June Favorites 2017

Happy July, everyone! Well, time sure does fly fast. The month of June has quickly gone by, and we’re well into summer. As always, I’ve rallied up 5 things I have been loving in the past month and showcase them to you. Rather late than never, so are you ready?

∴ one ∴


Prior to my LA trip early in June, I made a big ASOS purchase, and this ASOS midi skirt was the star of the whole trip. Shopping on ASOS, I’ve found, is the most time-consuming process ever since the good ones are sold out very quickly. As I mentioned in my other monthly favorite couple months ago, besides carrying other brands as what they’re known for, ASOS has their own label, called ASOS and ASOS White (a more luxury line) with some pretty good designs. And this skirt is the best representative.

As you might know me and my style by now, I’ve always loved a midi length and a high waist in everything, either skirts or dresses, and I think it’s the most flattering shape or style on a lot of body types. This skirt has the most incredible flow under the wind. It’s 100% polyester, but it looks and feels like satin/silk. With the asymmetric hem and two front slits on both legs, it offers the most flattering yet sexy shape to the body like I’ve never seen before. I wore it twice when I was in LA, two photos from the first pairing are below, you can see more: here. There will be another outfit pairing ft. this skirt up on my blog very soon. I’ve directly linked the skirt at the end of this post.


∴ two ∴


For lots of people, Lululemon is way too expensive. I agree! For the longest time, I hated the brand for the fact that they never had their stuff on sale and their designs are way too boring for me. Until last year, when I gave myself a try on with some of their leggings/workout pants, I walked out with a pair of capris leggings that forever changed my preassumption with the brand. They were $120 originally and were on sale for around $70, I remembered. I’ve worn them out countless times, hiking, running errands, to coffee shops, meeting friends, etc. Their stuff is still too expensive for what I can afford, yes! Hence, my second purchase happened a year after my first one.

Prior my trip out to LA, one of the outfits that I planned included something sporty since I wanted to add more athletic wears to my style. In addition, I really needed one good bra for my daily gym routine in real life. Before, I’d been wearing my normal bra or sometimes just a bralette and found they were very uncomfortable. Plus I didn’t want to soak my bras with too much sweat which will ruin them very soon. So I decided to splurge a bit more to not only to get the quality but also for the look and feel of it. And it was the best decision ever!

This specific style is called Free To Be Serene. It has some thin padding which I appreciate, thicker and more supportive straps, and very cute criss-cross thinner straps in the back. I highly suggest you try it on at the store to see how it fits on your body!!! Or you can take my suggestion and check it out, here.


∴ three ∴


Again, I’m cheating a bit here since I’m supposed to pick out just one thing. I had a hard time picking out the one favorite, so I’m showing you two!

SHAWL OUTFIT: bralette: Free People | shorts: American Apparel | shawl: Topshop Boutique | sunglasses: Rayban | sandals: Saint & Libertine. MORE PHOTOS: here.

WHITE OUTFIT: T-shirt: Urban Outfitters | jeans: H&M | mules: ASOS | bag: French Connection | sunglasses: Rayban

∴ four ∴


 Joshua Tree National Park was the most insanely gorgeous and surreal places that I’ve ever put on feet on. Imagine the photos below in a 360-degree span. Such a God-sent place filled with weirdly looking cactus trees and these weathered mineral rocks. If you plug in Arch Rock, GPS will take you to the area where the photos below were taken. With a small fee, you can park your car and camp there overnight. We got in for free because there weren’t any guards at the gate. However, I’d love to drive out there one day very soon, set up a tent, and absorb the surroundings, the views, and the vibe!!!

For more photos, click here. A

∴ five ∴


My favorites have to be: Reflex by SAINt JHN, Say a Prayer for Me by RUFUS DU SOL, Mazde remix, DGAF by Noah Slee, Shiloh Dynasty.

This past month, I was on the road a lot, from driving east and west, north and south of California, to spending a lot of time in the gym. Well, I try to go for at least an hour for 5 days a week. These songs were compiled from various sources, from the suggest weekly playlists to just some random music browsing episodes from the internet. Music is like drug! It gets me going, gives me inspiration and motivation to do a lot of things. Without it, long drives are boring. Gym-goers will just look at each other and smile awkwardly.

One fact that I just learned in the past month from reading an article on Refinerey29 was that Target never played music at their stores. Can someone second me on this? I actually stopped by a local Target to check this out, and that Target didn’t play any music. Is it true for all Target stores? It’s so funny that they even said that that’s the reason why people spend so much time and buy more things that what they initially have planned out. What are your thoughts? I’d love to know since I think regardless of stores having their music played or not, we, especially women, still shop.

I hope there were a few things that got your attention. Sorry again for the such a late post! Hope you’re well and thank you for reading!


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  1. Andrea says:

    Great picks. Loved how you incorporated not just fashion, but places and music too. Where are the locations for this? They’re gorgeous! Found you on the Twin Cities Collective FB Page!

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