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We took a full advantage of the nice weather and drove to the north and took the ferry to the west side (the next day), exploring areas that we had never been to before. I got a few Deception Pass suggestions from co-workers, so we ended up going there since it was not too far from Seattle. So a day trip to each location ended up work out perfectly.

Saturday, March 10: Deception Pass, Anacortes.

Anacortes is located on Fidalgo Island and is the destination point for the San Juans and International ferry runs for the state of Washington. It is just about an hour and a half from where we live, so we definitely will make our way up there once the tulips and whale watching are in season.

After an hour and a half driving, we arrived at the Anacortes City Park. It was just one of the drive-able trail loop that wasn’t too far away from Deception Pass bridge. We stopped by one of the viewpoints looking out to the beautiful blue sea water. [one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″][/one_half]

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dot ring: Bomalife

We then made our way to the bridge, were prepeared to hike, but ended up not to since we couldn’t find where the trail head and where it started. Parking at one of the lots was not free, and we needed to purchase the State and National Park pass. So we made our way down to the bridge with free street parking and just enjoyed the incredible view.[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″][/one_half]

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Make sure to go to the other side of the bridge!Sunday, March 11: Seattle to Bain Bridge.

We decided to take a ferry ride out to one of the islands, and Bainbridge, the largest island west of Seattle, happened to board at our convenient time. Free parking in downtown on Sunday, so we parked nearby and hoped on to the ferry departing from the Colman Dock! A ferry ticket was $8.50 per person, round trip! I have my Orca pass subsidized by my employee, but ferry rides weren’t included.

Enjoy the photos of Seattle skyline taken from our ferry ride!

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ear cuff: Mejuri – others: Treasure Imports (Etsy shop)

Late lunch at Bruciato, walkable distance from the ferry landing site. I ordered an octopus salad and a weird caper topping pizza. Ended up going for some crepes as dessert, so that overall was a nice food venturing experience in Bain Bridge. There were endless cute boutiques and stores to browse and shop your day away! I’d totally make a day trip out exploring other islands again!

all silver jewelery gifted by @bomalife

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a very interesting octopus salad

J’Aime les Crêpes- Nutella, strawberries & cream

The ice cream line was ridiculously long, so we opted for some authentic crepes instead. And those ended being the best crepe I’ve had for awhile. I thought it was cute that they had a school teacher letter written specifically sent to the shop. It went something like making crepes takes from 5 to 10 minutes which was a long time compared to serving ice cream (referring to the ice cream shop next door with the ridiculously long line), and with so many ingredients, a $10 crepe was very cheap.So eat crepes, guys! Funny how I saw a French family of 4 ordering only crepes with powdered sugar and no other fancy toppings. Someone, please tell me if it’s actually more authentic that way!?

the ferry’s motor making cool bubble effect with the water

The sun quickly went down, and it’s time to head home! We caught the ferry back home at almost the perfect time without any wait! It was quit ewindy and cold up there though! The Seattle skyline views were absolutely incredible and iconic!

OUTFIT DETAILS (I did end up wearing the same outfit on both days, hah!):

leggings | Outdoor Voices

leather jacket | AllSaints via Nordstrom

shoes: Nike

turtleneck sweater | Nordstrom

silver jewelry worn throughout (Love bar necklace, earrings, and ring): Bomalife

gold ear cuff | Mejuri

Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos. Thanks for reading and have a productive day!

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