for the most sought after cat eye Le Specs ones, so I will update you on those once I get them in the mail. Stay tuned on my Insta-stories and give me a follow on Instagram if you have not already!

Hope you’ve liked this casual yet classy outfit pairing. Let me know what you are up to this weekend, enjoy the sunny Sunday and have a fantastic week ahead!


LINEN NOTCH SHIRT: EVERLANE sold out color but the linen striped ones are available HERE | SKIRT: GUESS old but similar HERE | HEELS: VAGABOND via URBAN OUTFITTERS | BAG: PROENZA SCHOULER | STAR SIGNET RING: MEJURI (gifted by the brand)

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