August Favorites 2017

Did August just fly by in a blink of an eye? It sure did. So for day 6 of BEDS, Blogging Every Day of September, I wanna share with your a few favorites of mine that I discovered, bought, or found out in the month of August. I have a whole monthly favorite series here on StyleAndSenses, so if you’ve missed the past months: July Favorites, June Favorites, or April Favorites.

The latter half of last month, I went on a big trip to Hawaii exploring and attending my boyfriend’s sister wedding. I had so much fun exploring the island of Maui and got back to the Oahu for the wedding and even more excursions. It was probably the reason why I lost track of time. I’m back, but soon I’ll leave again. But anyways, here are a few things that I have loved throughout the month of August. Sorry in advance if they’re beach or vacation-related things! 😛

Direct links to all products mentioned are at the end of this post.

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NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

NARS has always remained one of my top favorite beauty brands of all time. I will find some time to do a Brand Focus featuring NARS on the blog, promise! I love how sleek their black packaging is. Every single NARS product that I own is exceptional! I can go all day talking about it, but shall we just talk about their tinted moisturizer this time? A fact that you might or might not know is that I don’t wear full-face of makeup every day. At work, I usually just have on some concealer, brow product and mascara. Eye primer is my absolute must since I have oily lids. Guess what? The concealer and eye primer are from NARS. Let me know if you’re interested in what I use, beauty-wise! Anyways, this tinted moisturizer provides a light and very natural yet moisturizing coverage. I love it!

A fact that you might or might not know is that I don’t wear full-face of makeup every day. With a business casual dress-code at work, I usually just have on some under-eye concealer, some brow product and mascara. Eye primer is my absolute must since I have oily lids. Guess what? The concealer and the eye primer that I use are both from NARS. Anyways, some days I’d like to have some coverage for my face, so tinted moisturizers or BB creams are perfect.

I have heard good things about this NARS little expensive tinted moisturizer bottle. But it sure is worth the price. It provides a light and very natural yet moisturizing coverage which is perfect for what I’m looking for. I love it! I wore it on a few flights going back home from Hawaii (a total of 15 hours flying), and it lasted me so long.

This product is perfect for days at the beach when you can just quickly apply it with your bare hand. You don’t really have a mirror and don’t even need a brush to apply. I use it as a protective layer for my face for sunny days out and about since it has SPF 30. And of course, I do use a sunscreen with higher SPF underneath any makeup application daily.

∴ two ∴

ASOS FLORENCE Authentic Straight Leg Jeans in Ligh Mid Wash

Size 25 Length 30

These jeans aren’t the true 30 inch in length I’m sure. I’m 5’5, and the 25 fits very cropped on me. They should have claimed these jeans as cropped and change the length number on the website seriously! But besides that, I love these jeans so much. I love the wash, the fit, and how thick the fabric is. I have been wearing them almost every other day to work or whenever I can. I don’t recommend wearing these traveling or on the plane though. I’ve done it once, and they were uncomfortable sitting on. One feature that I appreciate is that they have a button closure, not a traditional zipper. So be warned that they’re not bathroom friendly, at all! I feel like ASOS is secretly making pretty neat clothes. I’m sure I’m late to the game in terms of staying aware and alert about how awesome ASOS is, but I’d really recommend ASOS jeans 200%, especially these Florence ones.

∴ three ∴

ASOS High Waist High Leg Bikini Bottom & One Shoulder Bikini Top

Yup, it’s another favorite from ASOS’ own brand. I put in an order before my trip to Hawaii for 2 bikinis, a Misguided gingham one and an ASOS one. I’ve linked the misguided one below, so you can see how cute it is. I ended up returning the gingham set since it didn’t fit me at all. Converting sizes from the UK to the US is very confusing since brands don’t make clothes equally at all. The black set with a high waisted bottom and an asymmetrical top from ASOS, however, fits me like a dream. What neat about ASOS is that they do these bikinitops and bottoms, separately, giving us an option to ‘Mix & Match’ the styles that we want. Pretty cool! I’ve linked the exact high waisted bottom below. The black bikini top is sold out, but the similar ones (in colors) are also linked.

∴ four ∴

hiking to the Toilet Bowl and the photo shoot

This hike is one of the most insane and epic one I’ve ever done in my entire life. I hiked the Rattlesnake Ledge over spring break in Washington, and that was quite amazing. However, this hike was totally different. One was up the mountain, and one was to get down to the watering hole, to the water/ocean. The Toilet Bowl was just about 10-minute drive from the house that we stayed at in Honolulu. We started to walk down pretty late in the day, so everything was done in a hurry. It was quite scary since the sun went down really fast. Initially, we planned to just stay at the outer edge, but we got sucked at how pretty the view was. So we got closer to the water and hopped to the actual Toilet Bowl. So glad we had some pretty rad shots here! Be aware that this place is no longer open for public, so be careful!

∴ five ∴

Hawaii (Maui & Oahu)

The last favorite of this month has got to be my trip to Hawaii. And I’m going to leave it as that. I’m forever grateful to have these opportunities to go places and explorign the world. And Hawaii was definitely a highlight of my summer. I promise to have the Hawaii Travel Diary blog post up very soon.

Thank you so much for reading.


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