Hello everyone,

March has quickly flown by, and I’m due for a monthly favorite. Let’s roll!

∴ ONE ∴

ASOS. March was the month that revived my love for ASOS, the well-known British online shopping website. I’ve shopped there once a long time ago and ended up returning everything. I gave it a try ordering a few dresses randomly last month. I received the package in the mail just a few days after. You can see the fit of one of the dresses, Club L brand, here, or Misguided’s rompers, here. I also bought a pair of 9mm hoop earrings for my cartilage piercings that have been taking a long time to heal. Luckily, these ASOS brand earrings didn’t irritate nor got my ear infected, finally! I also got a lacy white bikini set for the summer beach going. However, I ended up returning a few things due to my picky preference of fabric and color choices. Other than that, everything was beyond my expectation. Two things I hate about ASOS are, one being their huge selections of everything that makes it hard to pick and choose and two being the fact that their stuffs go out of stock too quickly. It’s really frustrating! A tip to shop on ASOS: if you want some time to think about your options, make sure you “♥” the items so that they’re saved under the “saved items.” Later on you can go back and reevaluate your options. Don’t just put them in your cart, they will disappear the next day. Good luck!


∴ TWO ∴

Cole Haan’s leather Oxford shoes. These shoes have been on my feet nonstop every time I get a chance to dress, of course on the weekends. I love how they just add a subtle and just a right amount of sophistication to any looks. I love the look of pairing a feminine romantic clothing piece, such as a ruffled shirt paired with skinny pants or a flowy floral dress with these masculine shoes. You know what will top it off? A leather jacket! I’m still on the hunt for it, though. Zara came out with a few versions this past season, but it wasn’t quite the one yet. I’d like to own a real leather one, so I’ll probably have to save for a few more years until I can afford one either from Acne Studio or All Saint. One day!



Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. Funny how my coworker just talked about this today. Discover Weekly is what everyone is talking about, like literally! Download the Spotify app to your phone and your laptop if you haven’t already. You won’t get this Discover Weekly thing right if you haven’t been on Spotify for a while. The playlist is “curated” based on your played song history, and new songs come out every Monday. Spotify basically handpicks (I think) new artists and songs and put them in there. Just kidding! I’m pretty sure it’s all in the Algorithms aka the technical coding details that only Spotify engineers know why and how. I think the concept is similar to when you browse items on Amazon, they suggest other similar items, something like: “customers who bought this item also bought…” It’s interesting, isn’t it? My tips to make your Discover Weekly better:

1. create your personal playlists, for example, I categorize them per season like spring ’17 or name it mood or move on, etc.,

2. add songs you like to them per categories of your liking,

3. skip the songs you don’t like,

4. be patient and let the algorithm works its magic.

Trust me, no one’s Discover Weekly playlist is the same. Because they’re all curated based on your own taste of music! Curious about mine? Listen, here!


∴ FOUR ∴

BLOBS The CACTI. I found Blobs hidden in a little corner of Lunds & Byerly, the one in uptown, Minneapolis area a weekend ago. I knew I had to get him, well, him and his twin. They’re tiny and come in a pair with many little cute fuzzy ball-like branches/blobs. Haha, forgive me if I’m not making any sense here! But I’m so happy that I’m one step closer to become a plant parent. Let just hope that Blobs will stick around with mommy. Aren’t Blobs the cutest little things you’ve ever seen?


∴ FIVE ∴

WHITAGRAM. Later this March, I did a quick search for an app that I could add text and a white background to a photo, and this app came up in the suggested page. The app does exactly what I’m looking for. It offers simple but chic text and graphic options, plus they’re simple to use. At first, I was so disappointed when the forced purchase option popped up while I was trying to save/export the photo. I knew that nothing “this nice’ would be free. There was a “watch an add” option next to it, and I gave it a go. After watching the ad video, the photo could be saved in the camera roll without any costs! I was like, hell yes! Haha, and I’ve been playing around with it a lot. Give it a try, y’all!!!

I hope that you love this month’s favorites and picked out some tips or app recommendations and give it a try. Thank you so much for reading and have an amazing productive week!