September/October Favorites 2017

Happy November! It’s insane to think that the year of 2017 has almost flown by, isn’t it? I missed posting my favorites for the month of September as you had noticed from the title. So here I am, combining two months worth of favorites, and showing to you. Here are my top 5:

∴ one ∴

Stranger Things, season 2

The biggest movie/TV show this fall has got to be Stranger Things 2. I got a chance to hook my bf up with the first season a few weeks back. And not to my surprise, we both binged watching the entire second seasons in 2 sittings last weekend when it came out. The show needs no explanation since it’s way too popular these days. Season 2, I’d say, is as expected. All new characters were added in and made senses. Happy ending. Personally, I just fall in love with every single character/actor/actress in the show as they all are very talented. Highly recommend!!!

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I’ve given you a sneak peek into my apartment on one of my recent blog post, here.

As to the bed setup/bedroom, the main color theme is white as you can obviously tell. I have a small industrial clothing rack on the right side of the bed where I hang only-white clothes and a few books on display. Right at the end of the bed, there’s a DIY shelf where my boyfriend put his jeans out for display. I’m still on a hunt for one or two cool nightstands and maybe a mirror, a plant, or a few artworks hung on the wall or left on the ground somewhere. I will do a tour once it’s ready. Promise!

Zinus 10” mattress, queen

Zinus 6” low profile bed frame 

Geneva Down Alternative Duvet Insert

T-Shirt Jersey Duvet Cover

Hypoallergenic Allergen Barrier Pillow 2-pk Pillows

AlaskaBear Silk pillow covers

SafeRest mattress protector, queen


∴ three ∴

my plant pets

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Well, they’re plants, not pets, but you get what I mean as they say ‘plants are the new pets.’ They just make me so happy every time I see them, and I’m sure the hunt for more plants doesn’t end here. I bought the fig and palm plant at Home Depot. They’re sometimes available in store, but I’d recommend you buy them online. They came very well-packaged and in great condition. I also got a few bags of dirt to depot the plants as well as a soluble fertilizer at Home Depot. As linked below, I got the rubber plant on Amazon, and be warned that it’s tiny! One of the leaves was cracked/broken, but it still stays, hah! And unfortunately, I can’t link you the monstera since I bought it at a local nursery in Seattle, called Homestead Seattle Plant Shop. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one easily online or at you rlocal plant shops, so look around!

fig tree | IKEA Muskot 12 1/2” plant pot | IKEA round metal table used as plant stand

Areca palm | Novelty 10” planter

monstera plant (local nursery) | Novelty 8” planter

IKEA Bitergurka watering can

rubber tree | West Elm mid-century large planter

Haws 10-oz plant mister, brass


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∴ four ∴

drawing and writing with the Wacom pad

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Ever since I moved to Seattle, I’m able to learn and make use of many technology tools and equipment. I’ve been learning to edit my photos using Adobe Photoshop, watching tons of videos on Youtube to try to get my head and eyes trained in photography language, and especially learning to incorporate my personal touch into blogging, like adding hand-written commentary and drawings. It’s far from looking perfect, but I’m happy to get started on something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now.

You can have a read, herehere, or here, if you’ve missed some of my newest blog posts that I incorporated my hand-writing and drawing.

iMac & Wacom drawing pad

Letter A initial mug

West Elm decorative vase, bead


∴ five ∴

sock boots

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I feel guilty for not including a fashion favorite here.

As I said, I barely went out shopping the past month or two. Majority of the time I spent furniture shopping and job hunting. However, a few weeks ago, I made an ASOS purchase since I needed a coat and a pair of ankle boots. I browsed the ASOS website and found these sock boots. And as you might notice the sock boot trend that everyone is wearing on Instagram these days. I’m in love with those pointy heels from Balenciaga, seen on their runway last season. But I’ve opted for a much affordable version here. They’re very comfy, and I love them!

Stradivarius ankle sock boots

Similar ones are linked below:


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It is really tough for me to narrow down to 5 things for the past 2 months worth of favorites. I was going to include the hiking trips I’ve done lately with my friends out to Lake 22 and Goat Lake, but I have recently blogged Lake 22. And Goat Lake hiking post will up very soon. So I hope you’ve liked the 5 favorites above.

EXCITING NEWS: I’ve recently officially joined the RewardStyle affiliate program, hence I can be able to link the exact items I’ve purchased myself and linked them above. And that means I can be able to start incorporating direct links to items I wear on Instagram, LIKETOKNOW.IT. I haven’t utilized that yet as I’m still learning how to use it myself. I’ve applied for RewardStyle a few months ago but got rejected. I guess I wasn’t as active and posting regularly compared to now. So that’s exciting!

Links used in this post are affiliated links (from Reward Style and ShopStyle), and that means I do make a small commission if you decide to make a purchase using those links. FYI, I bought all items with my own money and design the apartment myself. 

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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