List of Things to Get Rid of to Feel Happy with Less

Are you constantly stressed about feeling like you have nothing to wear? Is your house/apartment full of craps, tacky decor, and knick-knacks (that you know they’re piling up but you just don’t know what to do)? Are you feeling like you’re steadily more broke from spending too much money buying all of the things your favorite bloggers are recommending? Do you feel stuck? Do you want to make a change? If you’ve said yes to all of the above questions (like me!), then it is time to do something about it!

“If you want a quality, act as if you already had it.” – William James

Inspired by the above quote and Youheum’s Minimalist Checklist here, I’m sharing my own version of the List of Things to Get Rid of to Feel Happy with Less, so feel free to screenshot, copy it down to your journal or create your own list if you’d like to check it off with me!

Things to Get Rid of to Feel Happy with Less:

  1. Toxic negative people (both online & irl)
  2. Clothes and shoes that you no longer see yourself wearing
  3. Substance use (alcohol, tobacco, drugs)
  4. Outdated accessories: hair ties, jewelry, hats, scarves, and bags.
  5. Dying houseplants
  6. Abandoned craft and hobby projects
  7. Packagings and boxes, materials that come in with online purchases that you don’t see using
  8. Decor, pens and stationery items that clutter up your space
  9. Old pushed-up bras and ripped undies
  10. Photos and sentimental things of your ex/es
  11. Extra unused beddings, suitcases, and luggage that take up huge space
  12. Old receipts
  13. Tacky interior decors and seasonal stuff
  14. Old electronic cables
  15. Expired medicine in cabinet, food in the fridge & freezer
  16. Old files in hard drive and Google drive
  17. Useless mobile apps, gaming apps, photo editing apps, shopping apps
  18. Duplicate and blurry photos/videos in your phone
  19. Magazines/comic books/DVDs/CDs
  20. Promotional stuff: ad-papers, catalogs, discount tickets
  21. Chipped cups, bowls, and plates.
  22. Old pots, pans & kitchen tools
  23. Any subscription or delivery services: food, makeup, wine, snacks, etc.

Negative Feelings & Emotions to Be Aware of & Seek Solutions:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Comparison
  3. Jealousy
  4. Fear of incapability, self-judgment, rejection,
  5. Feeling like a victim
  6. Feeling sorry for yourself
  7. Money mindset: rich vs. poor, spending vs. saving
  8. Worrying what others think of you
  9. Fear of the unknown
  10. Living in the past
  11. The need to be in control of everything
  12. Relying on others to make you feel happy and fulfilled
  13. Grudges

When you find yourself thinking negatively, pause and refocus. Focus on your senses.


(that I’ve found working out for me, and you should try as well!)

  1. Practice breathing
  2. Take a bath
  3. Pamper yourself: do your own makeup, paint your nails, put on a face mask
  4. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi or a facial/massage
  5. Write things down
  6. Text, call or meet up with friends
  7. Have a get-together or sleepover
  8. Pick up a hobby or learn something new
  9. Get active: going to the gym, rock-climbing, going for a walk, go swimming, go dancing, running, playing a sport
  10. It might also be a great time to get away or take a vacation that you’ve been pushing it off
  11. Start getting rid of things (list above!)

Don’t Get Rid of These Things:

(but try to use up, put away to storage, and improve on.)

  1. Pack unfinished books on trips to read on the plane
  2. Break down shipping boxes and recycle or reuse them
  3. Use up all single-use products (don’t throw away!): beauty, makeup, personal care products, plastic utensils and straws, foam cups, and paper plates
  4. Shred and recycle old copies of important documents and paperwork
  5. Sentimental things such as: thank you notes, postcards, envelopes, invites, stationary stuff, things you keep ‘just in case’ – either put them in storage or give away
  6. Finish burning candles and using up old bottles of perfumes before buying new ones
  7. Say no to free stuff at product shows, events, parades (T-shirts, gifts, stuffed animals, branded decor items, etc.)
  8. Take 10 minutes every day or a weekend to finish a home project
  9. Reiterate how thankful you are to be making enough money to live comfortably and save
  10. Figure out what you really want out of your life, not what others tell you to!

In short, there is always a way to improve your quality of life, so be ready to take actions and make changes. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to do this, just be conscious and have regular check in with yourself to figure out what you really want your life to be!

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” – Charles Swindoll


The Financial Diet Youtube channel


Read my previous blog post where I shared with you my 5 practical tips to SHOP LESS. Join me this month as I’m doing the low-shopping June and rewearing my clothes. Post your favorite outfits and tag me on Instagram @antrieu and use the #RewearRepeat, I’d love to repost and share your outfit on my Insta-stories! Scroll down to see my outfit photos!

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OUTFIT DETAILS: top: REFORMATION | jeans: AGOLDE | shoes: ZARA (Mango ones linked below) | bag: XINH & CO. (similar linked below, lots of cute options on Xinh’s website, here) | sunglasses: OLD CELINE (boutght at the Opitz Outlet in MN, similar below)

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: I’m wearing nothing new in this outfit, the same pair of Agolde jeans (the Riley in Zephyr), the same pair of Zara strappy heels, and the Reformation top that some of you might remember from last year.

Reformation has an almost identical one online currently, and the only difference is mine has super long shoulder straps that I have to knot them twice. Moreover, they also fall off so often, so I definitely recommend you guys to get the shorter strapped one. I’ve also gone for the Xinh & Co. straw bag and a pair of Celine sunnies to finish the look! It’s casual and comfy, pretty much what I’ve been living in lately!

Also, don’t forget to share your outfit and tag me on Instagram for a chance to be reposted on my IG-stories! Happy low-shopping June!


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Photos by Toan Chu Photography

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  1. Love this so much girl. The what to get rid of section really resonated with me — appreciate you sharing and inspiring. Glad to know another friend is doing a low buy / no buy month ahead. It’s going to be hard but oh so fulfilling! xo

    • antrieu says:

      Thanks Cortney! It’s only been the first week, and I’m so tempted to buy something already! Hopefully seeing your posts will also inspire me to keep going! 😛

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