Best of 2018 – 5 Fashion Investment Pieces Worth the Splurge

Welcome back to the second post of the ‘Best of 2018’ series! I’m going to revisit some of the best fashion investment purchases I’ve made this year. Well, there is only one exception which you will find out below, but these are my all-time favorites and no brainer outfit option that I’d always reach for. It doesn’t matter what season it is or what is on trend, they still remain classic yet add such statement that many have claimed as their signature look.


A leather jacket is definitely a must-have, no doubt! I knew I wanted a leather jacket for so long and found this jacket hanging in the corner of the Nordstrom store downtown Seattle one day. It wasn’t planned, but I think it was fate. I tried on a few other sizes and went for size 6. I’m normally a 0 or 2 in tops, but I know Allsaints’ sizing is kinda off sometimes. There is the Allsaints store just across the street, but they rarely do sales. They did a 30% for a few weeks during the CYBER SALE, and my jacket was on sale. I bought mine at the Nordstrom store since they did offer better point perks and rewards. Their customer service is great, so I know I could bring things back anytime if there’s something wrong with it. Here I’ve paired it with jeans and a T-shirt, dresses, or pants. I wear it day time and night time. It dresses up a simple outfit and toughens up a feminine dress. It’s made from genuine leather, so I know it will last me years to come. My tip when shopping for a leather jacket is to try on a few sizes and size up a little bit. I did wear a thick sweater and made sure I could put my sleeves through and feel comfortable with the jacket on. Did you also notice that there was no ruffles nor funky embellishments on the jacket? Stick with the most simple ones out there, some zippers and a belt/buckle that doesn’t move or slip and slide then you’re all set!


These are the only jeans that I’d be willing to pay full price again for! They are the Karolina jeans in the color Sixpence, a slightly darker blue, perfect to wear all year round. They’re the high-waisted skinny that fit my body type the best. Well, at least I’ve tried on a good number of jeans out there to know that. My hip is on the wider side, and I don’t have much of a butt. I wear bottoms in 25, and these in 25 fit me perfectly. They do get bagged out a little bit after a few washes, but that’s not a big deal for me. Revolve owns GRLFRND denim brand, and you can obviously browse for more styles there. I’ve included my favorite washes from Revolve below for reference, all Karolina. I love how the denim fabric is so thick but not stiff. They are not too tight around the legs and ankles even though they’re skinny jeans. I also love that the hems are raw, and I often fold it up once or twice depending on what look I’m going for or what boots I’m wearing. I absolutely love these jeans and couldn’t recommend them enough!


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I got these early this year for 30% off. They’re now 50% off on the Nordstrom website, here, and you should definitely make them yours. I think over-the-knee or knee hgih boots are absolute must-haves for the fall, winter, and spring wardrobe. I love that the boots are so well-made, and the suede looks and feel great on. They look incredible when paired with mini or thigh length dresses or short skirts. Some even layer them over skinny jeans. I personally prefer to show some thigh skin! Even though they go pass the knees, they’re so easy to put on and off. I love the heel height as well as how actually comfortable they are. My only complaint is that the openings of the boots often time fall down doesn’t matter how tightly I tighten them. But other than that, they’re some of the best over-the-knee boots out in the market. They never go out of style I promise to you!

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This Staud bucket bag was probably the highlight purchase this fall season for me. Remember the bucket bag that looks like the flower pot that literally every blogger has been carrying since last year until earlier this year? Staud makes them! I thought it was just a trendy bag style, but it has not gone down in price ever since day 1. After a year or 2, that is when you know that a brand is legit. I’m glad that 2018 was not all about designers and bags that cost thousands. Staud is based in LA in 2015 by Sarah Staudinger. It’s founded with the commitment to produce accessible yet innovative for the modern women. I have not yet to own any pieces of Staud clothes, and that is a goal for me in 2019. I’d like to explore and support smaller brands like Staud who makes quality and good design clothing and offers them at a more affordable price point. Again, I love my bucket bag, and you can obviously tell by seeing how often I wear it. I love how editorial and cool it instantly adds to any outfit. Plus it’s so convenient to throw things in. There’s a suede with drawstring closure, so things don’t just get exposed and fall out anytime. It also comes with a long shoulder strap (like super super long strap) that I don’t ever think I’d use, so I just leave it in the bag for now. But other than that, this tan bag is so versatile and cute when paired with literally anything!


I was just so fortunate to have received one of the Italeau boots in their fall collection couple of months ago. I went for these tan colored booties called the Daniela in suede leather with wooden heels. I love the heel height, perfect for everyday wear! I did some research trying to find out more about Italeau and saw that Nordstrom carried a few Italeau boots. They’re apparently sold at Neiman Marcus, and I saw my boots in the Neiman Marcus in Bellevue, Washington, last weekend in store. They’re retailed for $445, how crazy! The second I put my feet in the shoes, I knew that they were high-end. They feel heavy and look so well-made. All Italeau shoes are water-proof which are perfect for the rainy winter in the PNW. I wear them commuting to work, walk around downtown, and stand all day in them with no problems! These Daniela boots are available in whole and half sizes from 35 to 42. I’m a 7-7.5 in shoes, and the 7.5 US/37.5 EU fit me perfectly. They feel snuggly with thin or thick socks on. Seriously, they get compliments and people stared at every time when I wear them. These Italeau boots are the most expensive item that I’ve ever been gifted from brands. I’m so obsessed. Regardless, besides the face that everyone should have a pair of black booties, these tan colored ones are also so timeless that I don’t ever see myself getting tired of wearing them. They’re the investment shoes that I wouldn’t stop recommending people. For Italeau, I truly think you’ll pay for the quality and the craftsmanship that a lot of brands out there are lack of.


Thank you so much for reading! If you ever have any questions regarding these items before purchasing, send them my way as I’d love to answer and help you out! I know they’re the investment pieces as in they’re not the cheapest things out there. But trust me, you truly get what you pay for sometime, especially in this case. See you soon in another ‘Best of 2018’ post! Have a lovely and productive weekend ahead!

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