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Happy 2021! I hope you all have had an awesome start to the new year and that you feel refreshed and motivated to tackle new things this year. In today’s post, I am sharing my favorite plant and flower shops in Seattle (and beyond, some in Minneapolis – Minnesota in Portland – Oregon in Pheonix, and Tucson in Arizona). You will also be able to shop my plant supplies like cute pots, grow lights, fertilizers, and more at the end of this post. Enjoy!

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Some common houseplants like snake plants or figs, I’d recommend Home Depot, Walmart, or Lowe’, but personally, I’d pay a little more to support local plant shops and nurseries.

1. The Plant Store Seattle, WA

White Center: 9636 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

The Plant Store is one of my favorite plant shop even though it’s such a trip every time here since I live north of Seattle. Miles, the owner, is the nicest and so knowledgable when it comes to plant care. He prices his plants and supplies very reasonable and do giveaway on his plant shop Instagram often. Definitely a personal favorite for me!

2. Peace Love and Happiness Club Seattle, WA

Fremont: 3427 Fremont Pl N, Seattle, WA 98103

Warning! You’d probably get greeted by a huge selection of very expensive rare plants when you first walk in Peace Love and Happiness Club. I always make an excuse to stop by when I get random plant buying urge. They also have a lot of common houseplant and pot options. I love it here!

3. Indoor Sun Shoppe Seattle, WA

Fremont: 160 N Canal St, Seattle, WA 98103

According to Shaun, the manager, Indoor Sun Shoppe specializes in indoor plants and lighting. I’ve never seeked out professional advice for lighting when it comes to plants, but I love browsing their plant selections here. Sun Shoppe is about a block away from Peace Love and Happiness, so I always stop by both!

4. Urban Earth Nursery Seattle, WA 

Fremont: 1051 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103

I have tried to stop by Urban Earth Nursery once couple months ago, but they never seem to be open. They have a nice houseplant selection inside the shop and a ton of outdoor ones out in there garden. It’s not too far away from Peace Love and Happiness Club and sun Shoppe, so make sure to check them out if you’re around.

5. Plant Shop Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Capitol Hill: 411 E Pine St Pickup Location: 1215 Seneca St

Plant Shop was the first-ever plant shop that I visited when I first moved to Seattle. I got my first Monstera deliciosa there, and that started me off on the right path with my plant journey. I still stop by often and do recommend you checking out Plant Shop.

6. Ravenna Gardens Seattle, WA

University Village: 2600 NE University Village St, Seattle, WA 98105

Ravenna Gardens has a smaller houseplant selection, but I always make an excuse to stop by when I’m out shopping in the University Village area. There are also nice options for outdoors and garden stuff including gifts, a little bit of everything for everyone.

7. Glasswing Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Address: 1525 Melrose Ave, Seattle, WA 98122; (206) 641-7646

Glasswing is one of my most favorite shops in Seattle when it comes to clothing, home, and plants included. I love their knowledgable staff and unique selections of designer brands. I go there for new-in clothing items and household inspiration all the time.

8. Urban Sprouts Renton, WA

Downtown Renton: 724 S 3rd St B, Renton, WA 98057

Urban Sprouts is a boutique plant shop located in Renton, about 12 miles south of Seattle. I think the display of plants, planters, and accessories here is neat and effective, one of the best in the Seattle area hands down. They host classes and offer a wide variety of common and rare houseplant selections.

9. Plant Envy Boutique Everette, WA

Address: 4610 Evergreen Way, 98203

The easiest way to find out about their rare plant new-in before visiting is to check Plant Envy’s Instagram. I’d message them or even ask to put down your plant wishlist because they do certainly take orders! They’re located in Everett, about 30 minutes drive from north of Seattle.

