December Favorites 2016

Hi everyone,

It’s time for December Favorites. Here are five things I’ve been loving this past month:


I have to mention the December road trip to 4 states in 3 days that I did with my boyfriend early December. If I’ve gotta pick 1 favorite from the entire trip, it has to be the Big Sur which includes the entire Californian coastal drive and the visit to Pfeiffer beach. Of course, I documented the entire trip, so read part 1, here, and part 2, here!Processed with VSCO with a6 preset S0278808 (1) S0178764 (1)·


Gone Girl: You might or might not know me by now that psychological thrillers/horrors are my favorite type of movies. My boyfriend and I watched the movie together over the New Year’s weekend. The movie was about this girl who went missing, and her husband was assumed to be the only suspect. There were so many twists and turns and unexpected mind-games. Ah, Ben Affleck played the hot husband role, FYI! You have to watch and see it for yourself! I’d say it is pretty similar to “The Girl On The Train,” plot-wise, that I over the Halloween weekend. I’ve heard that the book is so much better than the movie though! Within the same genre, “Don’t Breathe,” is another favorite of mine. I got a chance to watch it on the Delta flight from Georgia back home this Christmas! Sorry for my intimidating and “scary” movie recommendations. If you just want an easy-going type of movie, I have one recommendation, and it goes to “Moana”! I guarantee your heart will be left with so much joy! Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote Hamilton, the famous Broadway show, also wrote the entire soundtrack of Moana! Ah!!!



 Bullet Journaling: I knew about bullet journaling a while back from Rachel Nguyen whom I’ve subscribed to since day 1. I was bored waiting at the airport one day and decided to buy a Moleskin notebook, the thicker paper type for art. There wasn’t any other notebooks I’d spend that much for, except Moleskin. However, later on I found out, Leuchtturm1917 was the best kind of notebook to bullet journal with as it has built-in designed features like dotted and numbered pages. Bullet journaling is a way to set goals and set task reminders for those who are forgetful and have tons of things to keep track or like to keep track of them. I think at the end of the day, it depends on what you do with it and how you can incorporate and make use of this journaling method into your life. Lots of people take it very seriously that they keep up with the arts, drawings, neatly written notes, etc that I personally think it’s tough to maintain it that way. I might write a separate blog post about my bullet journal, but for now I’d suggest you go watch Rachel’s video, here. There are so many other helpful videos on Youtube which I’m sure will explain it better than I can.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

a peek at my bullet journal 🙂



 I went for a Brazilian wax at a local European Wax Center and loved it. I know this topic is super TMI (too much information) and weird to even think and talk about it. Generally, people just don’t talk about it or get shy when it’s mentioned. We all have hair, facial hair, hair on legs, armpits, and areas down there. Lots of hair on the head is great, and bushy eyebrow hair is on trend. But too much hair, at unwanted places, is annoying. I’ve seen teenaged girls struggling shaving hair on their legs and outside the bikini bottom lines, especially in the summer time when pool/lake time comes. The only thing I could to to myself is leg and armpit hair shaving with a razor, and I’ve been doing it ever since I know that those are called “unwanted” hair. I couldn’t razor off the hair down there at all, so in the summer I have the same struggle like everyone else’s.

You might be wondering what the hell is a Brazilian wax. It is basically a complete removal of all hair around the vagina and butt. Yup! You heard it right! But you have an option to leave hair at areas you desire to.It was super weird for me at first thinking she’d be judging or that it’s weird letting people seeing you down there. Aurora, the girl who waxed me, was super friendly and professional. She told me she did a lot of these Brazilian waxes a day. The whole process, in-and-out, took 15 minutes, super fast and easy. So I left feeling like ‘wow” and that I’m a changed woman now! Haha! The best thing was that they gave me 50% off for being a first time customer, and  I only paid $23 for the service, not including tips. I feel like ever since I got it done, my personal hygienic routine has gotten so much easier. And I feel so much better, mentally as well. So weird! But it is the most liberating experience I’ve ever done to my body thus far.



It seems like I barely talk about makeup here on the blog. But this past month, I discovered this NARS Smudge‑Proof Eyeshadow Base product. And my life has changed. I’m one of those people who has super oily eye-lids, especially at the end of the day. My eye-shadows would smudge and melt, and it wasn’t a good sight to see. I had been using the one from Urban Decay but was never happy with it. I decided to walk into a Sephora asking opinions of at least 2 people who worked there, and they both recommended me this product. At first, I was super hesitated because I used eye-primer everyday, and spending $28 on an eye-primer was way too over my head. But honestly though, it was worth every penny since you actually didn’t need a lot. It comes in like a sponge-applicator wand as you can see in the picture below and sets slightly sticky on the skin. I usually ad eye-shadow right after it. You can set it with a layer of your normal facial setting powder and then add eye shadow for an even longer lasting power. This product I know will last me for months and months.

That’s it for my December favorites! Hope 2017 has been going great for you all!

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