November Favorites 2017

We are down to the very last month of 2017. How in the world!? I am panicking over holiday shopping that I will have to catch up pretty soon here once this week is over. I am waiting for a job confirmation and a few more things in order to really get started on the holiday spending this time around. I am planning to make a 2-day trip down to Portland this weekend, so hopefully, it will happen. What are you up to this week? Have you started on any of the holiday shopping this season? Oh, and one more thing! I am waiting for some Black Friday shipments coming in the mail this week, too! So stay tuned for I might reveal what I bought on my Insta-stories. You can follow me here if you haven’t already: @antrieu

Enough of this week’s updates, I have put together a list of 5 things that I have been loving in November along with some life updates. So here you go:

∴ one ∴

My A/W 2017 Soundcloud playlist

It includes some of my newly found and some old favorite tunes. Enjoy!

∴ two ∴

The Handmaid’s Tale

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To be precise, it is the Handmade’s Tale show on Hulu. Thanks to my cousin Nancy, I have finally had the access to Hulu and watched the show. If you can or are hesitating, I would definitely recommend signing up for a month trial to watch it. The first season is 10 episodes long, and each episode is about 50 minutes to an hour long. So make sure you stay cozy and actually have time to watch it! Trust me! It will not disappoint.

This show is a Hulu’s adaptation, based on the iconic dystopian novel of the same name written in 1984 by Margaret Atwood. Dystopias are imagined futures where things have gone terribly wrong as opposed to the present and often are good reminders of the human resilience and help us to think of certain social and political change. It is said to be taken place within the US territory featuring the protagonist named June or also known as Offred and many others who live in the new government but the ultra-conservative Republic of Gilead. The origin of how it is started in slowly revealed in the movie by the narration and most of the time thoughts of Offred. It is a place where, for example, gays and lesbians are called ‘gender traitors’ and executed for it is against God’s teaching. Men are Commanders, Angels, or Guardians. Women are Wife, married to the Commander, Aunt, Handmade, Martha, and Econowife- the lowest ranking in the Gilead society. Fertile women like Offred are responsible to carry and give birth to healthy babies of the Commanders, the military class. Offred stands for ‘of Fred,’ or she is in the possession of the Commander in which she is ‘offered’ to, the Waterford. And the horror story slowly begins. Be warned that this show is intended for a mature audience!

With that said, it is not a scary movie!!! The show starts off quite slow, but trust me it is so good! I think Elizabeth Moss’ acting, who plays Offred, acting is incredible. It constantly reminds of the importance of living each day finding meanings from the ordinary things and to not take freedom for granted. The story and concept felt real, so real to the point that I’d think it could happen in real life at any time!


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∴ three ∴

Revisiting my love for magazines

 The Gentlewoman magazine

This past month, I was able to get my hands on the latest issue of the Gentlewoman at a local magazine shop called Bulldog News in the University District here in Seattle. The Gentlewoman is a bi-annual women magazine that features women of style and purpose. It was founded in 2010 and was a sister magazine to hugely popular The Fantastic Man magazine, founded in 2005. and Click here to see who has appeared in their previous issues. Flipping through the pages of the magazine, it reminds me so much of my teenage years when I used to make weekly stops at magazine stands to pick up the freshly printed issues. As you may or may not know me by now that I love the smell of the freshly printed pages of notebooks, books, or magazines. Fashion magazines are especially my favorites since they are filled with so many incredible photographs. The Gentlewoman’s pages are extra special to the touch. And I mean this literally! Some pages are printed with special print with a texture of some sorts that feel interesting to the touch. I am planning to collect these beautifully curated and edited magazines. Moreover, they add an interesting touch to my at-home studio sessions that I will be doing.

I am debating to buy an annual subscription to the Kinfolk as well, who is with me?!

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I Got a Regram on the Anthropologie’s Insta-stories

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I woke up last weekend to the most exciting news, finding out one of my recent photos on Instagram was regrammed by Anthropologie’s Insta-stories. It was because I used the initial mug that was Anthropologie’s signature style. It was quite a fun at-home studio shoot, actually! I needed some photos taken of the Everlane jeans that I recently bought so that I could review them on my blog. Oh, it went live, so you can read more about it here.

I have got to credit my boyfriend and his amazing eyes for photography. He is behind 90% of the DSLR photos and the majority of the framework and design for my blog and Instagram. I am trying to convince him to have a Youtube channel as well as getting back to update his portfolio and website though.

You can follow him on Instagram, here, and have a peek at this previous work, here!

In the near future, I want to incorporate a lot more studio work shooting for product reviews, expanding beyond fashion.

I have friends who have asked me to do more beauty and other things besides fashion to keep things interesting. I do really want to though! Beauty products like skincare and makeup products are not things that I can buy all the time since they are so expensive. I tend to stay with the same things that I have tried and know they work. However, be on an alert for new things that are coming in the mail this week! I placed a big order on the Sephora website couple weeks before I flew out to Nebraska. It was delivered in Nebraska just two days ago. I thought it would have arrived when I was there, but nope! So I’m waiting on that! Plus the $25 off that Sephora sent out recently, and of course, I had to use it. I am freaking out over the holiday shopping that I have to do this coming week or so.

Please send help!!!



∴ five ∴

My Week-long Trip to Missouri and Nebraska

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I love flying!

Plus November was the month of Thanksgiving holiday. It was my first time celebrating Thanksgiving away from my family in Minnesota. Since my parents and siblings are living in Vietnam, and we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving there. I find this time around especially special and emotional. It will be my 9th Christmas spent without my family though! But put that aside, I am very blessed and lucky to have my boyfriend’s family who has been treating me like a family member ever since I have met them. I flew back to my boyfriend’s home in Nebraska, and we together took a day trip out exploring Kansas City, Missouri. It was my first time visiting Nebraska and KC, Missouri. I also went exploring a bit of Lincoln and exploring my boyfriend’s childhood places that he used to frequent. We spent the majority of the time cooking in, played K’nect, and chilled.

You can read more highlights about my trip, here.

That week was probably the most memorable week for awhile away from Seattle ever since I had moved here. I was happy to have gotten in an in-person interview the Friday before we left for the Midwest. I also got a phone interview the Monday of the Thanksgiving week, so I was super excited to be spending time with everybody there. However, after the interview that Monday, I felt like it did not go so well. It sucked! But honestly, though, it was all in my head. It had turned out that they picked me for an in-person interview after I got back to Seattle. After that, I had good feelings about it! It was definitely a humble experience to have that one interview which I felt thankful for!


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I hope you have enjoyed going through my November Favorites. This last one is not quite a thing, but again, it is an experience, a time period of my life that I would not trade for anything else. I have learned a lot. I am also very thankful for a lot of people in my life who have sent prayers and good thoughts as well as kind words to help me during this transition period. I think I have said this many times here on the blog, but thank you for coming back and following along my life journey! Thanks for reading!

An Trieu

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