End of BEDS, Social Media vs. Real Life, and West Coast Living

End of BEDS

(BEDS- Blogging Evey Day of September)

Today marks the last day of September. It’s scarily insane to think that it’s the end of September and we have 1/4 of 2017 left. Fall is here in full force, and that means we all are going to run that ‘holiday’ marathon up until we realize that the year is over. 2018 is around the corner! With all means, I am excited for what to come as this year has been the most memorable for me thus far. I hope that it is or feels like one for you guys as well.

As I said in my Insta-stories last week, I explained reasons why I couldn’t be able to blog every day ever since I moved to Seattle. And it has been exactly two weeks living in the West coast. I had to prioritize my time and stayed focused on what needed to be done first before doing anything else. Hence, I had to postpone blogging and posting on Instagram. I will talk about it more in the next segment of this blog post.

So here I am, officially, marking the END OF BEDS.

Thoughts on Blogging every day: 95% of many bloggers, vloggers, or anyone who have their whole career set (that I know or have heard about) on social media, or as many like to call, ‘lucky to make money off social media,’ post or used to post every single day. It requires a lot of passion, late night and weekend working, consistently and daily. Ever since I decided to pick up blogging more seriously, I started to see the growth, very slowly but surely.

PROS: In the first half of September, I was really good at posting a blog post a day. It was fun to plan ahead the content and what I was going to write and post about the next day. It kept me busy, made me think I had a purpose or daily duty that I had to fulfill. And it was definitely satisfying seeing something was produced every day. Blogging every day made me realize the importance of planning for things ahead of time. I used to never write down anything, setting my planner up without completing the tasks, but that had to change since the blogging requires a constant and consistent content posted. I felt like I worked harder (even though I didn’t really get a paycheck writing my blog posts) and had more purpose to getting something produced. For example, I usually go shopping a few times a week to find deals or sale items. I then plan out outfits and go shoot on the weekends. Hunting for a good location to shoot an outfit is sometimes a challenge. And I shoot from 3 to 5 outfits every time on an average. After getting a few good photos edited, I have to plan out my blog post as to what I am going to write about and what needs to be up first. So I usually do the writing late night or sometimes even early in the morning. Not to mention I have Instagram posting on the daily to do. That’s a lot of work, but I love it. So it doesn’t really feel like working.

I shared my perspective on Blogging vs. Instagramming, HERE, if you want to read more about it.

 CONS: The past two weeks, I wasn’t able to blog at all and that saddened me somehow. It’s mainly because I had to prioritize my time in finding a job and in getting things for the apartment. There’s a lot of work to move out and get things started from zero. I felt like life was more than just boring and intimidating job hunting sessions. I found that I could at least relax when cooking. So I got a bunch of groceries and cooked. But deep down, I couldn’t wait until I got myself a job and started blogging regularly and producing daily content. It is the feeling of CREATING that I crave.

I will get back to regular posting and blog very soon, I promise.


The past weeks have been Fashion Weeks and I do watch what’s going on and have been posted on the Gram daily. I also hear this so often that with the rise of social media, especially the fashion industry and Instagram, it’s so easy for us to compare ourselves with others. People only choose to post the best photos up on their account. The best ‘filtered/touched’ photo out of a few hundred that they took per shoot, per event, per et cetera. Sometimes, it makes people forget that it’s okay to be imperfect, it’s okay to make mistakes and forget to LIVE LIFE.

I was reminded too many times in the past two weeks of no-posting and not staying active in the social media world how important it was to live in the moment. I learned to prioritize my time to mostly log-in to those job hunting sites, keeping the Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook tabes opened to their minimal. I complained here and there about the fact that it was quite boring for not posting and seeing those notifications all the time poping on my phone.

But it was alright!

I had so much more time to do things that a normal past me wouldn’t be able to do. I have been cooking a lot and found that it keeps my mind occupied. My boyfriend and I have to get things decorated and set up in the apartment to make it feel more HOMY. Of course, we have to start from zero, from buying bowls and plates, toilet paper, water, tables, and chairs. We just got our bed frame up and a bed finally assembled yesterday, so that was nice. I am blogging and sitting in an unofficial office corner since we had our desk and chair delivered and set up. I used to have to sit on the mattress doing things on the computer and fell asleep countless of times for years. It’s nice to finally have something that we call a STUDIO/OFFICE-AT-HOME slowly put together. We still need to get a sofa, a dining table, some plants and need a lot of decorations up as we go.

