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Hello! Happy Wednesday!

Today’s post is an exciting one, for me and might be for some of you. Per the title suggests, I am giving away some gift cards in celebration of me hitting 2k followers on Instagram a couple of days ago. If you’re here for the giveaway rules only, please feel free to scroll down to the end of this post. Good luck, y’all!

If you’re one of the longtime readers on my blog, I’ve shared with you guys many times before that numbers (followers, likes, comments, views, etc.) don’t really have a big impact on how I take blogging and social media. I don’t do this blogging thing for money either because if you ask any bloggers who start out blogging, no one really pays them to blog from the beginning. I have a full-time job aside from blogging to pay bills and living expenses and after years of overcoming and trying out many ways to afford to blog, I now can say that blogging is my other full-time job or side hustle or night and weekend job. I find the joy to create and share parts of my life and my fashion in passion through photography (with the help of my boyfriend who is the bee behind all of my photos!). In order to pursue this blogging journey and have content to post on Instagram every day, it is the two-person job, no kidding!

2k followers on Instagram are not a big number, why celebrate? Why giving away?

I do it just because I want to.

I want to remember that day after I just got out of the lab and checked my phone, the first thing I saw was my boyfriend’s text. ‘Your photo finally got re-posted by Anthro’ (referring to Anthropologie’s Instagram). I immediately shared it on my Insta-stories, and many of you DMed and congratulated. So that was really cool! That post really gave me that push to surpass the 2 thousand number that I had been waiting for. If you’re a blogger/Instagrammer trying to grow your own page organically like me (no apps nor tactics,  just sticking with consistent posting schedule and quality content), I’m sure you understand how hard it is to grow that number.

I want to say ‘thank you’ to you guys for sticking around. Thanks for many likes, comments, DMs, suggestions, and advice whenever I’m in need. I have also had a few chances to meet up for coffee and brunch with a few other fellow bloggers and Instagrammers, and we’ve connected and stayed close ever since. I thought that’s a really cool unique experience. I get to collaborate with so many amazing brands also thanks to you guys for sticking around. Thanks for the follow! Thanks for the likes, comments, and DMs.

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This outfit was the one that got re-posted by Anthropologie’s Instagram: North Carolina, San Diego, and their main account.  I wore the jumpsuits from Anthropologie (of course) with my favorite Mango red block heels that i bought on sale in the fall of last year. I played with the pink and red coloring pairing (this year’s most sought-after color pairing) since the jumpsuits’ color was not too red nor too pink. I love how the red block heels give the outfit a nice color contrast. Of course, I had to finish the look with my Kozha Numbers bag and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses from Le Specs. I forgot the name of the winery, but it was super closed by Chateau Ste Michelle, another super popular winery located in Woodinville. I highly recommend you guys making a trip there as it is such a nice area to spend the day at and is not too far from Seattle.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Jumpsuits: Anthropologie | bag: Kozha Numbers | block heels: Mango (style sold out) | sunglasses: Le Specs


PRIZE: two $25 Sephora e-giftcards

(90% voted for a Sephora giftcards vs. a Starbucks one on my Insta-stories. Thanks for voting! I was going to do one bigger Sephora prize, but there were so many of you who participated in the poll, so I thought it would be nice to split up the prize!)


1. Must follow me on Instagram (@antrieu)

2. Please give one of my latest photos on my Instagram feed a ‘like’

3. And leave a comment under the photo you’ve ‘liked’, tagging 1 Instagram friend of yours or anyone you’d like.

And that’s it!

This giveaway ends at 10 pm Thursday, August 2. Limit one entry per Instagram user. I will pick out two winners on my Insta-stories and tag/message you. Since these are e-giftcard prizes, the giveaway is open for everyone and internationally. I know these are small prizes, but $25 is a good enough starting point for you to get any starter kits, travel size, or even a full-sized product from Sephora. I’ve included a few ideas below. Good luck!

Thanks for 2k and counting!

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