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I do get asked this question quite often, ‘how do I stay fit without going to the gym?’ I have a daytime job and run my blog full-time at the same time. I will share another blog post dedicated to what I really do behind the blog next week to give you some insights as well as help some of you who are considering starting your own blog. But for today’s blog post, I am so excited to bring you brand collaboration that I am sure you have seen a sneak peek on my Insta-stories last week: V8. For today’s blog post, I am going to share with you their newest addition to the healthy veggie drinks, called V8 +HYDRATE™ along with my lifestyle and diet tips that have been helping me stay fit for years.

1. I stay hydrated.

It also is the secret of my clear and glowing skin! Recently, I have discovered V8 +HYDRATE™, a plant-powered hydration beverage that does not only offer superior hydration but also is a perfect on-the-go solution. Besides water, I enjoy drinking beverages that contain natural ingredients that replenish me quickly.

V8 +HYDRATE™ contains a blend of natural electrolytes from vegetables and hints of fruit for a delicious beverage that is perfect for a healthy afternoon refreshment, a morning recovery, or a way to hydrate before or after exercise. Each can has 1 serving of vegetables. Only 45 calories. No sugar added. No artificial sweeteners. Non-GMO. Gluten-free.

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V8 +HYDRATE™ is also available for purchase on There are 3 flavors available: Strawberry Cucumber, Orange Grapefruit, and Coconut Watermelon.

My total after using the 30% coupon on Amazon (shown below!). I got the Orange Grapefruit flavor.

2. I don’t diet.

Listen to your body. What makes you feel good? What keeps you feeling full and energized every day?

I hear that fit people make eating healthy part of their lifestyle, and it is true. I have never tried any diet plans that promise weight loss or any health advantages that forces and restricts me from living my normal life. And I am a firm believer of the best intake of nutrients and vitamins come directly from fresh produce, meat, vegetables, and fruits. My boyfriend and I try to cook as often as we can. While my boyfriend enjoys being creative with his cuisines, I’d like to stick to my traditional route. We’re Vietnamese, so a traditional Vietnamese meal consists of a portion of rice, a meat or fish dish, and a stir-fry or soup dish. We also do lots of noodle soups, spring rolls with lettuce, cucumber, and herbs, and we eat lots of fresh fruits as desserts. Even though I work 10-hour shift weekdays, I still try to cook at least a few times as it is easier to pack leftovers for lunch. With a lunch portion like that, I find myself getting hungry just right at dinnertime. On days that I work late, after picking me up, my boyfriend and I would go out. Ever since moving to Seattle, our rule is that we don’t come back to the same restaurant twice in a row since there are way too many restaurants here in Seattle. We eat fast food and go out for late night Happy Hours but avoid buffets.

3. I stay active outside of the gym.

Choose activities that get you moving!

My work schedule most days are quite inconsistent, so I have not found time to go to the gym as often as I’d like to. Winter in Seattle can get dreary sometimes, but I have learnt that the rain does not stop people from doing things. Nature is everywhere. There are endless parks and trailheads within just a short drive away from Seattle. There are also seasonal activities all year round that are not only great photo ops but also are so fun to do, such as cherry blossoms at UW, tulip festival at Mt. Vernon, lavender festival at Sequim, or fruit picking (apples, berries, and cherries). I like to take public transportation whenever I can, especially to downtown to avoid traffic and parking. I also like to visit local shops to see, touch, and try-on new-ins at local boutiques or shops, so it is my good excuse to get out of the house! My boyfriend has a car, so we I would drive everywhere to find unique locations around Seattle for my outfit photos. We hike quite often, so a day trip of 2 to 3-hour drive is no problem for us! We don’t order takeout nor order deliveries but rather like the dining experience.

4. I sleep a lot.

On weekdays, it is difficult for me to get 7-9 hours of sleep every day, so coffee is often my instant solution. I know that if I plan out my day better and go to sleep early, I can reduce the caffeine intake and be able to schedule my sleep. However, I am not a morning person, so I other ways to make sure I sleep more than enough. I play catch-up with sleep a lot on my days off. I sleep when I’m stressed or have too many things in my head to worry about. I have friends who have to seek for pain relieving pills and drugs, but for me, a hot bath and sleep are the best solution to ease period cramps and release stress.

5. I wear fitted clothes.

And get them altered!

I used to help my aunts who own tailoring shops with their daily operation and alteration service, so I understand how important it is to wear clothes that fit. I know my body and what I like. I feel confident in a fitted dress that hugs me around the waist yet does not make my butt look flat. I feel comfortable in a pair of high waisted jeans that have thicker fabric and skinny or straight legs rather than those boxy cut ones. I am also very particular about coats and jackets as they need to be well-made and well-fitted. Coats and jackets should still give you rooms to layer a thick sweater underneath. Fitted clothes give me curves and show that I’m confident and proud of myself!

Ready-to-wear clothes are made with different standardized sizes these days, so if you find things that fit you oddly, bring them to the professionals! This is why I stress the importance of investing in quality designer pieces. With a slightly pricey price tag, you will want to bring them in to fix, donate and thrift them. If you notice, fast fashion clothes go bad after just a few washes and don’t hold their value as well as quality throughout the years. As a blogger, I try out lots of new brands and products and review them, so my criteria for things are very specific. I don’t just buy because things are on sale anymore but rather consider whether or not they will hold their sale value after wear! I research brands and make a careful investment in things I know I will continue to reach for!

I hope my tips were helpful, and don’t forget to share your tips in staying fit and living a healthy life in the comment section below! A gentle reminder that everybody is different. You just need to make sure you get direct nutrition from food and listen to your body. Stay active, as always! And make sure to check out V8 +HYDRATE™ using the promo code 30V8Hydrate1. Offer good while supplies last. Don’t forget to let the family, friends, and guys in your life know to always stay hydrated with V8 +HYDRATE™ too! Thank you so much for reading!

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