Fall is here in its full force. I see people posting fall outfits and amazing fall-new-ins and do get jealous a bit. Trust me, I haven’t bought anything things inspired by the new fall season. And if you know me, I’m a fall girl. I love turtlenecks. I love layering for falls. Coffee, chill, and cuddles are my absolute favorite things to do. And fall weather is just a perfect excuse and reason to live life, really! And I am fully aware of that. But for now, I have to stay patient.

Finding myself a job to survive is my current and absolute thing I need to do.

Other things can wait!


So despite the fact that I don’t have a lot of money and am jobless still, (it is depressing and sad at times!), I can confidently say that I am living the life I have always dreamt of living. I feel free. I can do things I want to do, and it’s much more easily accessible now.

I just got my driver license renewed couple days ago, updated from the state of Minnesota to the state of Washington, and it cost me $89 to do so. Heck! The lady at the DMV even told me it’s expensive but we all gotta pay. ‘It’s Seattle, a big city,” she said.

Rent, internet, electricity, and water, or everyday things are expensive here as you all are aware of.

For the past two weeks, I learned to really pay attention to the cost of things here. Seattle has Grocery Outlets, think of them like the T. J. Max or Marshalls to Nordstrom or higher end stores, but for food and groceries. Lots of things there are half as cheap compared to regular stores. They don’t have everything, but if I need a quick grocery and cheap pickup, then Grocery Outlet it is. We live so close to way too many Asian grocery markets, restaurants, and stores that I could only dream of when I was living in Minnesota. There is a gym right downstairs of our apartment, so that’s a blessing that I can go anytime of the day if I want. It’s less than 20 minutes drive to downtown of Seattle and another 10 more minutes to SEATAC. It’s not too far of a drive to so many amazing national and state parks either.

I don’t own a car anymore. And to many people who know me, that is a surprise. I am a goer and a doer. I drive and go everywhere. I thought I could easily take a train or a bus from where we lived to places I wanted to initially. But no, we live North of Seattle, and their trains don’t go all the way up here yet. But I have learned to plan out the day ahead. If I want to drive to take the car to do something. I would just go with my boyfriend in the morning and take his car. Then I just need to pick him up when he’s done with work. And we usually do all of the shopping online or pick up or look at things in stores after he’s done with work. So that works out nicely.

The big plus is that it’s a very short drive to National and State parks from here. Last weekend, we drove an hour up North to Lake 22 the past weekend when my best friend was over visiting the past weekend (photos will be up soon!). This spring, we drove 45 minutes East to hike the Rattlesnake Ledge, photos HERE. All I have to say is that it’s so amazing that we can get an equal part of city living and nature here.

With all that said and done, I feel like I’m learning to live life all over again. Baby steps!

I used to sit in my tiny room back in Minnesota and wished one day I could move out and started to live life. It’s not like I wasn’t living life back then, but I meant living life the way I wanted to and called it a dream. I can tell you that I am living my dream life out there. There is just something about living life in a bigger city that is more stimulating, awake, and inspiring. And I have craved that for years ago. It’s easier to get around places within a shorter distance here in Seattle. Even the air smells differently. I’m sure it’s all in my head, but I feel so free and refresh ever since I moved here.

We like companionship, see, but we can’t stand to be around people for very long. So we go get ourselves lost, come back for a while, then get the hell out again.

I left my family and all of my friends in Minnesota started life with zero friends out here on the West coast. As I said, Seattle is not the end of my road. But at least it feels right to have things started here and away from the Midwest. The Midwest is boring. And as the quote I’ve shared above, I think it’s important to keep our life balanced with everything. And the city that we live in does make a whole lot of a difference to both our physical and mental state. So make sure you choose where to live wisely, and if you feel the imbalance, get the hell out of there and start somewhere new. I know I will have to get myself out here more in order to get to where I want to be in life. But right now I’m happy with where I am. I am happy with the move. Although there are still a lot of things to learn and living here is costly, but I believe I will have it all figured out. And so will you!

stay inspired | as always

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