10. The Fernseed Tacoma, WA

Proctor: 2703 N. Proctor St. – houseplants, plant cutting bar, cute pottery and gifts

South Tacoma: 5243 South Tacoma Way – floral arrangements, stem bar, larger plants and pots

I’ve been to the Fernseed in Proctor once, and I’m obsessed. The shop is small but packs a bunch, and the interior is very IG-worthy. I love that they carry lots of common houseplants in smaller pot sizes as well as cuttings (both unrooted and rooted in water for sale), so it’s definitely beginner-friendly for those who are looking to start their collection. Their pots and planter selections are super cute and on-point.

10. Pistil Nursery Portland, OR

Address: 3811 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 and 2139 NW Raleigh St #108, Portland, OR 97210

Founded in 2001, Pistil Nursery is a women-led Portland based plant shop. They have lots of cute and trendy houseplant selection and supplies, priced very reasonably, and I have a handful of plants and pots from them. Pistil Nursery (both locations) are must-stops when you’re in Portland!

11. Arium Botanicals Portland, OR

Address: 2046 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212

I stopped by Arium once last year after following them for a while on Instagram. The shop is basically a stand-alone garage with parkings inside its own lot. They have a lot of plants priced very reasonably. Every plant offered is literally in perfect condition, and their staff is so friendly!

12. Mother Twin Cities, MN

Minneapolis: 2400 N. 2nd Street
St. Paul: 162 Dale Street N.

Mother plant shop does not do online plant sale, it still remains my most favorite plant shop in all of the plant shops that I’ve been to. Their Minneapolis shop has a lot of strange quirky cacti (cacti are my most favorite types of plants ever!) and some tropical plants as well as cute gifts. I always make an excuse to come here at least once every trip visiting my family in Minnesota.

13. Dig It Gardens Pheonix, AZ

Address: 3015 North 16th st., Pheonix, ZA 85016

Dig It Gardens offers the most diverse plant options in Phoenix, Arizona, out of all 4 plant shops that I stopped by during my trip last fall. I was looking for some decent sized cacti to bring home on the plane, and I was able to pick two up from here before going to the airport. They have a good houseplant selections and are located super closed to the airport.

14. Pueblo Pheonix, AZ

Downtown Phoenix: 1025 Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Venice, CA: 1378 Main St, Venice, CA 90291

Pueblo, downtown Pheonix location, nails it with their planty vibe and variety of things available in their tiny shop from houseplants to gifts. Every corner I turn is IG-worthy!

B&B Cactus Farm, AZ


Nurseries aren’t much of a difference when it comes to what plant you’d find or prices. I’d make an excuse to stop by a nursery on a free Sunday or just walk around looking at plants.

1. Swanson Nursery Seattle, WA

Ballard: 9701 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Swanson Nursery is one of my most frequent plant places in Seattle because of their amazingly wide variety of plants. This place is huge, and there seems to always have people walking around taking care of plants and doing stuff. I love that they have a cafe in there as well as huge greenhouses and outdoor sections to walk around. They change out the store decoration and update inventory very often, so that makes shopping here super fun.

2. Sky Nursery Shoreline, WA

Address: 18528 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133

I go here a lot since I love north of Seattle. I love that they pick up on the houseplant popularity since COVID and have more new exciting inventory now. I go here for soils, trellis, as well as small plant

3. Molbak’s Garden + Home Woodinville, WA

Address: 13625 NE 175th St, Woodinville, WA 98072

Molbak’s is in Woodinville, a bit further off my way, but I’d always make an excuse to come here in the growing season. I’ve gotten a few very healthy plants in big pots here, and I just love browsing their houseplant and herb section. I feel like 2020 was the year for online plant shopping. I didn’t get much luck here compared to the previous year when it comes to trendy plants.

4. Green Things Tucson, AZ

Address: 3384 E. River Rd. Tucson, AZ, 85718

It’s massive here, and make sure to walk all the way to the back where they grow and propagate things. It’s like an amusement park but smaller scale, definitely my most favorite nursery that I’ve ever been to. Staff here is also very friendly and helpful!

