July Favorites 2017

Hi everyone, August is here, so it’s time to talk about July Favorites. I’ve gathered 5 things per usual that I love, so read on!

∴ one ∴

MANGO’s earrings

One of the biggest season’s trends that I’m obsessed is the statement earring trend, from the tassel chunky colorful ones to the metal plated oddly shaped ones. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that I don’t wear jewelry often since I try not to chase after trends. Firstly, it’s costly. Secondly, I’m a lazy person, and I forget to accessorize a lot of the time. Thirdly, I tend to misplace things that come in pairs, like socks, earrings and all of my necklaces would get tangled up. I keep on going with excuses. But every time when I see someone wearing a cool pair of earrings or they would stack their necklaces and take a closeup photo, I’d be like ‘ugh, I need it in my life!’ Hah! So lately, I’ve been trying to venture out and trying out new things. I placed my second MANGO online order last month, and I bought two pairs of earrings, one gold plated and one asymmetrical circle pendant (the first 2 photos). And I love them all!

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Mango earrings, here.


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I’ve gotta admit that MANGO is a cooler ZARA.

I remembered walking in JC Penny to the Sephora and always was so intrigued by MANGO’s new collection. I never bought anything from the brand but knew about it awhile back since I’d never stopped in JC Penny for clothes. Then the MANGO section was gone for some reasons. Recently, I found a few new British bloggers, Lizzy from Shot From The Street and Lucy from Fashion Me Now, and they did have a few cool things from MANGO. And that got me reconnected and became obsessed! One thing I hate about shopping from this Spanish website is that it takes soooo long for them to ship out things. I happened to me twice already, and I had to cancel my other half of my first order since items didn’t come in time. Having to wait for the first half, usually comes in 1.5 weeks after the order has been placed, and up to 3 weeks for the rest of the order, is very frustrating! So be warned for items that have “estimate shipping in 8 business days.”

You can browse their current collection, here.


This one is from last season’s collection. The earrings have beads and asymmetrical stars. Super cool!

∴ two ∴

Modern Love’s, episode 73, “An Empty Heart.”

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned about this Modern Love podcast from the New York Times and wbur Boston in one of the Monthly Favorites before. This entire podcast is excellent. They come out with a new episode every beginning of the week, Monday or Tuesday. And their recent episode, #73, called ‘An Empty Heart’ just completely took my breath away. The very first time when I listened to the episode, by the way, it’s a heartbreak story, I went on a tangent of moody episodes. It brought me back to a few years ago when I was getting out of a heartbreak from a long term relationship. It was sad. It was dark and painful. But it was real. I would go on Tumblr and search for moody quotes, listen to sad music, and fall deeper into what I’d like to call “the deep black hole.” You’ve gotta fall deep because once you get back up, it will get better!

Read and listen to it, here. and take heart!

∴ three ∴

Listen to my JULY PLAYLIST here:

∴ four ∴

Falling in love more with the Twin Cities

I know this is not really considered a thing, but it’s a sentimental thing I’d say. I’ve been to bigger better cities, from the east to the west coast. But I’ve gotta admit Minneapolis and St. Paul has their own charm and gems. I didn’t get to go to the lakes at all this summer thus far, and that for sure I will miss once I move away. My boyfriend and I got some time off to explore the cities. Scouting for outfit locations was fun! We found so many cool spots, at a cool church (here), the Walker Art center (here), St. Paul Capitol (outfit and photos will be up soon!), the Como Zoo & Observatory (especially their stunning Sunken garden, here). We had brunch at St. Genevieve, had an amazing dinner at Spoon And Stable, and much more.∴

∴ five ∴

the month of brand and creative collaboration!

July was also the month of lots of brand collabs. In addition, I was asked by a local fashion magazine to write an article. And guess what, it will be featured in their fall issue, published this September. So stay tuned for any updates and announcements from the collabs and my article!

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July was a very special month, filled with events and excitements for me personally. And I caught the bouquet at one of the weddings, so that was fun! I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s favorites and thank you so much for reading and making it till the end.

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