25 Facts About Me!

Happy Spring! Spring brings change. Change in the scenery. Change in the air. Spring brings new beginnings and new growth, and I am so inspired and excited to bring lots more colors and exciting content to you guys! Ever since my move to Seattle, I have gained a lot more readerships and friends here on both of my blog and Instagram. I don’t think I have ever had any proper introductions before, so consider this as a little icebreaker for you to get to know me a little better. In the spirit of spring, I am sharing with you my ’25 Facts About Me!’ and my recent spring outfit shoot in front of a really big yellow flower bush in downtown Seattle.

1. My name is An Trieu, and my fully written name is Triệu Thuý An. Yup, in Vietnam, the first name goes last!

2. And you guessed it! I was born and raised in Vietnam.

3. I am the oldest sibling of 5.

4. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry. And I finished all of the prereqs and had my Bachelor’s just to get myself prepped for Pharm- school.

5. Blogging is not my full-time gig, and I am currently working in a research lab in downtown Seattle.

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6. I am 5ft5.

7. My shoe size is 7-7.5. Thanks to the Asian definition of beauty back then, the smaller the woman’s feet, the more attractive she is. I used to be shameful of having such big feet and squeezed my feet into size 6 shoes and lost my big toenails more than twice because of wearing shoes that were too small! But I stopped caring what people have to say for a long time!

8. Growing up my tan skin was made fun of many times, and many people used to call me out that I looked like a boy, especially when I had my hair pulled in a ponytail.

9. I have 2 tattoos, and I do plan on getting more in a near future. (Tattoo & piercing blog post is coming your way next week!)

10. I’ve got to admit that I am a messy person. I have lots of clothes laying around the apartment (as you can imagine!). I often change to make sure the outfit I wear that day matches with my mood that day otherwise that day is just meh!

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11. My favorite type of movies to watch is psychological horrors. But I’d love any movies with a good storyline to it as well as the acting!

12. I love plants. I’d rather be a plant parent that owning a pet. I think plants are slow maintenance although I’ve probably killed too many to count till this date. But don’t get too offended, I love animals but just cannot commit with such big responsibility to take care of an animal.

13. Besides fashion, beauty, and travel, I do have a deep passion for food. I’d totally become a food blogger if fashion and clothes weren’t my top ones.

14. I can eat noodles and soups all day every day!

15. I hate doing my hair. I either straighten or curl my hair almost the exact the same way every time. 

16. I am a daily coffee drinker, so yes, besides clothes, I’d die without it or at least won’t be able to function at my best.

17. I used to work at my aunt’s tailoring shop during my entire college years in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, so I did pick up sewing, tailoring and lots of the business skill side of it.

18. The majority of the money I make, I spend on clothes. Clothes are my collectibles. I love touching and feeling and seeing clothes and have lots of appreciation towards brands and designers behind them.

19. I am a true believer of second chances in life. I will give someone a second chance, only one more!

20. My boyfriend does all of my photos, well, like 95% of them. The other 5% is mine, taken from my iPhone! 😛

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21. To me, fashion is an equal part of the fun/experimental and an honest creative expression of one’s personality & feeling.

22. I am deeply in love with functional art and design. (functional art refers to aesthetic objects that serve utilitarian purposes. The genre is remarkably inclusive: it encompasses everything from furniture and lighting to dishes and even books. You can read more about that article, here!)

23. I am happy with my life and don’t think I have any regrets.

24. I don’t like being called or labeled as ‘influencers’ nor any ‘person of importance.’ I see myself more as a blogger (not an Instagrammer), and I feel like bloggers are eventually becoming sellers for brands. And that is not my ultimate goal of blogging. I love the process of creating, playing, and sharing with others that clothes and fashion do play an important part of anyone’s senses and outlook in life. It is meaningful!

25. Some quotes I’ve found on Tumblr that speaks to my philosophy of living.

We often want it so badly that we ruin it before it begins. Overthinking. Fantasizing. Imagining. Expecting. Worrying. Doubting. Just let it naturally evolve. — unknown
Attract them by the way you live. — Saint Augustine
So I don’t stress too much about things that I cannot control. No feelings are final. And whatever meant to be, let it be. I have found that if you love life, life will love you back![one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″][/one_half]
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dress | ZARA

V-cut heels | Vagabond Eve Heel via Urban Outfitters

trio hoop earrings | Mejuri

signet ring | Mejuri

matte-red lipstick | Too Faced in Lady Balls via Sephora

Thanks for reading! Hope you’ve learnt a few things about me. And of course, feel free to introduce yourself so that I can also get to know you a little better as well. Let’s be friends, shall we?!

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Photos shot in downtown Seattle by: Toan Chu


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