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The S List: 10 Cool Things to Know in January 2020

Happy Wednesday! For this week’s blog post, I want to share with you my list of top 10 things I’m currently obsessed with, inspired by the T List published weekly by the NY Times Style Magazine. I want to call it the S List and make it a series here on Style & Senses, so hopefully, that will not infringe me with any copyright issues. The S List won’t be a weekly thing, but I will make sure to update you with things that I love every once in a while. It can range from movies, food, Netflix shows, interior, cool unique find, brands, trends, anything style-related and more. And if you live in the Seattle area, you might be able to make it to some of the local events that I include in this list! Enjoy!

Here are my top 10 highlights of things I’ve come across this week:


1. It’s no other than the Telfar Bag. Telfar is founded by the designer Telfar Clemens, and the genderless fashion label has been around for over 10 years. But what about the bag? It’s faux leather, not what I typically go for, but it’s the simple rectangular tote with handles and shoulder straps. I especially am a fan of the Telfar’s (TF) logo that is embossed on the front. And not sure if I’ve shared this with you, I’ve bought it and should be expecting it this weekend. It comes in 3 sizes, and I’ve got the Medium size in Navy ($202). Its dimension is 10 3/4″H, 15″W, 5D, 21″ Strap Height which should fit my Macbook, hence, it will most likely replace all of my work totes and backpacks. It is affordable, and I am sure it will go with everything.

The Telfar bags linked above are the only bags I could find online and be able to use RewardStyle to link and display them on my blog. I bought my bag directly on the Telfar website and paid $202 (free shipping to Seattle and there was no sale tax!)


2. I am working with Rent The Runway (RTR) in an upcoming post on a gifting basis in exchange for social media coverage. RTR’S Unlimited lets you rent out 4 items of your choice each month, and there’s an extra fee associated with the 5 or more items. You can hang on to the items as long as you want and send back items to swap out new ones, no need to return everything at all. Pretty cool, right? I’ve picked out 2 things from Toteme, a camel coat from Club Monaco, and a blouse from the brand Joseph. So excited to do a try-on session on my IG-stories once they arrive!

Use my promo code: RTRAN for $200 off your first 2 months of Unlimited, and this offer ends in January 2020.


3. I’m getting a sewing machine pretty soon, and this Juki DDL-9000C model is the strongest contender. It’s a full digital type, medium-weight, lockstitch machine with an automatic thread trimmer and very quiet motor. Approximately, it costs about $2,500, a bit of an investment, but I’m sure it will come in handy and useful to have around! Now, I’m really wishing for a bigger space where I could have my own workshop/studio to make and create cool things!


4. Gwenyth Paltrow‘s Goop Lab launched on Netflix this week, and I really enjoyed all of the episodes. The docu-series explored sex and female pleasure, alternative modern treatments such as psychedelic ‘magic mushrooms’, cold plunges, and energy healing. I’m intrigued and would love to try something like that one day!


5. She’s no other than Rachel Nguyen from That’s Chic blog, a Vietnamese Youtuber that I have been watching since day 1! Rachel and I are close in age, both Vietnamese. Her videos and what she choose to put up online always find its way to fill my creative cravings, really genuine, sensual and inspiring! I find that I have a lot to look up to her, creatively!


6. If you know me, I’m a huge fan of psychological thriller movies. Gone Girl, Get Out, Hereditary, Us, and You are some of the most recent movies I’ve watched. Parasite definitely stands out because of its unique story-telling and unexpected twist. I jumped in without reading anything about what the movie was about. Besides watching the trailer, all I knew was that Parasite won the 77th Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. It’s worth to own the movie, so I just bought it on Amazon Prime for half of the price of 2 regular movie tickets. 


7. I fell for the Nécessaire‘s branding and its highly rated and well-loved IG-worthy products. I have trust that it will live up to its reputation, so after watching Matilda’s 2019 Skincare Favorites video where she mentioned and swatched Nécessaire lotion, I am sold! Stay tuned for my reviews in the near future, but below are what I’ve ordered (both fragrance-free options):


8. This past month, I’ve ventured to eat out a lot using my other IG account @anthuytrieu to specifically dedicate it to food. And in case you miss it, I’ve found the best cookie in town, here! Might as well give it a follow if you’re a foodie, too!


9. I am really thinking of getting a new tattoo, either a big one that kinda wraps around my ‘ne te quaesiveris extra‘ tattoo on my left inner arm or something unique like this artist’s work. The entire crew of Valentine’s Tattoo seems to be really cool! I don’t know what exactly yet, and it will also depend on the tattoo artist’s schedule and vision as well! So we will see!


10. Lastly, my favorite outfit combo on repeat: sweater, trousers, and sneakers.

OUTFIT: sweater: MANGO (old) | trousers: MASSIMO DUTTI | sneakers: REEBOK via URBAN OUTFITTERS | bag: YSL | necklace: MEJURI (shop at for 10% off)

I hope you’ve enjoyed and found this post helpful! See you next Wednesday!

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