Ask Me Anything! Part 1

Hello! I’m back this week with a post to round up all of the Q&As submitted and answered via my Insta-stories. I will soon have this feature on my blog where you can submit your questions, and I’ll answer and have them on a page so everyone can view them at a later time too. Meanwhile, keep on reading to see what others have asked me:

@thesbang asks ‘What do you do for work right now?’

Day job, I work in a research lab at an HIV/cancer research organization in Seattle (trying to utilize my Chemistry/Biochemistry degree). Night and weekend job/s: I blog and do everything related to blogging, shopping, planning outfits and travels, shoot and collab with brands. Besides blogging and Instagram, I work as a style and creative editor and help re-branding a jewelry brand (local to Seattle) where I get paid and get to learn about the business side of the brand at the same time. I love to stay busy and get lots of things done!

@ozerbasak8 asks ‘How tall are you?’

I’m 5ft5 (almost) and ~ <165cm tall.

@travelingmcn asks ‘Where is the next place that you want to visit?’

Definitely, East coast at the end of summer or fall. Florida (beaches and sunshine) or New York (fall colors).

went to NY for the first time in 2016

Favorite places to shoot in Seattle?

(Sorry I didn’t tag your name here. If you’re the one that asked me this question, please DM me. I’ll credit you since Insta-stories expire in a day!)

There are so many places to name, to be honest with you. My boyfriend and I drive everywhere, especially on shoot days or weekends. We love finding little corners and neighborhood to shoot at and explore the food scene nearby. We always also like architectural buildings, such as museums, city capitols, or brightly lit spaces in downtown. Garages, in general, are great options to stay away from the crowd and have good lighting.

Read my first blog post about top 10 places to shoot in Seattle, here.

@rossaho asks ‘Best country you’ve traveled to and why?

In case you don’t know or haven’t read my 25 Facts About Me blog post, I was born and raised in Vietnam. The U.S is the only country abroad that I’ve been to. I’ve got my degree here and am now living and working here. I’d love to travel the world one day though. For now, there are still a lot more of the U.S to explore and see. I love its multicultural and diverse aspects of the food, geography, and the people I’ve met. I also love the freedom, endless opportunities to do things I want, and possibilities to achieve my goals.

@buddy_thepom asks: ‘Top 3 favorite outfits you’ve ever worn?’

To be honest with you, it’s difficult for me to pick out just 3. I love all of the finds and outfits/looks I’ve worn and put together. I can give you three outfits I’ve worn that I really like this summer though.




LEFT OUTFIT: cherry silk top: REALISATION PAR | jeans: GRLFRND DENIM | heels: JEFFREY CAMPBELL (style sold out)


RIGHT OUTFIT: dress: ZARA (sold out) | bag: KOZHA NUMBERS | heels: same as first outfit

@andbibi asks: ‘What inspires you the most when styling your outfits?’

I style my outfits around new clothing pieces that I’ve just bought. I’m picky, so I return lots of stuff after styling them for outfit shoots. New pieces that inspire new looks for me could just be a simple $16 T-shirt from Brandy Melville (nothing fancy or expensive). Most of the time though, it depends on how I feel that day. I change out 10 times in the morning to make sure I wear clothes that I FEEL that day if I have time in the morning. Otherwise, it’s a bad and uncomfortable day for me. I look up for the weather, think of where I’ll be, what I’ll be doing, and who I get to see that day to style my outfit. My closet consists of lots of basics, so it makes styling an outfit a lot easier I find.

@emilyplez asks: ‘If you could choose any jobs you want, what would it be?

Love your question! I knew from day 1 that I wanted to run my own fashion business making or creating cool things. I’ll leave it as that since I know it’s a long way there. There are still a lot to learn and talented people I have yet to meet. Now, I feel like I’m slowly building the foundation for that dream job, so that’s the first cool thing.

@steadycatalog asks: ‘Favorite hiking trail?

Angel’s Landing in Utah, no doubt! Every angle and every step were worth a shot. It was challenging yet totally do-able as I’m not afraid of height. And I did that hike in such perfect weather. Plus I got to witness my friends’ engagement, so that was super cool! [one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″][/one_half]

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@stylinfashionblog asks: ‘What are your favorite places to shop?’

