The Big Wool Scarf

When I travel to new cities, some of my favorite places that are great for photos are art museums, sculpture gardens, and city capitols. I always gravitate towards big white/granite walls, balcony area and windows with softer indirect sunlight, staircases or the actual artworks themselves as the backgrounds for my photos. Imagine endless possibilities for light play, proportions, and perspectives. The tip is to make sure you give yourself some time to walk around, pay attention to things around and let them inspire you. Try taking photos of your objects at different angles, take a few steps back, kneel down or shoot it from above.

Photos you see here were shot at the Seattle Art Museum (commonly known as “SAM”). SAM is an art museum that maintains three major facilities in Seattle, of course, its main museum in downtown; the Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM) in Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill (I’ve shot an outfit here before!), and the open Olympic Sculpture Park on the central Seattle waterfront.

For some more architecture+fashion inspirations, find links to a few of my older posts at the end of this post.

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One of my favorite ways to keep myself warm apart from a good coat is to drape over the shoulder with a warm thick wool scarf. I would totally recommend this Aritzia one for any kinds of scarves out there. First of all, it’s a classic solid camel color, easily paired with any neutral basic items that you have in your closet. Secondly, it’s made from 100% wool material, so it truly is great for keeping you warm. The big rectangular shape is so versatile as it can be worn draped over the shoulder, around the neck, or in a blanket style, etc. And you know what makes this even more special? Its dual toned colors, one side is darker camel and one is lighter, so it adds dynamics and movements even when worn casually over the shoulder as you can see here.

I kinda have a love-hate relationship with Aritzia though. They have really good basics and quality that last, but their return policy needs to be improved. I don’t mind spending a bit more money on things I know I will get the style and quality, especially on brands that I love. I bought a few things at the ‘sale’ Aritzia store right across from the ‘original’ Aritzia in Bellevue mall couple weeks ago. Little did I know that all sale items were final sales. I was kinda mad knowing that such brand like Aritzia had such strict return policy. Now I’m stuck with something that I won’t probably ever wear and end up not-liking Aritzia as a brand. I haven’t stopped by their shops ever since. In my opinion, shopping at stores that have open/easy return policy is always more preferable, and that is what sets them apart from others. Think of how Amazon does 2-day shipping, IKEA has 365-day return policy or even Costco that is very well-known for their easy return policy. I know fashion is a fast-selling type of business, and stores don’t like to have inventory or take back things that aren’t ‘fast-selling’ anymore. I’d be happy to get store credit, you know! So having their customers turned away from a brand versus losing a few bucks is something brands need to reconsider.

Just a thought!


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scarf: Aritzia, here

lace-up sweater: Jcrew, similar here

jeans: American Apparel, similar and favorite from Topshop here and Everlane here

aviator jacket: Topshop, bought 2 years ago, similar here and here

sneaker: Converse hi-top, here

bag: Proenza Schouler, here


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