10 Dressing Tips to Combat the Heatwave!

If you were one of those lucky Pacific Northwest coasters like me, you probably don’t have to worry (not so much!) about dressing for the super hot and humid weather. I lived in the Midwest, specifically Minnesota for about 7 years and Vietnam, a tropical South Eastern country growing up, heatwave was what I had to deal with. I remembered riding my motorcycle to school (yup, in Vietnam, we each own a motorcycle just like how we own a car here in the U.S) and had to wear a mask, a helmet, a jacket, socks, etc. Basically, we had to cover our entire body with something otherwise we would be covered in dirt. I’ve heard people from California are also currently struggling with the 100+F weather every day of this month. It’s funny that we spend all year praying for a heatwave to come, and when it happens, we’re thrown. So what to wear to work that looks smart but won’t make you pass out on the bus or while walking? How to get through everyday life without melting? Well, I have some answers for you.


I love off-the-shoulder everything! Shoulders are the sexiest parts of a women body in my opinion. Urban Outfitters has so many great summery options, from off-the-shoulder (yellow dress outfit), to strappy and completely bare ones like the tube top outfit below.


Linen is a textile that is made from the fibers of the flax plants. Its cool to the touch and breathable characteristics make linen one of the best summer suiting fabrics, unlike cotton. Cotton soaks up the sweat and leaves heavy odors if one doesn’t wash it right away. When shopping for linen pieces, I tend to go for a size bigger in tops since linen fabric is subjected to its initial shrinkage. Dresses like the one I’m wearing in the photos right below, I tend not to throw it them in the wash but rather leaving them to the professional dry-cleaners. For days that I need some quick refreshing wash, I just hand-wash, let them air-dry, and lightly steam them to get some wrinkles out. I’ve found that repeatedly fold or iron linen pieces would cause breakage, and I’ve damaged many linen pieces that way before.


As said earlier, I’d much prefer linen over cotton in the summertime. Well, there is an exception! Except for days that I just feel lazy and don’t really want to dress up. It’s not out there, and putting things that are so tight and unbreathable is the last thing I want to worry about. If then, I’d reach for a white T-shirt or some sort of casual graphics or vintage-like tees. My favorite place to go for has to be Brandy Melville. They have T-shirts ranging from $15 to less than $40, amazing, right?! The rainbow loose crop Tshirt below is my newest Brandy addition which I got for only $20. Urban Outfitters’ sale section is also a great place to search for cheap Tshirts. The Original Youth green Tshirt (worn in the second outfit) is one of my favorite, sold at Urban Outfitters. I love its dark green color (I’m pretty into this shade at the moment, can’t you tell from my Instagram feed?) and its bold pink words in the back. Don’t forget to check out Everlane. They do make a great variety of fits and affordable T-shirts, of course, cotton ones!


Again, my go-to place for affordable cute little summer tanks and crops is the one and only Brandy Melville. They’re cheap and cheerful and no doubt the most saught-after summer clothes of choice!


If you’re feeling daring and fancy all of the sudden, silk is here for the win, especially in the summer time. Silk is high maintenance and is very expensive. It is difficult to make a well-made garment since its fabric nature is so delicate. I’ve sewn and worked with silk before, so I know this for the fact. That is why I don’t mind paying a bit more for a silk piece, such as this amazing cherry wrap top and dress from Realisation Par, a very Insta-famous brand from Australia. Their pieces are made and shipped from Hong Kong (China) which made senses since China is well-known for their silk history and manufacturing. Everlane offers lots of silk options with better price tags than many brands out there, hands down! My most favorite brand, however, when it comes to good silk garment has got to be the French brand, Equipment. I got the green Equipment silk shirt about 3 years ago for $40, and it is still by far my best silk shirt that I’ve ever owned to date. Its fabric is a lot thicker than normal silk shirts I see and doesn’t wrinkle as much at all. Equipment sells their silk shirts in the $2-300 range which made total sense. But I’m just too poor to afford original prices anyways, so I’ll keep hunting for sale stuff with designer quality, as always!


Shirtdresses are no-brainers for me! They’re easy to wear and style. Just add a pair of cute sandals, your favorite bag, and out the door we go!


Bodysuits with the low scoop back racerback are my favorites, sexy yet not too revealing. I love pairing them with denim shorts and skirts, styling them up or down, day or night. The only downside is that they are not so restroom-friendly! Free People or Urban Outfitters are my favorite two places to go, and as always, don’t forget to check their sale sections!


To block off those UV rays! I get a headache if my head doesn’t get any shield from the sun, so a hat is always by my side, especially when I’m on vacations. Lack Of Color, anther Insta-famous brand that does amazing quality and fashionable hats that I 1000% recommend! Brixton is also a well-known brand (sold at Urban Outfitters) that is worth to check out as well.


My go-to failed safe outfit combo of all time, all summer long baby!



I love the look of overalls anb boilersuits. For the summer, opt for thinner breathable fabrics.

What are your tips for dressing to combat the summer heat and your favorite outfit that I’ve shared above? Share them below!


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Thanks for reading and stay cool this summer!

Also, feel free to let me know if you have any questions! Anything!

Photos by: Toan Chu

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