April Favorites 2017

May is already here, so let’s dive in the favorites of last month!

⋅ one ⋅


If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I don’t own a lot of bags. Personally, I think women should invest in a quality designer bag or a pair of shoes. I’d much rather thrift for clothes or wear minimal accessories. So bags and shoes are my only accessories.

In April, I made one of the biggest purchases up to date, and it was the Gucci bag as you could see here! About two years ago, I bought my very first designer bag with my own money. It’s the Proenza Schouler’s mini Elliot bag that I’m sure you’re sick of seeing. This time, knowing that I needed something small and can be used for special occasions like weddings, Gucci got me good! Funny how it took me weeks and months of research and internet browsing, but a few seconds to decide on the purchase. I saw this bag at the corner of Nordstrom, and I knew right away that it was the one! Conveniently, the sale associate at Nordstrom told me that it was the last one in store, and nothing like it was available online either. It was destined to be mine!!!

I love every bit of it, from the two little stars right at the corners of the bag, the green/red Gucci’s signature stripe and the golden bee simply embroidered right in the center and front of the bag. I love how it comes with a detachable strap, so I can wear it as a clutch or cross-body bag however I’d like to. It pairs incredibly well with denim, black or white, or even gray like how I’ve styled it, here since it is in a brown GG canvas material.

dress: Topshop | sunglasses: Ray-ban – more about this outfit pairing: here.

⋅ two ⋅


On Easter weekend, after watching the trailer of GET OUT, my boyfriend and I decided that we had to watch. It’s so cool that my boyfriend and I have the same taste in almost everything, and he’s not scared of horror scary films either. Ah yes, GET OUT is a scary one, well, more like a psychological horror/thriller type. Trust me, it’s not that scary nor is one of those films that use cheap scare factors, loud noise, special effects to make you jump. I’d say GET OUT did make me jolt a little bit, and I had to hold on to my boyfriend’s arm the entire time.

The main character, Daniel Kaluuya, who played Chris put on an amazing performance. The entire time, I was trying to remember which movie he had been on but couldn’t remember. Later on, I recognized that he was in Black Mirror’s the second episode, called Fifteen Million Merits, that I had watched awhile back. I love Chris and his girlfriend’s chemistry, played by Allison Williams. I thought she was pretty good as well. My favorite, however, gotta be Betty Gabriel’s acting. Her emotionless teary close-up scene was breathlessly suspended. Howery played the comedian role, pretty funny! The only downside was the ending. It felt rushed and didn’t make sense. Nevertheless, GET OUT was an amazing movie, fully packed with great actings. just how I like it. You should definitely go watch it now since it won’t be in the theaters very long, and please let me know what you think of it!

⋅ three ⋅


His new album, DAMN., is undeniably good. I’m usually not a big fan of hiphop/rap, but some of his songs in this most recent album, for some reasons, were quite chill, preachy, and mood fitting with me this past month. And not to mention, his voice is “smooth and taut, weaving around synth swells and gated snares that bloom and fade without irony,” according to this article on npr.

My favorites are PRIDE, LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI, and HUMBLE.

⋅ four ⋅

THE NEW AMERICAN APPARELs (yes, not 1 but 2!)

Just kidding! I meant the 2 shops, with a similar aesthetic and vibe, and they reminded me of the big old but long gone American Apparel. They are, as I can proudly say, founded by young and inspiring women: Orseund Iris, founded by a 24-year-old Alana Johnson and based in New York, and The Line by K, founded by Karla Deras and based in Los Angeles. If you ever have a chance to glance at their website or their Instagram, you’ll see the similarities in their designs or aesthetic. Their designs consist of reformed basics and seasonless, such as the bodycon knit midi dress, an off-shoulder crop, or a satin silk PJ styled button down. You’ll probably notice the Tumblr, vintage, French-girl vibe, very feminist yet statement making from the brands. You can click on the images below, and they’ll lead you to their shops. I wish I got paid link these, but no… I genuinely admire the brands and the women behind them. So check them out if you’d like!

⋅ five ⋅


I’ve discovered Violette and her Youtube channel through a Fat Mascara’s most recent podcast episode.

Violette_fr is Violette’s Youtube handle name. I’m fangirling her so hard atm. You really should check her videos out, and you’ll see why I’m that obsessed. She’s that one girl next door, well, to be specific, that one French girl next door that everyone would love to be friend with ’cause she’s cool! I love the way she plays with pigments and makeup (watch the video that she did the makeup for Elle France). To her, her skincare is her foundation, and I love that! Recently, since my skin has been behaving due to this, I don’t wear as much foundation nor BB cream or anything of that nature anymore. I can’t even recall when was the last time I used eyeliner to draw in the car eyes. It’s all about the skin nowadays. After watching Violette’s vide, I have learned a few things. Natural hair and natural skin/face win. Always stay true to yourself, be different, and be genuine. Make art! Lastly, it’s a team effort to make a DREAM works. Well, I’m still on the hunt to find my dream team. 🙂

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have picked up a few inspirations from the things and people I have mentioned here.

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