Sheertex Opaque Tights Review

When Sheertex reaches out wanting to work with me on a blog post, I am immediately interested because something about the idea of transforming a bulletproof vest material into pantyhose really gets my attention. However, a pair of Sheertex tights can range from $59 to $99, quite expensive, so that is why I want to share with you my honest review about Sheertex, the brand, and their tights.

Disclaimer: The product featured in this blog post is gifted in exchange for a blog post review. This blog post is NOT sponsored, however, it may contain some affiliate links. This means I will make a small commission if you ever decide to buy any Sheertex products and use my code: AN10 for $10 your first purchase.

about Sheertex

Sheertex, previously known as Sheerly Genius, was founded by Katherine Homuth in 2017. They’re known for their ultra-strong knit technology that transforms bulletproof vests into pantyhose with products range from sheers, tights, socks, and accessories.

As claimed, Sheertex products contain Polyethelene, Nylon, and Spandex, and their Thigh Highs have silicon stay-ups on the sewn-in lace finish. 

My tights come rolled in this cute cylindrical packaging and a small sock-like tester.

Opaque Tights:

Available sizes with weight reference are: small (110 – 130 lbs), medium (130 – 155 lbs), large (155 – 185 lbs), x-large (185 – 230 lbs), and 2/3x-large (v230 – 305 lbs). They also come with 3 different height options: Short (4’11”-5’2″), Regular (5’3″-5’7″), and Tall (5’8″-6’1″).

In this post, I am wearing the Opaque Tights size small in the color Black and Regular. I’m 5ft5 and weigh 120lbs, so size small, their smallest size fits me well overall although I do wish they were a size smaller or tighter. These are hand-sewn in Canada and shipped directly from the manufacturer. Its opacity is 100 Denier, so they are on a thicker side and best for cold winter layering. “Denier” is the term for the thickness of the yarn used to make a pair of pantyhose, so the lower the deniers, the thinner they are.

FIRST IMPRESSION: My first impression when trying on these tights is that they are very stretchy and high-waisted. They are opaque with a coveted sleek matte finish with some shine at different lighting angles. The waistband is made from a different material than the tights. It is a thick band that goes past the smallest part of my waist. However, I’d prefer that over a thick band that is too tight and suffocatingly tight. There is plenty of room around the waist and length-wise.

Although they are pretty opaque, I would not wear them alone (you can see through my black underwear in some photos). These are tights and not leggings!

The main reason why I’ve picked out these Opaque Tights is that I need something like this to have for my cold winter wardrobe. I used to have a pair of tights from Free People but had to donate because they got too tight after a few washes. I love layering these kinds of tights underneath pants for warmth, and they come in handy for skiing or hiking trips in the winter. With a puffy jacket, a pair of long ankled warm socks and some trekking boots, I’m basically cold-proof on cold winter.

In case you’re wondering if I’d do any of those pulling, stretching, or breaking test, I will NOT attempt those tests any time. I’ve seen enough break tests and think they are just not realistic and terrible. Please don’t do that to your garment! And the moral of the story is: a pair of scissors will cut through, and heat will destroy these ‘indestructible’ tights. I’ve noticed there is a snag on the right side of the waistband that caused by my rugged nails with chipped polish. They are just stronger than regular tights, not made from some magical nor highly advanced material.

CARE TIPS: Since these are made from Polyethelene, Nylon, and Spandex, it’s understandable that these need extra care. Sheertex advises to hand wash and pull snags inward like how you’d pull a snag of a sweater. Avoid heat and when in doubt, wash in cold settings and let air dry.

use code AN10 for $10 off your first purchase with Sheertex
some gap at the waistband!

How I’d actually wear my Sheertex Opaque Tights:

Even though Winter in Seattle is pretty mild, and I don’t find the need to use an extra layer. I used to live in the cold midwest winter for years and really appreciated an extra layer from wearing tights. I used to just wear a pair of tights and a long sweater, just to lounge around the house. Now I find it’s convenient to have one of these tights around for any future outdoorsy adventure in the mountains or somewhere cold.

jeans: LEVI’S | shoes: CONVERSE | bra: EVERLANE

Below are some DMs that I got from you guys after seeing my Sheertex PR unboxing post on my IG stories:

“Yes!!! I’m so wary of them because for $80 I want a better “warranty” so to speak. My hue tights were $20 and lasted me for years- so I’d expect a lot more from Sheertex but their website didn’t inspire confidence. I’m excited to hear what you think.”
“I bought four pairs and they’re all horrible. They’re very straight and don’t hug curves at all. It creates a gap I’m the space under my butt instead of hugging the butt so it makes my butt super flat. I was so disappointed. They don’t do returns. They gave me store credit but I don’t need $170 in-store credit. I’m very old school and wear tights all the time so I was super excited about these too. I’m hoping you find the magic trick! I ordered two smalls and two mediums and had the same issue with both sizes.”

Are these worth $60?

I do agree with you that the return policies need to be revised, especially when it comes to such expensive products (compared to other competitive pantyhose brands out in the market right now!). If you prefer something more sheer or more shaping, Sheertex has these Classic Sheers or Shaping Sheers that might be worth checking out.

For me, these are worth $60 with the additional use of discounts and if free shipping is included. If you’re a frequent tights or pantyhose wearer, these might be worth a try because they definitely are much stronger than many tights out there in the market. I was actually nervous that this review would not be 100% positive. I tried on the Opaque Tights and was actually impressed by how thick they are and the fact that they do feel like a quality pair that I’d see myself having in my closet for a long time. Well, except the fact that there’s already a snag after wearing them once.

I hope this review is helpful, but feel free to leave YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH SHEERTEX in the comment section below. Would you buy from Sheertex and what would you pick up? I will come back and revise this review post in the future as I continue to wear my Opaque Tights more in the future. But for now, I do recommend Sheertex to everyone! If you’re interested in trying Sheertext products:

use code: AN10 for $10 off your first purchase!

And again, thanks for reading!


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  1. Zoe says:

    How do they feel when they’re on? I’m really sensitive to itchiness and stretchyness, so do they let you move and are they soft at all?

    • antrieu says:

      The knitted material is very thick, so they are not the stretchiest pair of tights I’ve ever tried on. But there is plenty of room to stretch, bend, and move around in them! Very comfortable for that reason! They’re not itchy, and I also have very sensitive skin.

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