In store: I like Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville (affordable and comfy/street clothes like casual T-shirts and dresses). I like looking at Totokaelo and local boutiques, such as Prism, Tides & Pine, Pipe & Row for some inspiration of what’s in and feel the fabrics. But I’d like to shop online since there are always better deals somewhere. The Nordstrom downtown is definitely my favorite place to shop for designers (Stuff that never goes on sale!). I like their customer service and their reward program. For online, I’m absolutely in love with Reformation, Everlane, and Outdoor Voices. I also love discovering new brands on Instagram as I can stalk brands and what people are wearing all day. Some brands that I’m currently obsessed with are: Paloma Wool, Posse, By Far, Loq, Toteme, Loeil, and the list goes on. I love theRealReal for consigning and buying secondhand designers. The stuff that I put on sale there are sold super quickly, and I love their customer service as well.

Consign your designer pieces with theRealReal, here.

@aikaslovecloset asks: ‘Favorite restaurant in Seattle?’

It is so hard for me to choose just one, so please excuse me! Refer to my Seattle City Guide for food recommendations if you’re interested. I’ve put a (*) next to my favorites, so read it here.[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″] asks: ‘Where do you draw inspiration from?’

Nature. Nature heals and soothes my soul. It opens my eyes up to the true definition of beauty and possibilities (cheesy but true!). I can just sit by the beach, breathe in the air, and let my mind wander. I love it!

I’m also inspired by art and design.

I search for inspirational words on the daily and save them to use them as captions for my Instagram photos. Words are powerful!

If you asked me who, I’d say it’s the people and their stories that really inspire me on the daily. I’m inspired by kind, talented yet humble people. People who don’t (braggy) talk a lot nor talk highly of themselves, those that live and care and lift up others. I’m aspired to be one day be able to help and inspire others like them (I’m fortunate to have known some!). I look up to them and use the way they live their lives as examples for me to live mine.

@duchessdrizzela asks: ‘Does living in a ‘casual dress’ city affect your fashion? (As a Seattleite, I battle this constantly.)

I’ve lived in Seattle for about 10 months now, and one definite conclusion is that Seattle is not a fashion city. People here dress like the Midwest, super casual in jeans and sweaters with some outdoor/technical styles mixed in. I occasionally bump into a stylish person when I’m in Nordstrom or downtown, but that’s it. Hippy type of dressers is seen more often around the Capitol Hill area. I make conscious choices in shopping such as: buying only basics and invest in designer pieces (even better if on sale), so regardless of where I live, the way other people dress doesn’t affect my style. I don’t follow trends, and most of the time you’ll find me in casual graphics or plain white T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. For weekends or events, I just need to make sure what I wear is classic, well-made, well-fitted, and is made from good quality material. Recently, I’ve been doing lots of outdoorsy stuff in and around Seattle, especially hiking, so that inspires me to research more outdoorsy and technical brands and invest in functional pieces that are suitable for both everyday dressing and outdoor activities. And I love it!

@nguyenxhongan asks: ‘Have you considered starting a Youtube channel?’

I had a Youtube channel before in case you didn’t know. It was embarrassing since my editing skill was limited. I didn’t have a good quality camera, so the video quality wasn’t the best either. But I knew I’d like to start it again one day! The reason why I did it was that I wanted to know and learn the process by myself, to see what it took to produce a video and upload it on Youtube. I learned that it takes a lot of work. A lot of talent. And a lot of planning. But I enjoyed the whole experience. Sooner or later, I’d like to acquire a team as I’d rather let someone who’s a lot more talented than me doing the filming and editing and make cool editorial videos. Now I can totally do it with my boyfriend’s help (he’s great with photos and videos, both filming and editing), but that will be a lot on him. And since we both have a full-time job and other projects we’re working on, so we will see.

Anyone wants to join me and make a team? A strong example is Violette’s Youtube channel. She’s working with a team of video editors and stylists where she’s the one that is in the video doing makeup on herself or others. I’d like to take that route but more like fashion and styling outfits.

@nouugy asks: ‘What is the best way to get comfortable in front of the camera?”

I was told to practice in front of the mirror to find the best angle and facial expressions that suits me best. But that never works for me. I hate me in selfies and don’t ever see me as a model. I suck at posing and cannot smile or laugh out loud, naturally. My best advice is to keep taking photos. My phone currently has nearly 15k photos as it’s a compilation of photos I take myself and photos of me from my boyfriend’s camera, my outfits and things. My point here is just taking lots of photos, and there is a good chance that you’ll like something. Make sure you communicate with your photographer or whoever takes your photos what you like and don’t like and go from there. Don’t be afraid or just laugh out loud (real laugh) or flirt with the camera. Again, this comes with practice. Practice does make perfect!

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Thanks for sending in your questions! I had lots of fun answering them!

I love Q&A sessions like this since I get to think more and be super throughout about answering questions. I hope you’ve learned a little more about me and thanks so much for stopping by my blog and made it this far. See you soon!style and senses signature stay inspired


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