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‘Why I Travel’ Inspired by COTOPAXI Allpa 42L Travel Pack Launch

My first ever Cotopaxi encounter was about two years ago when I needed a wind jacket to wear in the summer on hikes. The Cotopaxi Teca Half-zip Windbreaker caught my eyes because I love the idea of a unisex half-zip jacket with a hood made from 100% remnant fabric. The different and unique color panels definitely make them stand out for many others, so I got one for myself and one in a different color for my bf to match.

Fast forward to November (just last month), Cotopaxi sent out emails and mails announcing their pop-up in University Village, and I couldn’t be more excited because I had always been a big fan. I stopped by to pick up a free water bottle and pet the llamas that they had out for the opening weekend. In addition, I also signed up to receive the Allpa 42L Travel Pack without thinking I would ever get accepted. Shortly after, I got the pack in the mail, and it was seriously so stunning and I did not expect that at all.

This post is not sponsored. The Allpa 42L Travel Pack was sent to me in an exchange of social posts on Instagram. Cotopaxi does not know that I write this blog post, but this post is inspired by their campaign idea: ‘What does Adventure Travel mean to you? Why is it important to you?’


Cotopaxi (kōtōpä´ksē) is the name of an actual active stratovolcano in the Ecuadorian region of the Andes. Davis Smith founded the outdoor apparel and equipment brand Cotopaxi in 2014. #GearForGood

about the Allpa 42L Travel Pack


Price: $220

Special features, details here:

What I love about this 42L Travel Pack is that it can fit so much. It is functional, durable, and so chic because of the black on black. The four reinforced grab handles which allow me to wear as a backpack, grab and go, and they’re removable, too. There are a laptop and cord compartment which is located near my back. The main compartment opens up like a suitcase/book which has a shortcut zipper right in the middle. I also appreciate the mesh compartments and many pockets to hide my valuables as well as easy access to things whenever I need them.

As you can see from these photos, I definitely did not have enough stuff to fill up the pack for my two-day Thanksgiving weekend in Oregon. In reality, this is designed for 2-week long travels or those who travel the world.

I am 5ft5, and the 42L Travel Pack is definitely a bit big and heavy on my frame. But I am sure it will come in handy for long trips and many weeklong outdoors excursions.

Water bottle pocket on the right size that fits up to 3” bottle.
Love the Cotopaxi 42L matte black on black with a nice removable shoulder strap.
Harness strap system with two shoulder straps with padded removable hipbelt.
Ecola State Park, Oregon

“What does Adventure Travel mean to you? Why is it important to you?”

In the campaign brief, Cotopaxi mentions the reason why they create adventure gears is that they want to make a difference and inspire people to do good. They see their product as a vehicle to inspire adventure and move beyond the status quo. I am totally paraphrasing here, but I do hope to bring this beautiful message out to more people.

According to the U.S. based Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel may be any tourist activity, including two of the following three components: a physical activity, a cultural exchange or interaction and engagement with nature. As much as I want to be known for my style, my blog has gotten lots of love because of my travel content. I love nature and being outdoors as it feeds my soul and gives me a purpose to live life. Back when I used to live with my parents in Vietnam, traveling was a luxury thing.

My first ever trip was to Chicago by myself, and it was an interesting trip that I forever treasured. I have had many self-realizing moments, and all happened when I am away on a trip. Traveling to me used to feel like an escape, especially when I used to live in Minnesota when life felt like a bore. I was not doing anything that excited me, job after school was boring. Traveling has definitely inspired me to always say yes to opportunities and chase after my dreams.

I enjoy the rush, the hustle, and all of the unknown possibilities and beauty of adventure traveling. For my whole life, I never like to follow rules, and I don’t like being told what to do. I’d rather do my own research and go out there to explore the ‘uneaten path’ on my own and do my own things. It’s much more rewarding, and I treasure the connection that I get whether with a place or the people along the way. I’d much rather reserve traveling for leisure or relaxation for when I’m at a much older age. But for now, it’s much more satisfying if I work hard for the views.

The move to Seattle is really the start of my blogging career and all of the regular Hike Washington and Travel Diary content that you see since 2018. I am thankful for all that I’ve through and where I am now in life. And I don’t ever see myself stop traveling, or adventure traveling specifically.

I really hope this post has inspired you to get outside and travel. Take a look at the Allpa 42L Travel Pack and their other smaller sizes as I’m sure there is something for everyone. Their llama logo is the absolute cutest. I love the brand and what they stand for: Do Good.

Comment below your favorite adventure travel destination. Why do YOU travel and why is it important to YOU?

OUTFIT: fleece-lined fuzzy sweater: FJALLRAVEN in Taupe | hat: FJALLRAVEN in Dark Olive/Taupe | leggings: LULULEMON | boots: DR. MARTENS | bag: COTOPAXI 42L


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