5. B & B Cactus Farm Tucson, AZ

Address: 11550 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85748

My experience at B&B Cactus Farm was such a dream. I got to talk to one of the growers about cacti and got helped by 3 staff members here. They have such an amazing selection of cacti of many different sizes and varieties. Highly recommend you stopping by if you’re in Tucson, Arizona.

Mother’s day bouquet gifted by FTD. Check out my IG post here!


1. Verde & Co. Seattle, WA

South Lake Union: 400 Fairview Ave N #103, Seattle, WA 98109

Verde & Co. is located in the 400 Fairview building in South Lake Union, my old stomping ground back when I first moved to Seattle. I got to work with them on an Instagram giveaway, and I absolutely loved my arrangement. Alanna is the new owner of Verde & Co. and is the nicest! Definitely stop by to pick up some P.F Candles or succulents if you’re in the area and get your custom arrangements for any occasion delivered to your loved ones, too!

2. Young Flowers Seattle, WA

Downtown Seattle: 607 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101

I’ve had a bouquet made here once before, and staff at Young Flowers was able to pull what they had in store and made my idea came to life. I loved the result and would highly recommend them for flower arrangements.

Gorgeous arrangement from Verde & Co.


Decorative Plant Pots

  1. Mid-Century Turned Wood Tabletop Planters – White (I have the Large one, 7 in diameter x 6 in height)
  2. Mid-Century Turned Wood Planters – Solid White (I have the Wide version, 14.2 in diameter x 11 in height)
  3. Mid-Century Turned Wood Planters – White & Gold (I have this one in the Tall version)
  4. Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Wallscape Planters (I have two white ones in 4 in and 6 in size)
  5. Ceramic Plant Pots with Drainage Hole and Saucer, set of 3 4+5.5+6.6 in
  6. Ceramic Planters with Drainage Hole & Saucer, set of 2 5.7 + 4.8 in

Plant Supplies

For potting soils and amendments, I generally just go to a local plant shop or nursery to pick them up. They’re heavy and bulky, so shipping can be pricy! Most of my local plant shops carry the E.B.Stone brand, and that’s the reason why. I do my own soil mix depending on what kind of plant I’m repotting anyway, so I don’t worry too much about the brands as long as my products are organic.


  1. E.B. Stone Organic Edna’s Best Potting Soil
  2. E.B. Stone Organics Earthworm Castings
  3. E.B. Stone Cactus & Succulent Mix
  4. E.B. Stone Organics Orchid Mix (for my hoyas)
  5. E.B. Stone Organics Volcanic Pumice
  6. E.B. Stone Organics Charcoal
  7. Uni-Gro Orchid Bark
  8. Coconut Coir Block of Soilless Media
  9. Spaghnum Moss
  10. Alaska Liquid Fish Fertilizer (I dilute this down a lot and water it with most of my tropical plants! Be careful because this stuff is strong and smelly!)
  11. Espoma Liquid Plant Food, Natural & Organic Succulent & Cactus Plant Food
  12. Neem Oil
  1. Watering Can Indoor Small Stainless Steel Long Spout
  2. Ulta-fine Plant Mister – plastic
  3. VELCRO Garden Tape – I use this to tape/train the plants to grow upright on a pole.
  4. Propagation Test tube Wood Stand Rack of 3
  5. LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom, 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
  6. Bellingham C5371S The Bamboo Gardener Work Gloves
  1. Grow Lights (I have two)
  2. Extension Hanging Lantern Cord Cable, 2-Pack 20ft
  3. Kasa Smart HS103P3 Plug by TP-Link, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet – I use this to set timer for my grow lights. There’s an app that you can download and set up timer on there, super convenient.
  4. 6 ft. Green Colored Heavy Duty Sturdy Stakes
  5. Plant Prop 18 in. H x 1.50 in. W (I use this to stake up some of my small plants, works for smaller 4- 6 in pots)
  6. Black Iron Curved Plant Bracket (to hang my macrame plan hangers)

I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful! Feel free to comment below or DM me if you have any questions when it comes to plants and plant care. I’d love to help you get started on your planty journey! Stay healthy and happy new year!

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