Sunny Dip & Daisy

Ever since I posted this photo and this photo on my Instagram, I have been getting so many questions about the location as to where they were shot at. It was actually a pedestrian bridge located in the Elliot Bay area in Seattle. We had to pull the car and temporarily park near the train tracks right beneath the bridge, quickly take some photos, and left. Its unique twisty shape plus the sun was beaming through made this shoot a lot more fun and different.

I did some Google searches for pedestrian bridges in Seattle, pulled up the image tab, and this bridge appeared. It’s called the Helix Pedestrian Bridge, owned by Amgen Corporation. It was commissioned and designed by KPFF whose provided the structural design of this international award-winning bridge. It’s 420-foot long and serves as a gateway to Amgen’s research campus. Its design reflects the helical DNA and refers to the vital research underway at Amgen. It does not only provides Amgen employees with a safe and convenient connection between public transportation and the research campus but also provides the public access to Elliot Bay Park. To me, it’s such an incredible piece of architecture that provides such unique backdrop for our outfit photo quest!

The title of this blog post is inspired by the name of the incredible Lack Of Color’s straw hat, called the Sunny Dip Fray Boater. I made a purchase of 2 hats, this one and the cream wool one which you can see, here or here. There is no better way to rock this straw hat tren is to bring it on any summer beachy vacations or hot weather places. It is slightly darker in color just like my Toko net bag that I got from Xinh & Co., so pairing it with darker colored clothes seem to work best! Tan colored things also go well with stark white or cream white colors as well. I was debating whether to style this hat with a white dress but changed out to shorts and daisy printed crop top option to fit with the lighting and this location. It was definitely one of my most asked locations on Instagram.


Stay tuned for more of Seattle Guide types of blog posts coming next week!

Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for reading!


floral tie crop: BRANDY MELVILLE

straw hat: LACK OF COLOR


sneakers: SUPERGA

belt: UNIQLO

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Photos by Toan Chu

An Trieu

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