November is quickly approaching its end, and my phone’s camera roll is also accumulating a lot more photos that I feel the need to share. While October was filled with many friends’ visits, this month, of course, because of Thanksgiving holiday, is a month of me really taking in every opportunity to live out life here in the west coast and feeling thankful for everything and everyone around and in my life. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my Insta-stories, you might recognize the photos that I’m going to share below. So here you go, this month’s recap:

Make sure to use the ‘command” and “_” or “+” to minimize or maximize your screen, to read my comments/captions better in each photo!

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Congrats on making it till the end of this lengthy post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through all of the comments and captions I’ve added in each photo. I know they’re iPhone quality with some added VSCO filter and grains, but I hope you liked it anyways! I really enjoy going through my phone’s camera roll, importing the photos and writing on them, and sharing them with you guys! I know that these will stay with me forever and are a part of my memories that I’m glad to share them with you!

This month of November has started out quite slow and then all of the sudden gotten so crazy in my job hunting process. It’s got me feeling all sorts of ways with lots of waiting and stalling, feeling hopeful and hopeless, sad and happy again, like a roller coaster ride without a stop. I know people take months and months to find the ‘it’ job, and the fact that I’m here for a little over 2 months isn’t that long. But I just can’t wait to finally have found one and start working. As of right now, I don’t want to say anything for sure that will happen, but all I want to say out loud is that I’m hopeful because I still see the potentials. I’m thankful for such an amazing boyfriend/partner-in-crime who has been so supportive and gone beyond what a normal human being would do to someone aka me. I’m thankful for so many good thoughts from friends and family at this transitional time. I thank God for giving me this life that I’m living in and being able to do things I want to do and dream of doing. And I thank you for following my life journey, reading my blog and sending encouraging messages!

Thank you for reading and being a part of this amazing life journey!