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New Year. New Beginnings.

This post is meant to serve as an intention towards a BETTER YOU.

I do not have or have not set any New Year resolutions this year. Throughout the years, I have found that I rarely stick with anything. Resolutions are more action-oriented, and that requires you to break off certain habits. Habits cannot be changed in a day or two. So let’s DITCH THOSE RESOLUTIONS. 

Just like you, I am a creature of habit. I do think of changes and things I want to achieve or accomplish by. However, I do not have set goals and tend to forget about them. But one good practice that I find throughout the years is to WRITE THINGS DOWN. I own so many notebooks and journals and never forget to bring one or two with me every time I go to a coffee shop. I have a planner for work, to write down meetings or any pieces of training due and make sure I do not miss any deadlines. And any ideas that come across, I’d write them down. I find myself flipping through the pages in my planner and journals very often, and I get caught reading past goals and ‘resolutions’ and did some self-checks often as well. Unconsciously, I find ways to achieve those goals and get things done. It is a slow process of achieving goals, but surely they start to become reality.

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One thing that I find encouraging and that gets me through the day is to search for inspiring quotes and to write them down. I literally write them down on my hands, on a piece of paper towel, on any papers I’d find around. I take a photo of the quotes and copy them into my journal when I get home. My journals would be filled with so many motivational quotes, like so many… I guess it is difficult to flipping through the pages to show you, but here is a short list of some other ways that I have drawn my inspirations from and that have gotten me living a more reflective, meaningful, and grateful life.

All of the above serve more like a visual online inspiration that I seek for when I have some time for myself, and of course, access to the internet. In real life, I do enjoy meeting and talking to people face-to-face for a cup of coffee. I love happy hours. Occasionally, I do not mind a party or two. I love shopping, browsing the shops for cool things, furniture, architecture, and art. Traveling is also a big part of my life and is also where I draw the majority of my inspiration from, the food and the people I meet along each travel journey. Getting out to nature to explore and disconnect from the digital world is also another favorite activity that I do to balance and recharge. This new year, I will make more effort to call home and check in with old friends more often. 

I had a melt-down last week and also shared it here. Also, trying not to hide the real feeling is another way to de-stress. I feel fortunate to have this blog as a platform to share not only my passion for fashion and but more with you guys. I thank you for reading and hope you see me as another friend of yours, even if we have or never met. It was heart-warming when I got to talk to some friends who lived thousands of miles away, and they said they were worried after reading that blog post. It was just one of those days when I just felt horribly somehow, and certain things did not go as planned. I am sure we all have experienced that one way or another. I am okay. I am thankful.

There are dark days, sad ones and not-so-happy ones.

It is okay to feel sad,

since it is just a feeling.

Just remember to keep going,

because no feeling is final.

Be kind to everyone, especially to yourself.

I hope you have found a few humans or accounts that I have favorited in the past years and make them your favorites as well. Share your favorite quote/s-to-live-by or ways you do to achieve your goal/s in the comment section below!

stay inspired | as always

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An Trieu

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